A Tale of Two Faggots

It was early Friday morning when Dave received a text message from Sofia. It read “you will be here at midday tomorrow.” Already he knew he had no choice but to be there, he knew what she would do if he didn’t comply, his nasty little secret would be out there again. He wondered what she would expect of him tomorrow, wondered and worried.

Dave pulled up outside at 12.25. He waited until 12.29 before quickly making his way to the door and ringing the bell, he knew Sofia expect perfect punctuality. Sofia opened the door, “inside, to the playroom” she demanded. He complied right away and quickly made his way to her playroom.

“Now ‘boy’, i’ve called you here today because i am in need of a bit of chuckle. Put that outfit on now.” she pointed at a neatly folded set of shiny pvc clothing, a skirt, a blouse and a pair of thigh boots. Dave gulped, hew knew she wasn’t joking, she meant it, she was going to have fun at his expense humiliating him dressed as a pvc tranny. He knew refusing was not a good idea, he knew what would happen ! “yes Mistress” he replied.

He tried hard to hide his reluctance and to try to seem eager in changing into the outfit. Soon he was dressed in a black pvc skirt, a black pvc blouse accented by red collar and cuffs, along with a red cinch belt and patent thigh boots.

Sofia smirked, “now the wig”. Dave had no real choice but to comply and put the blonde bob wig on. Sofia smirked again, and let out a little chuckle. Dave stood there, really not knowing what to do or say, he felt ridiculous ! Every slight move he made the pvc squeaked, he felt very very small now. Sofia walked around him, inspecting his outfit, “very good” she said “now the collar”. He felt her put a wide collar around his neck and buckle it tight, followed by the clicking of a padlock. It felt odd to one side though, he could feel two prongs sticking into his neck, he tried to look to the side to see what it was, but the collar would not allow it, and he darn’t move to much with out Sofia’s permission. He very quickly found out what it was as he felt a jolt of shock race through him, he felt his whole body spasm, at the same time he heard a muffled squeak come from another room ! Sofia laughed hard “it’s a shock collar bitch, so best behave” He knew he was now totally under her control, and he was very worried about what was to come next.

“Now then Faggy Slag Bag, time for your make up” she laughed. “Faggy Slag Bag??” he thought, “what is she going to do to me ??” “Sit there” she ordered pointing at a chair, and she set about doing his make up. He felt the make up going on thick and plenty and dreaded to think what he was going to look like. Once she had finished Sofia had turned Dave into an absolute drag hag, a cross between a drag queen and a clown. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Last but not least” she said, as she forced a cock gag into his mouth fastening it and padlocking it tight.

“in here NOW Faggy Dog Shit” she shouted to the other room. A moment later another tranny appeared, wearing a black pvc skirt, a pink satin blouse, calf length patent boots, a green bob wig, similarly shock collared and gagged, with extreme make up also. “On your knees faggots” she pointed to the floor in front of her, and then held up the shock remote control. Both of her tranny toys complied immediately. Sofia bent down and locked a short 12 inch chain between her trannys’ collars. “Faggy Dog Shit, meet Faggy Slag Bag, … Faggy Slag Bag, meet Faggy Dog Shit” she laughed “better get used to each other” she laughed more as she attached a leash to the chain and added name tags to the collars of her creations. Dave started to sweat, he was very very concerned as to wear this was going ! He was about to find out.

Sofia had just taken a few photos of her faggots when the door bell rang, “stay there bitches” she ordered. Sofia went to the answer the door and soon returned with a man. He was dressed in smart casual trainer, jeans, and a white shirt and already starting to grin and laugh. Dave was freaking out, there was now a guy in the room seeing him like this, he darn’t move though for fear of receiving a shock from his collar, the other tranny looked very worried to. “Here you are Ian, as i promised, i hope you enjoy” said Sofia. “hope you enjoy ???” Dave got extremely anxious over what was going on. Ian looked at the two trannies kneeling on the floor, “good afternoon ladies” he laughed “Faggy Dog Shit and Faggy Slag Bag i see, yes yes Sofia, these look perfect fun” as he picked up the leash. “oh my god” Dave thought, “this is not good” as he and Faggy Dog Shit made muffled sounds from their gags ! Ian handed Sofia 160 pounds in 20 pound notes, she handed him the shock remote control, “I will have them back to you this evening Sofia” he said, then looking to the trannies “get up faggots !” he demanded.

Master Ian concealed the shock remote control in his pocket and then yanking the leash pulled his two tranny faggots out of Sofia’s house and up the street. Both were struggling in their high heals. “look lively faggots, i want to see you mincing and enjoying yourselves, and if you’re not you’re going to feel the volts” he laughed as he hit the shock button laughing as both of his faggots spasmed in pain. “get in front, i want to feel this leash pulling, mince fags !” he laughed. They both struggled in their heals to get in front of Ian and keep the leash pulling as they were instructed. “you’re not mincing Faggy Slag Bag” as he hit the button again and they both spasmed again. Dave knew he was completely under the control of Master Ian along with Faggy Dog Shit, and until he was released later he was now Faggy Slag Bag the pvc tranny faggot.

As they walked towards town, cars were slowing down as occupants had a good look and laugh, as were pedestrians pointing and laughing, and a few pointing smart phones at them. They were impossible to miss in the bright sunshine. The pvc and satin was really shiny not to mention the extreme make up they were both wearing, and Faggy Dog Shit’s green wig, they were unmissable. They didn’t really have time to think about the people all laughing at them, although they knew they were there, they were more concentrating on pulling on that leash, looking eager, and not loosing balance in their heals!

