I gaze through my window and look at the hill The grass is green, but all is quite still Everything is bright , it looks just the same But my mind is aware of the worlds grief and pain This covid 19 takes its toll on humanity Its affecting our lives our loves our sanity... Continue Reading →

This is the world

Slave stepped into the street, it was deathly quiet. He looked left to right and caught sight of another slave. It was like looking in a mirror. Black latex from head to foot, spiked posture collar around his neck clearly labelled stating who his mistress was and where he belonged. This is the world. Slave... Continue Reading →

A Punishing Time

His heart was pounding in his chest as he knocked on her door,it always did! he stood there, on her doorstep, toolbox in hand and waited for her. She opened the door and smiled slightly at him "come in mark" She is immaculately turned out as always, today she had on one of her 1950's... Continue Reading →

Alternative Swindon

It is 1993, and a cold February in Swindon. He parks outside the house, she is home, her BMW 3 series gleams on the driveway, it is washed and polished every Sunday without fail, the summers aren't to bad, he gets a tan as he's does it, the winters less so, come rain or shine,... Continue Reading →

The Cuckold’s Tale

Sissy smoothed her stockings and picked up the panties she had just stepped out of. She knew her Mistress would be home soon, she had been leaking into her panties through her cage all evening. She was aware that if her Mistress came home and inspected her she would be severely punished. Sissy stepped into... Continue Reading →

Cock Locked & Controlled

Simon sat down gingerly on the Tube. It had come as a great shock to him this morning when his wife had confronted him with the chastity device. He wasn’t even sure what it was, and had nervously asked her. “Well what do you think it is ??” Before he had chance to hazard a... Continue Reading →

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