Welcome to Sofia’s Dilemmas

A collection of short stories and dialogues as experienced by Mistress Sofia, who, for some time worked in the adult phone call industry and in her late sixties became a real time dominatrix.  

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A Useless Toilet Cleaner !

Faggy Slag Bag got of his car, gagged and in his pvc faggot uniform, just as Sofia had ordered. He knew the consequence of disobeying her now and he knew she was very very serious. As he walked across her drive, a car tooted it's horn, obviously because the occupants had spotted him. There was... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Faggots

It was early Friday morning when Dave received a text message from Sofia. It read "you will be here at midday tomorrow." Already he knew he had no choice but to be there, he knew what she would do if he didn't comply, his nasty little secret would be out there again. He wondered what... Continue Reading →

Rupert’s Punishment

Rupert was not a young man, consequently he had vivid recollections of being caned at school. Try as he might he had never been able to quite shake off the memory. Over the years it had developed almost into an obsession and slowly it changed from the judicial recollection it used to be to something... Continue Reading →

Trapped in PVC by Way of Apology

Brian arrived at Mistress Sofia's feeling very apprehensive. He had apologised profusely over letting her down a few months previously, but she was not letting him off lightly for inconveniencing her. Feeble words with no actions were never acceptable to her, especially not when she had held onto the photos she had taken a few... Continue Reading →


Johnathan almost ran down the length of the office, bumping into Susan on the way, he muttered an inaudible apology. He reached his desk with minutes to spare. Johnathan looked out of the window and there she was, Mrs Jones, looking as elegant and beautiful as the first day he saw her. Johnathan had started... Continue Reading →


I gaze through my window and look at the hill The grass is green, but all is quite still Everything is bright , it looks just the same But my mind is aware of the worlds grief and pain This covid 19 takes its toll on humanity Its affecting our lives our loves our sanity... Continue Reading →

This is the world

Slave stepped into the street, it was deathly quiet. He looked left to right and caught sight of another slave. It was like looking in a mirror. Black latex from head to foot, spiked posture collar around his neck clearly labelled stating who his mistress was and where he belonged. This is the world. Slave... Continue Reading →

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