A Punishing Time

His heart was pounding in his chest as he knocked on her door,it always did! he stood there, on her doorstep, toolbox in hand and waited for her.
She opened the door and smiled slightly at him “come in mark” She is immaculately turned out as always, today she had on one of her 1950’s dresses she favoured so much, and she looked as stunning today as she did the first time he laid eyes on her.
It wasn’t until he walked in he noticed the hair brush in her hand, and he doubted very much she was going to brush her hair with, she was already immaculate.
“Follow me”
And she walks into the living room, he follows, his eyes on her bottom as she walks, she stops at a chair in the centre of the room, turns and sits, her hands in her lap holding the brush, he stands facing her, pretty sure he knows where were going with this.
“How long has it been since i’ve had you over my knee mark?”
He thinks “five or six weeks Miss”
“Hmm, five or six weeks, well i think we had better put that right don’t you?”
“but i haven’t done anything wrong Miss”
“don’t answer me back boy or i’ll fetch my cane”
Silence, he knows she means it
“well come on, trousers down”
He slowly takes down his jeans, until they are round his ankles, and waits, stood in front of her semi naked he feels utterly exposed.
“over”she motions to her lap, he hesitates “NOW BOY”her shout jolts him into action and he lays himself across her lap, he feels her hands as they slowly lower his underpants, exposing his bare bottom to her, he closes his eyes, as much in shame as in anticipation of the brush, and she starts, rhythmically smacking him with her hair brush, she strikes him hard,moving the brush around so he is struck across his entire bottom, she occasionally stops, and he feels her cold hands caress his now tingling bottom.
“you will learn your place boy, you will learn to do as you are told, is that understood?”
He mumbles a yes Miss, his head hung
“Humiliating is it boy? having me spank your bottom for you? well?”
“yes Miss”
“Good a little humility is what you need”
She continues to reign down smack after smack on his bottom, its really starting to sting, each smack causes him to jolt, a series of rhythmic jerks in her lap, he can feel himself getting hard, he tries to put it out of his mind but cant, as she continues to beat him, but he knows it wont last much longer, its been 5 minutes already, She stops, and he feels her pull his underpants back up, and he knows he wont be able to hide himself from her.
“stand up”
he does as hes told, standing in front of her, his hands covering his shame
she looks at him, he knows whats coming, she’s no fool, she knows shes an attractive woman, knows what effect she has on the boys, its only natural, she may even think flattering, but for her its just an excuse to humiliate him.
“hands away”
He places his hands behind his back, and she lets out a little sigh as she observes him squirm, then her hand reaches out and a perfectly manicured red nail slips into the front of his underpants and pulls them open, she peers inside.
“care to explain this?”
What can he say? with her he has no right to personal space, no right to any semblance of dignity, he just wishes the world would open up and swallow him whole, anything rather than have her staring at the shameful state he is in, she is waiting for an answer.
“sorry Miss”is all he can muster.
“sorry Miss she mocks him, “we’ve talked about this haven’t we mark?”using his name just adds to the humiliation, the fact she knows she can do this to him with ease, but there’s no getting out of it for him, no escape, he stands there for the world to see, or at least that what it feels like to him, and at this moment in time, she is the world. And then her finger lets go and his underpants snap back into place.
“You’ve just earn’t yourself a caning boy”
She stands, and brushes down the front of he dress, preening herself, she reaches over, and places he hand on the back of his neck, his head bowed, he lets her guide him to the chair, a chair he has been over before, many times.
“bend over for me”she says, almost gently, a tone that belies the ferocity that is to come, her hands gently lower his underpants once more, exposing his bottom for the world to see, for her alone, he waits over the chair, compromised, and guilty, he waits. Nothing can save him now, he knows that, all he can hope for is it to be over quickly
“stay there”he hears her heels walk to the conservatory, he knows she keeps her cane there, he can just about hear her as she swishes it through the air, a few practice strokes, then her heels announce her return, she walks past his chair, the cane held behind her, cupping her bottom, like she is on a Sunday morning stroll, all the time in the world, she walks across the room and picks up her glove, any chance he was going to get off lightly evaporates as he watch’s her put her glove on, if she needs it to protect her hand from the force, its going to be a lot worse for him. once on she moves into position, he feels the cane touch his bottom, she slides it back and forth as though playing a violin, like she is sizing up her target.
“you know why your having this caning don’t you mark?”
“yes Miss”
“You will learn to control yourself when you are in my house, how many times mark? how many times do i have to cane your bottom until you start to learn? Hmmm?”
he mumbles
“six of the best”
she delivers each stroke, hard and true, she counts and doesn’t pause, he hasn’t recovered from the last stroke as the next one hits, eyes screwed shut, fists balled he takes the caning from her until she is done.
“stay there”
he watches her walk away, remove the glove and place it back, she breezes past him and places the cane back, all the while he is left over the chair, his bottom high and carrying the stripes she gave him, he can hear her moving about, but she isn’t coming to him, again he is left to wait, and think, and contemplate his lot.
Finally she returns, in silence he feels her finger trace the welts she has inflicted, then she stands behind him, her hands on the chair either side of him, she leans in, he can feel the material of her skirt on his bottom, the soreness makes it feel rough as she leans over him.
“have we learnt our lesson?”
“yes Miss”
he is told to stand, ashamed, contrite, beaten and head bowed, she surveys him, then tells him to dress, he does so hastily to cover himself up from her gaze.
“are we going to behave our self today mark?”
“yes Miss”
“good because you’ll be back over that chair again if you don’t, now get on with your chores”and with a wave of her hand he is dismissed to his chores? she considers them chores, he works for her now.
once in the hallway he rubs his bottom, and thinks about what just happened, it wasn’t the humiliation, nor was it the punishment, it was because it was her, this woman who looks prim and proper, is always stylishly turned out, has a class all of her own, this lady he finds so utterly attractive has spanked his bottom over her knee, its a good job she can’t see him right now, the smile on his face, or how hard he is, she would not approve of either

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