Trapped in PVC by Way of Apology

Brian arrived at Mistress Sofia’s feeling very apprehensive. He had apologised profusely over letting her down a few months previously, but she was not letting him off lightly for inconveniencing her. Feeble words with no actions were never acceptable to her, especially not when she had held onto the photos she had taken a few months ago.

“Now then Brian, get inside, lets begin.”

He quickly made his way inside and on seeing a pink pvc maid uniform hung up in Mistress’s playroom, he immediately began to sweat, he’d seen and heard the stories and rumours of one of Mistress’s previous slaves, Pansy, and what had happened to him whilst being in the hot pink pvc uniform !

“So Brian, as agreed, one year of servitude to be completed without fault, then your apology will be accepted, and your photos will be permanently deleted, are we clear ?” she laughed

“Yes Sofia, perfect” he replied

“Yes WHAT bitch ??” she barked at him

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress” he responded quickly

“Lets not forget what happens if you make a mistake Brian, your required term of servitude will doubled in every fault you make. This is your first and only consequence free fault, do not let it happen again” she smirked

“Oh and one more thing Brian, we haven’t mentioned this as yet, but, should you decide to finish your servitude before your required term is complete, those photos i was going to delete, well, those photos will be shared instead.”

Brian instantly began to feel very very small, knowing he was now in a very very tricky predicament. He didn’t realise quite how strict Mistress Sofia had intended to be during his year of servitude!

“Now, lets get you presentable shall we”, she laughed, “take the uniform, and go put it on, now!”

“Yes Mistress” he replied as he took the uniform off the clothes rail.

Brian went to the bathroom to change. The uniform was a very uncomfortable stiff pvc, extremely bright hot pink, a very high collar, and frills ever where. He was very much not looking forward to this. He was panicking now at what was to happen over the next year. He put the uniform on along with the black pvc tights that were also hung inside, and the stiletto black patent boots she had also given him. He made sure the collar was properly zipped all the way up at the back, noticing the metal loops either side of the zip at the nape. He knew what was coming.

Brian opened the bath room door and made his way back to Mistress’s playroom.

She smirked, then grinned, then a little chuckle “a good start Brian, now, take these and go sort yourself out”, she handed him makeup, a blonde wig and large earrings, “heavy make up bitch, and make sure your hair is perfect, get to it”

“yes Mistress”, he replied he already knew not to argue with her, it would not be wise in the least.

Brian made is way back to the bathroom, and hurriedly set about his make up, wig and earrings. She said heavy, so he made sure to put plenty on, and very bright. He knew if it wasn’t right by Mistress Sofia’s expectation he would then be spending two years in her servitude !

A number of minutes passed and Brian returned to the playroom, in his pink uniform, looking like the combination of a nightclub slapper and a drag queen, heavy make up and large earrings in pace.

Mistress burst into laughter “oh my god, you have done well ! oh my god, this is how you will do it from now on bitch LOL, now come here and turn around”

Brian felt even smaller now, very small in fact, though he was thankful that he had obviously done well and wasn’t going to have his term of servitude increased this time. Brian approached Mistress, and turn around so she could see his rear.

“oh this uniform was absolutely made for you !” she taunted.

“thank you Mistress”

He heard Mistress open a container, and take something out. He then felt her fingers at the nape of his neck, pulling the loops together, then he heard a CLICK.

“Perfect, all locked in Rina” she said

Brian began to sweat, he knew he was in it until she decided to unlock it. Though he was confused at being called “Rina”

“Rina Mistress ? But i’m Brian” he queried

“No RINA, you are now Rina, short for Queerina Loser Fagette, and you will not forget it slut !”

“yes Mistress, of course Mistress”

“Now, it’s quiz time bitch, who are you ?” she asked and laughed

He replied “I’m Queerina Loser Fagette Mistress, or Rina for short Mistress” as quickly as he could

“Rina, go open the curtains in the front room, and stand in front of the window whist i go make a call”

Rina complied, he went to the front room, opened the curtains and stood facing the window know full well that every passer by would see and laugh. There was nothing he could do though, failure to comply would result in a doubling !

Rina felt like he had stood in place for an eternity, whilst Mistress was making her call. He could make out the odd word, it was very muffled, and he could definitely hear laughing.

