Cock Locked & Controlled

Simon sat down gingerly on the Tube. It had come as a great shock to him this morning when his wife had confronted him with the chastity device. He wasn’t even sure what it was, and had nervously asked her. “Well what do you think it is ??” Before he had chance to hazard a... Continue Reading →

Sissified & Compromised

Sarah looked at her watch, she was running late, she always seemed to be running late. Much to her annoyance her carpenter seemed to be running late too. At last there was a knock at the door. Sarah opened it. “Paul, you’re late, i have an important meeting and now you’ve made me late too”... Continue Reading →

Tim’s Chastity

Tim found a seat on the train and made himself comfortable. As he sat down he was very aware of the silkiness of the panties he was wearing brushing against his cock. He slowly stroked his hand down the leg of his jeans feeling the little bump of the suspender as his hand passed over... Continue Reading →

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