Alternative Swindon

It is 1993, and a cold February in Swindon. He parks outside the house, she is home, her BMW 3 series gleams on the driveway, it is washed and polished every Sunday without fail, the summers aren’t to bad, he gets a tan as he’s does it, the winters less so, come rain or shine, you get some odd looks washing a car in the rain, but without fail means without fail, but nothing can get him down today.

He slips the key in the lock of the house on Bodiam drive, and enters, no sign of life, but it’s payday, that means only one thing, he goes to the kitchen and puts his wages and payslip on the kitchen table, he smiles at the amount of small change that will soon be his, some weeks it’s only notes and he goes without. The cats in the conservatory are woken by the sound, they look at him disinterestedly and go back to sleep as he waits. And he waits for her, he hears the sound of the shower, ahh there she is, comforted to know she is here, and he waits, stood by the table, he waits for her.

He hears the shower go off, and in time her footsteps on the stairs, and finally she rounds the corner, in a fluffy white dressing gown, her black hair still damp, and she is as beautiful as the first day he saw her.

He remembers the day 5 years ago, he watched her walk across the car park of ASDA, not the most romantic place in the world but that’s where he first saw her, and he knew, somehow he just knew, he waited by the door so he could open it for her, his emotions in turmoil, and his groin giving him away, she walked through the door as he held it open, and then to his horror she stopped and looked straight at the growing bulge in his jeans, then looked him in the eye with that smile that gets him every time, she simply said “naughty” winked and was gone, him stood there holding an open door for nobody now, and scarlet!

He had gone back the next week, and the next, she wasn’t there, he was devastated, then there she was, striding confidently across the car park, he had a plan, he would walk past her and say “hi” not much of a plan but it was all he had, as he approached trying to muster the courage to speak, about to unleash his master plan, when without braking step she simply ordered” well get the door boy” he nearly fell over trying to get to the door before her, holding it open as she glided through, and then she stops “wait here, I will have shopping” and she was gone.

As the weeks went by he would put the shopping in the back of her old Renault, then each week a little further, he was soon bringing it indoors, then putting it away, and then came the day he dropped a jar.

It broke on her kitchen worktop, he froze, a pool of marmalade spreading out from the broken jar, he looked at her, panic on his face, she looked at him, sweetly smiling, ” I think you had better come with me” he led her to the kitchen table, she sat down, told him she wasn’t made of money, he would pay for it he promised he would, that’s wasn’t the point, he should be more careful, He blurted out he would in future, he was sorry, please don’t sent him away, she threw her head back and laughed at that one, ” I’m not going to send you away mark, but I am going to spank you” he wasn’t sure which part of his body got the biggest rush of blood, his cheeks went crimson instantly, and his jeans bulged fit to burst, but he was right, he knew, somehow he did know, and now so did she, her long fingers, immaculate nails un did his belt and lowered his jeans, as her hands went for his underpants it was all too much, and he came, in front of her, in his underwear, she stopped, looked up at him, surely he had blown it, she would toss him out on his ear now? Wouldn’t she? A smile spread across her lips, “im still going to spank you though mark” and she did, hard.

The next day he was back, he did little jobs about the house, then he was there every weekend, then all weekend, and little by little he became hers, and then she told him he was moving in, he decorated the spare room, his room, and the rest was history, he lived here now.

And here he was, 5 years later, stood at the same table he had lost control all that time ago, and she sat down on the same chair, she reached over and picked up the notes from his wages, and counted them carefully, compared them to his wage slip, seemed satisfied and left the small change on the table for him as he knew she would. Especially today of all days,

He would take the change later, put it in his piggy bank in his room, he was careful not to take any money when she was there, he had learnt that the hard way. Several years ago he took a ten pound note out and pocketed it, he had earned it after all, in those days she didn’t check against his payslip, but this day she did, his theft was soon discovered, he still remembers that night, well she DID say he wouldn’t forget it.