Mistress entered the living with a huge grin on her face, “i have a friend coming over shortly, his name is Joe, and you, will be the perfect little tranny slut whilst he’s here, you will address him as either Sir or Master, are we understood loser ?”

“yes Mistress” Rina replied instantly, though she now she the humiliation was about to step up a notch, she was now going to let some one else see him like this, and not only that, a guy !

About 30 minutes later the door buzzed.

“Well loser, what are you waiting for, answer the door, now” Mistress demanded

“Yes Mistress”

Rina opened the front door, and immediately felt small and very vulnerable. He was now on full to display in full hot pink frilly pvc, made up like a drag queen, with another guy looking right at him.

After an initial moment Joe laughed hard, and laughed some more. “What do we have here then Sofia ?”

“this is the new one Joe, a sight for sore eyes right ?” she laughed

“more like a sight to make your eyes sore” Joe responded, and laughed hard with Mistress

“love the uniform faggot, pink is really your colour”

“thank you Sir” Rina sheepishy responded

“So, what’s your name loser ?”

“Rina Sir, short for Queerina Loser Fagette Sir” Rina cringed

“oh my god that is hilarious” he laughed hard “your creative mind at work again Sofia, how do you come up with their names ??”

“a drink Joe ?” Sofia asked

“i’d love a coffee Sofia, perfect”

“Rina, two coffees now bitch !” Mistress ordered

“Yes Mistress”

Rina fetched the drinks and served them to his now very very superiors. He returned the tray to the kitchen and returned to the living room. He didn’t know what to do, was he supposed to stand some where, or what, he felt very lost. He wasn’t confused for long though.

“Kneel faggot ! KNEEL” Joe demanded to Rina, clicking his fingers and pointing in front of himself and Mistress

“yes Sir” Rina complied and knelt in front of his Mistress and Master friend. He bowed his head, and kept quiet, he really didn’t want things to get any worse.

Mistress and Joe continued their conversation over coffee for 20 minutes or so, whilst Rina remained on his knees, in silence, preying that this would all be over soon.

“So Sofia, has QUEERina been taken out in it’s outfit yet ?” Joe enquired

“Not as yet Joe, it’s it’s first day today, but, i have an idea”

Mistress disappeared to her playroom, and returned some moments later, carrying ankle and wrist cuffs with chains, a collar and leash, and something else with a strap that Rina couldn’t quite make out.

“Stand up bitch” Mistress ordered Rina

Rina stood up, kept his head bowed and remained silent, whilst Mistress proceeded to attach and locked cuffs to his ankles and wrists all connected with short chains, just enough to be able to walk in tiny steps, very fitting of his predicament. Next she put a large collar around his neck, again locking it and the leash in place. Finally Rina was about to find out what last item was that she had returned with.

Standing behind Rina, Mistress ordered him to “open wide slut”, to which Rina immediately complied. The moment he opened his mouth, Mistress stuff a large latex cock gag in his mouth, buckled the strap and locked it.

“Wow Sofia, you remembered how i like them then !” Joe grinned

“Want to break it in for it’s first ‘outing’ Joe ?” she laughed, knowing full well Joe would not miss such an opportunity ever.

Rina tried to beg them not to but the only sounds he could get past the gag were complete incomprehensible.

“Whats that faggot ? ‘i cant wait to be out walking with Sir’ ? yes i thought that’s what you said bitch” Joe laughed, which in turn caused Mistress to laugh profusely.

Rina tried again to speak, but again nothing comprehensible got past the gag, which had Joe and Mistress laughing even more. Joe took hold of Rina’s leash and pulled, Rina not being at all ready for this, nearly fell flat over, with the short ankle chain.

“You’ll need to be on your toes slut, or on your ass when Joe walks you” Mistress laughed

Joe turned Rina around and pointing him at the front door, gave him a good shove in the back, sending Rina flying into lots of tiny quick steps, so as not to fall, towards the door.

“In a hurry i see, good show QUEERina” Joe laughed.

The moment Joe opened the door, Rina’s heart began to race. “oh please please please don’t do this, please don’t” he thought, but it was too late. Joe yanked the leash and there was no point trying to resist. Rina again with lots of little steps ended up stood outside. Rina’s heart sank, he knew he was helpless and Joe was going to go through with this.

Rina’s only hope now was that Joe would only walk around quiet places, though Rina knew that in one direction there was a small shopping precinct that was always busy with people getting groceries. “please please go right, please go right, please don’t go left” he kept thinking. They went right, and Rina did a mental sigh of relief. “if i’m lucky we’ll see no one this route” he thought.

