Anyone for Dogging ?

I like to think I am very professional in my work , but there are times when a call is more like a comedy playhouse. This one was probably the most bizarre and I'm ashamed to say I totaly lost the plot. Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking too ?" "Hello there, I'm Roland... Continue Reading →

ODDBALLS ! ( Not The Genital Kind)

  Time I caught up on a few odds and sods I think. This is just a few of my strange and bizarre calls. Ring, Ring. "Hello, who am I speaking too?" "This is Armond" "Hello Armond, what can I do for you?" "I want my hard cock in your wet pussy baby" Before I... Continue Reading →

Face Sitting And Slags

  After a weekend of food poisoning, I was brought out of my sultry mood by the unexpected call from my Mr Dyer, swoon. That's all your going to hear about that (smile) Then it was back to stranger than fiction. Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking too?" " hello Sofia, it's Terry, have... Continue Reading →

The Master And The Girl

Aww baby, I move the cover down a bit, you get into bed, get on top of me with your legs either side and I pull the covers over our heads. We giggle kissing each other as I slowly caress your hips and thighs, running my hands so gently and slowly, sending tingles up your... Continue Reading →

Matt , Sofia and the hotel room 

From the stool at the bar I sit waiting, sipping my gin and tonic , watching the people come and go. Other single men on business trips, couples of all ages, tourists, groups of co-workers. In town for corporate training , they all come and go while I wait. I'm nervous, the drink should be... Continue Reading →

Me Matt and the hotel toom 

Guys sometimes ask me what a normal call is like, is there such a thing?  So, here is a call without any comical intervention Ring. Ring "Hello, who am I speaking to?" "Hello , it's Matt " "Hello Matt, what  can I do for you?" " do you role play Sofia?" "Yes, of course Matt,... Continue Reading →

The morning after 

Sofia woke, stretched her arms, then the memories came flooding back. She looked to her left, he was still asleep, his dark lashes long and curled . He was quite beautiful, she allowed herself a moment to remember his passionate lovemaking . She quietly pushed back the quilt , knowing she needed to leave the... Continue Reading →

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