Punishment fits slaves desire 

He woke early, his cock throbbing,partly from punishment but mostly from unsated desire . His joints were stiff , the chain searing through him was short and left him little room to manoeuvre . His mind was racing , he knew if he was to escape more abuse then he must contain his urges .... Continue Reading →

Slaves first night

The car stopped, slave got out and opened the door for his mistress . Sofia stepped out , she stopped for a moment and looked at him. " I made a promise to mistress Matilda and I will keep it. Your mask will stay on , but don't for a moment deem it a sign... Continue Reading →

Independent, dominant and proud 

This is for women , women like me and believe me there are plenty of them. Just approaching my 60th birthday and my husband unceremoniously dumped me for a younger model. Being left at any age is devistating , but when your in your senior years , when you've planned your retirement with your partner... Continue Reading →

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