They started walking, Joe in front, with Rina behind trotting along in as many small fast steps as he could so as not to fall over when Joe yanked the leash.

“Oh, damn, i need cigerettes faggot” Joe laughed “we’re going the wrong way”

Rina tried hard to beg Joe not to drag him to the precinct, but all that came from the gag was “pwwfffff dnnnnnn pwffffff ffffrrrr”, which was just laughed at. Yanking Rina’s leash Joe changed their direction to the precinct.

As they walked back past Sofia’s house, a lady on a push bike rode by, slowing right down to get a good look at the frilly hot pink pvc oddity on a leash coming the other way, she couldn’t help but chuckle

“There you go, not so bad now is it slut ?” Joe laughed “people are enjoying you already”

They slowly, far far too slowly for Rina’s liking, to the precinct. All the way cars were slowing down so the occupants could get a good look and a chuckle. Rina knew he was absolutely helpless, even if he could get free, he would only double is term of servitude. Joe was clearly enjoying himself, laughing along with all of those who saw.

As they approached the precinct a middle aged couple were walking in their direction, who instantly spotted Rina, stopping them dead. The looks on their faces was that disbelief at the same time as extreme amusement. The woman pulled out her phone, and started taking a shots. Rina tried hard to put his head down to hide his face, but between the large collar and the lack of balance due to the ankle chains and heels, he had no chance. The woman continued to take photos as they walked passed, laughing and exclaiming “you look absolutely ridiculous”. By this point Rina was feeling broken, especially knowing this could be a frequent occurrence over the next year !

A few moments later they arrived at the newsagents. Joe yanked Rina’s leash hard, sending him flying towards a drain pipe running up the shop.

Attaching Rina’s leash to the pipe, high enough Rina wouldn’t be able to reach, he order him to “Stay !” not that he could go anywhere now. Joe disappeared in to the shop, leaving Rina on display in her hot pink uniform alone. Rina had never felt so vulnerable in his whole like. “please god please god please don’t let any one walk by now, please” he preyed in his head, but, his prayer was not answered.

A car pulled up in the car park, and a young woman got out. She didn’t notice him to begin with, but as she walked up to the shop, there was absolutely no doubt she had seen him. She stopped, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more, “oh jesus, what an absolute loser ! love the outfit, who ever has fitted you up has done an amazing job” she laughed.

A few minutes passed and Joe returned. He smirked at Rina, “enjoying your self fag? hope not” he smirked. He undid Rina’s leash and again yanked the leash hard, sending Rina flying into tiny steps again, which the young woman saw and again burst out laughing, which of course Joe responded to by yanking Rina’s leash again and again sending him flying.

They made their way back to Mistress’s Sofia’s, again with Rina trotting along in tiny steps as fast as he could in order to keep up with Joe’s yanking of the leash. Rina couldn’t wait to be back at Mistress Sofia’s and out of sight of the general public, they were having way too much fun at his expense.

Finally, they were there. Sofia answered the door, Joe passed Rina’s leash back.

“I need to run now Sofia, i have an appointment in an hour, but thank you for the fun of breaking it in, that was alot of laughs”

“You are most welcome of course Joe, any time you want to use it, just let me know and we can come to an arrangement as usual i’m sure” she replied

“What do you say to Joe slut ?” she barked at Rina

“fffffnnyyyyyy frrrrr mltng mmmm frrrrr” they both laughed at Rina attempting to speak through his gag again.

4 thoughts on “Trapped in PVC by Way of Apology

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  1. I would have loved to have seen this, what a complete sad ass loser bitch. Looking forward to more of this.
    Ms Serena


  2. Love the story Sofia. We really hope it’s not just a story. What a noddy for falling into this trap. What an utter loser, hope Joe enjoyed humiliating it, it deserves it, especially if its apologising, absolutely do not make it easy for it. If it were us we would have already doubled its term. Queerina, you are an utterly pathetic disgrace of a “human”!
    Keep up the good work
    Steve and Jill


  3. Hope this frilly bitch is going to have regular “shopping trolley” treatment Mistress Sofia it seems like the ideal and deserving candidate. Im sure it would love to be on regular display in its pink pvc dress and who cares if it doesnt.
    All the best, Jamie


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