The Cuckold’s Tale

Sissy smoothed her stockings and picked up the panties she had just stepped out of. She knew her Mistress would be home soon, she had been leaking into her panties through her cage all evening. She was aware that if her Mistress came home and inspected her she would be severely punished. Sissy stepped into a crisp clean white pair and pulled them up. She looked in the mirror, fluffed her lace petticoats and smoothed down her black satin maid’s dress. Then she tightened the bow on her little white pinny.

They had got married five years ago, it was a very lavish affair. Mark was a wealthy man. He had fallen in love with Stephanie the moment he saw her, and had done everything in his power to woo her, but he was under no illusions, he knew without any shadow of a doubt that she was marrying him for his money. The first time they had sex that fact was confirmed. She had laughed at him, called him “pin dick”, and told him he should have been born a girl. It was only a matter of time before she began controlling him.

It started shortly after the wedding, when she came home and declared “I’ve bought you a present” When Mark opened it he felt elated. He looked at the beautiful pink lingerie and was wearing it in seconds. From that moment his wife had called him “Sissy”, and slowly she had turned him into her own little sissy maid, which also included chastity, saying his dick was much too pathetic to be of any use and should be locked away. He was happy to oblige. It was such a struggle trying to satisfy her with his miniature appendage, but he learned to be very proficient with his tongue, and although it made up for shortcomings, it was just a matter of time before that would not be enough, and he had prepared himself for it.

Now here Sissy was, waiting for her Mistress to arrive. She didn’t have long to wait. She heard the key in the door, followed by herhis Mistress’s very distinctive laugh. She heard her heels clicking along the hallway floor, then her Mistress entered. Sissy immediately curtsied, then looked up and saw her Mistress was not alone. Behind her stood the most handsome man, 6 foot 3 and his skin a most beautiful ebony brown. His eyes were black and piercing. His head shaved, and his teeth were gleaming. He looked at Sissy his face puzzled, he turned to Stephanie

“What’s that ?”

Sissy felt her face flush.

“Darling this is my husband, Sissy say hello to Jacob”

Sissy curtised again, and Jacob burst out laughing. Sissy cringed and bowed her head in shame.

“Stephanie i thought i’d seen it all, what the hell have you married ?”

Stephanie laughed softly “The way we live suits us Jacob, it’s how it works. Isn’t that right Sissy ?” She tweaked Sissy’s cheek.

“Yes Mistress of course”

“Jacob and I are going upstairs Sissy, bring a bottle of Chardonnay up”

By the time Sissy reached the bedroom Stephanie was in bed and obviously naked. Jacob had just discarded his boxers. He turned around and Sissy saw his beautiful 10 inch black cock.

“Sissy put down the wine, get on your knees. You need to do a little cleaning.”

Before Jacob could react he felt Sissy’s tongue licking around his bellend. He was about to push Sissy away but it was enjoyable and he decided to let her carry on.

“Ok Sissy don’t make a meal of it, off you go”

Sissy stood up and left the room.

Three hours later, Sissy heard Jacob’s footsteps as he came down the the stairs. She immediately went to the door, bowed her head, and prepared to open it. Jacob stopped. He lifted Sissy’s chin, but there was a glint in his eye as he said “I think your Mistress needs your attention Sissy”

“Thank you Sir i will go up immediately.”

Jacob started to laugh, obviously amused at Sissy’s plight. He lifted up Sissy’s skirt.

“I’m curious, let me have a little look at what’s under those white panties”

Sissy felt her face flushing, but knew better than to argue. She pulled down her little panties, feeling thankful that she’d put clean ones on earlier in the evening. He peered down at her little chrome cage, and saw the padlock on it. He smiled and pulled at the padlock.

“I’m curious Sissy, i have never come across this before. Tell me how it works and how long you’ve been in it”

“I’ve been in for some years now Sir.”

“But are you never released ?”

“Occasionally Sir, but only for tidying up and cleaning purposes. Sometimes my Mistress allows me to have a ruined orgasm, but she makes sure it’s never pleasurable”

Jacob was puzzled and intrigued.

“Well i’ll see you again no doubt Sissy” and he left leaving Sissy feeling more submissive than she had ever felt.

Sissy went upstairs and knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in”

She opened the door. Stephanie was lying on the bed.

“Well Sissy, what did you think of Jacob ?”

Sissy lowered her eyes to the floor.

“If he pleased you Mistress, that’s all that matters to me”

Stephanie laughed.

“Of course he pleased me Sissy. Next time if you’re very good i’ll put you in the corner over there and you may watch”

“Oh thank you Mistress, that would be such an honour”

“But in the meantime Sissy. Get down onto your knees. You have a lot of cleaning up to do tonight.”

Sissy knelt down between his Mistress’s knees and bent down ready with her tongue.


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