A Punishing Time

His heart was pounding in his chest as he knocked on her door,it always did! he stood there, on her doorstep, toolbox in hand and waited for her. She opened the door and smiled slightly at him "come in mark" She is immaculately turned out as always, today she had on one of her 1950's... Continue Reading →

Airport, Flip Flops, Flight

it was a hot day, consequently I decided to travel dressed casually, which included wearing flip flops.   My logic being once on the plane I could discard them for the duration of the flight, much more comfortable than closed in shoes. I arrived at the airport early so decided to have a coffee before checking... Continue Reading →

Pansy’s Retirement

Pansy arrived at Mistress's house, and drew a deep breathe before he got out of the car.   Today was not going to be easy.   Today he had both good news, which he had already messaged to his Mistress, and some bad news.   The bad news not being something he was looking forward to telling her.... Continue Reading →

The Dinner Party

They all stood in a line, two slaves, three sissies. The slaves wore leather shorts and leather bondage harnesses across their chests, and each one wore a gimp mask. They were not in chastity and they were nervous about it. Both knew that if they became aroused it would not go unnoticed. Mistress Sofia would... Continue Reading →

Sissy Piggy “Oink Oink”

Piggy knocked on the door, he was so happy there was no snow. He remembered his last visit, when Mistress had sent him outside to build a snowman. It was so cold and Mistress had made him stay out there for so long he really thought his balls were going to drop off. He stood... Continue Reading →

Slave 364

Slave knocked on the door. Sofia opened it and beckoned him in. He was tall, slender and surprisingly young. He’d booked a session to serve, and it was, to serve. He didn’t show any interest in pain, caning, CBT, or any other BDSM related activities, apart from bondage. Sofia kept him in his own clothes,... Continue Reading →

Office Humiliation

Pansy arrived at his Mistress’s house at 8.30am. He was dressed in a black pvc pencil skirt, a white pvc blouse with black collar and cuffs, 5 inch stiletto boots, and of course his blonde wig, red lipstick, hoop earrings and collar. Today he was going to be free hired out to one of his... Continue Reading →

The Signature

Pansy pulled up outside his Mistress’s house. He checked his wig was on straight, his lipstick was right, his collar was tight, and got out of the car. He made his way to the front door where Mistress Sofia was already waiting for him, chuckling a little as he slowly made his way across the... Continue Reading →

Slave’s Proof of Devotion

His legs were wide apart, firmly secured at the ankles and chained to the bar. In between the bar there was a pole that went up as far as his genitals. At the top of the pole there was a vice that was lined with thick sandpaper. His cock and balls were firmly trapped inside,... Continue Reading →

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