Micheals initiation

Samantha had gagged and  blindfolded Micheal before he had heard the door open and close. It had seemed like eternity , his mouth was dry and he was sweating , all thorough fear. He tried to reason with his thoughts , this was Samantha, he had known her since his childhood , but this was... Continue Reading →

Micheal, there are consequences

Micheal was busy packing. The holiday had gone too qiuckly but he was looking forward to a new term, new heights to aspire too . He was confident in  his academic ability , not so socially,but that was a secondary consideration at the moment and of little importance to Micheal. The Christmas holiday had been enjoyable,... Continue Reading →

The dangling shoe

Micheal had a normal happy childhood. Loving parents , always popular at school. He did well academically and his hard work and dedication resulted in  achieving a much sought after place at Oxford. He had never experimented sexually, never had a girlfriend preferring to concentrate on his studies. He had just had his nineteenth birthday... Continue Reading →

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