Slave gets what he deserves

He tried to adjust his position, but even the slightest movement resulted in the tight leather collar rubbing on his neck. He had no idea how long he had been in bondage. The cage,although a good length, was low as he was on his knees it meant he was bent too low for his frame,... Continue Reading →

What a dickhead

Ring Ring "hey, I'm parked up, got my dick in my hand , it's big and wet and throbbing " Nothing like getting straight to the point. He's obviously parked down a country road or driven down a dirt track into a wood . Did I say obviously? " Mmmm, that sounds horny,where are you... Continue Reading →

Miss Sofia and her unplanned 69

my new cage bed arrived today , curtesy of @mivfurniture , it's excelled all expectations but also inspired me to explain why I needed a replacement in the first place I have used my bondage bed for many years , it was in fact a massage bed with a pvc covering . A few weeks... Continue Reading →

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