Town was busy on a Saturday, and it felt even more so to Dave, as they reached the pedestrianised area. There were people every where ! He could already hear the laughs. “Keep mincing faggots” Master Ian ordered. They had no choice but to mince into town as a pair of tranny faggots on a leash.

“Excuse me” said a middle aged woman, “are they ok ?” she asked. Master Ian stopped, yanking the leash to signal a stop. “Yes my love” replied Master Ian, “they love it, they’re enjoying themselves”, then looking bluntly at the tranny faggots “aren’t you ??” he asked them. From behind their gags just about recognisably “Yes Master, yes Master, thank you for humiliating us Master” they squeaked and nodded their heads knowing that anything less would invoke voltage. “well it takes all sorts doesn’t it ?? love the look ladies” she laughed looking at the faggots.

They continued to mince further into town. Soon they were outside a street cafe when Master Ian said “fancy a coffee ladies ?” They didn’t know how to reply, and before they knew it their leash was being locked to some benches in the center of the cobbled pedestrian area. “Be right back” Master Ian laughed as he left them, leaving for the cafe. They were stood their now, two tranny faggots collared togethor, locked to a bench in full view of every one, whilst Master Ian went for coffee. Already people were taking photos, laughing and making comments. A group of lads walked by laughing “look at that pair freaky fag boys” one of them yelled. “what have you come as ?? love the outfits” laughed another guy with his girlfriend. A woman walked by and blatently tried to take a close up photo, they both tried to turn away, but instantly realised that Master Ian was watching as they felt the voltage shock through them, after they stopped spasming stood still so the woman could get her photo.

Master Ian returned with his coffee, sat on the bench the opposite end from his faggots, looking at them and laughing whilst he drank his coffee. He was loving every last minute of their humiliation, even more so as he knew Sofia had picked them as they had both left the scene and were no longer into it. This was pure humiliation, and he was savouring every moment of it. “hope you’re enjoying our time togethor faggots” he laughed at them.

They remained there for about an hour, all the while Master Ian enjoying himself watching people look, laughing, pointing, staring and taking photos.

Eventually Master Ian got up and unlocked the leash. He then sat back down holding the leash, “on your knees faggots” he ordered. They both carefully and in sync knelt in front of Master Ian facing him. “Shine my shoes faggots” he ordered. They both on down with their gags rubbing around on their Master’s shoes, all the while very concious that every one in the street was watching and laughing at their predicament.

What felt like ten or fifteen minutes passed when he ordered them “up”. He looked at them and the span his finger signalling for them to turn around and face the other way. In sync again, they got up and turned to face the other way, then got back to their knees. They were now on their knees to next to each other, in front of their Master facing all of the passers by having their fun at their expense. They looked absolutely ridiculous, totally controlled, and completely humiliated at their Master’s leisure.

When they eventually arrived back at Sofia’s house, both faggots felt broken. They had been completely humiliated by Master Ian. They lost count of how many people had laughed at them and taken photos. They had given up and resistance to command because of the shock collar. At that moment in time they were completely broken tranny faggots. “at least this is nearly over” thought Dave “soon i will be out of this faggot uniform and back to being Dave not Faggy Dog Shit, i cannot wait to get home!”

Sofa opened the door, “hope you enjoyed yourself Ian ?” she asked. “Lots of fun Sofia, perfectly set up, attired and made up, i enjoyed humiliating this pair of faggots like you have no idea, i may have to do it again sometime” he replied. Dave’s jaw would have dropped if it wasn’t stuffed full of cock gag. “again ???” he thought “i cant do this again !!”. “Im actually adding this to my list of services available Ian, so if you want to hire these tranny faggots again, let me know” Sofia replied. Dave could not wait to get out of his faggot uniform, though he knew he was now Faggy Slag Bag the pvc tranny faggot humiliation toy for hire until Sofia decided otherwise.

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Faggots

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  1. Poor bugger, NOT! I bet he wishes you didnt know his dirty secret now lol. Well done Mistress Sofia, cant wait to see these sad ass pathetic faggots humiliated again, as they rightly deserve of course.


  2. Hi Again,the wife and I just read this,what a wonderful story,and what a wonderful way to humiliate your tranny faggots.We’ve taken a copy of this photo to add to our little collection,and we hope you dont mind that we’ve uploaded them on a few exposure and humiliation sites.Hope that gets slag bag cringing more.Please give it six of the best high voltage shocks from us 😜
    All the best and keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you for the added humiliation Sir and I look forward and am thankful for six of the best high voltage shocks at Mistress Sofia’s earliest convenience Sir.
      Faggy Slag Bag


      1. You are most welcome faggot.Be sure to thank me again once youve received your six of the best shocks 😜 Its quite astonishing just how compliant you are in your reduction to such a pathetic ridiculous pvc tranny faggot,that must be quite some secret being used to keep you in your place🤣 We are most definitely looking forward to more.


  3. Fabulous story Mistress Sofia.
    There is nothing quite like the look on the face of a tv slut when they realise they are to be blackmailed into continued service.
    You are now fuct Faggy Slag Bag, good luck.
    If this is real, I greatly look forward to seeing more.
    Sadie Strix


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