Over the back of the sofa that night she caned him without mercy, he lost count as she went past one hundred, so she started again, she was angry, and she took it out on him, it was about trust she told him as he laid each stoke into him, he spent the remainder of the night, naked, stood next to the television, hands on head. When she had enough of the sight of him he was sent to bed, it was then he discovered she has stripped his room bare, his little portable TV gone, his piggy bank smashed and left on the chest of drawers, the money gone, his sheets and pillows gone, his clothes gone he spent the whole weekend like that, and given only bread and water the whole weekend, he never stole from her again, his things came back, his clothes Sunday night for work in the morning, his bedding the next weekend, and a new piggy bank a month later, but she kept the money.

He didn’t argue as she took her money, because that what it was now, hers, he earns it for her, he kept the change, but most of it was hers, to run the house she said, which wasn’t strictly true as he arranged all the bill payments and things that needed sorting, payed for the places she wanted to visit, the holidays, her BMW, his gym membership, he was expected to keep in good shape for her, workout twice a week, as she put it ” a girl deserves a little eye candy” . But the rest was hers, perks of being the lady of the house. To be honest he was happy with the arrangement, she looked good in the clothes she bought, smelled nice in the perfume, in one way or another he benefited in the end, and it made him proud to get her the things she wanted.

She folded the notes and tucked them into her dressing gown by her breasts, “I want to go out tonight” was all she said, and as she left the room “taxi for eight please mark” but he knew they would be going out tonight.
He showered and dressed, and after ordering the taxi he waited for her, his mind wandered back to the old days again, it wasn’t before long after he had moved in that she took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He was honest with himself, it hadn’t gone well, he lasted seconds, she was understanding, his training would start tomorrow. And it did, it started with 30 strokes of the cane for climaxing without permission, that was for starters, if it happened again it would be worse, and it was.

But she was a good teacher, he learnt well, how to please her, she showed him what she liked, taught him the techniques he should know for her, how to use his tongue, before long he could satisfy her, no matter what she wanted, the nights she wanted holding into the small hours till she drifted off safe, the times she wanted to cuddle, the times she wanted to fuck like a tigress, give him a back hander and kick him out of bed back to his room afterwards. and everything in between. And she used him at her whim, the times she took him to her bed for her pleasure he tried his best, she had taught him how to satisfy her, and he usually did, or he would feel her whip in the morning.
His thoughts were snapped back as she walked in wearing the most stunning red dress that hugged her body in a way he longed to, her long black hair immaculate as always, he would wolf whistle but last time it earned him the strap so he decided against it, she was just in time for the taxi, not that it mattered, he wasn’t so stupid as to tell her she was late, they would be even later after if she had to fetch the cane, and she would, even tonight.
A short taxi ride to the restaurant and he is holding the door open for her, as she glided amongst the tables even he saw the men’s heads turn, she must notice it too, the looks of what does he have that I don’t flashed at him, if only they knew, he had nothing but her, she had everything, he only had the pride that she was with him, and it burst in his chest.

Drinks were ordered, even he was allowed to drink tonight, and they made small talk, up coming holidays, what to eat, he was on his best behaviour out, the perfect gent, it’s what she deserves, what any beautiful lady deserves, total attention, he wasn’t going to screw this up, not tonight, he made her laugh, she even played footsie under the table after her second glass of wine, they whispered, she giggled, and he didn’t care how envious anybody else was, she was his, and he was so happy to be hers. And she clinked glasses “happy birthday mark”

A little more tipsy than before they left the restaurant, to the waiting cab, and home, a little too loud in the street, but not too loud to annoy the neighbours, just enough to to make her laugh. And they were back inside, ” bedtime mark” he went straight away, experience had taught him bedtime meant now or in 5 minutes with a dozen stripes across his bottom. He chose now, she would be up soon, not usually, but tonight she would be, he brushed his teeth, stripped off and slid beneath his sheets, and again he waited for her, but this time in anticipation, it was his night, she would be up soon, he would get his present, she would sit on the end of the bed, her hand would slide under the duvet and find him, and give him the vigorous best 30 seconds of his year before wiping her hand clean on his and turning out the light as she left, he was ready and waiting as he heard her on the stairs.

The door opened and she stood there in a PVC catsuit, she look stunning, his smile was ear to ear, then she turned sideways and his jaw dropped, she was wearing a strap on ” I thought we could try something different for your birthday this year mark, get out of bed boy”


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