Sofia’s slave becomes her lover 

He stood outside her bedroom door, his mind lost in thought . How long he had waited for this moment , now it was here he felt fear and apprehension . What if he disappointed her , what if she really were as cold and unfeeling as she portrayed herself to be . Inside the... Continue Reading →

A couple of obscurities

Here are a couple of calls that I guess I can only refer to as rather odd fetishes, or maybe it's just my perception , anyway check them out and make your own mind up. Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking to?" , "Hello, this is David " "Hello David, what can I do... Continue Reading →

Slave and mistress Matilda 

He stopped the car at the wrought iron gates, pressing the intercom he steeled himself for the acknowledgment , but was surprised when the gates just opened. He drove down the long winding drive until the house was in sight . It was quite breathtaking although to him it felt intimidating. He parked and walked... Continue Reading →

You want me to take my what out? 

I have to say, some calls leave me speechless. I'm totally confused as to what turns some guys on. Ring, Ring "Hello, who am I speaking to?" "Hello, this is Raymond, are you old?" "Well Raymond, I wouldn't describe myself as old, but I'm certainly a more mature lady" "Oh great, big saggy tits then?"... Continue Reading →

Love a judge in a basque 

I never cease to be surprised by some of my callers , just when you think you've heard it all. Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking too?" " hello I'm Sebastian " "Hello Sebastian , I'm Sofia , what can I do for you?" " I'm wearing pink panties and a basque, I want... Continue Reading →

Sofia returns to her slave 

Sofia walked through the door and down the hall, she had no doubt he would be in exactly the same position and it irked her somewhat. She had not had a successful meeting and needed to vent her anger. She opened the kitchen door "Has my little puppy been a good slave?" He was still... Continue Reading →

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