A Useless Toilet Cleaner !

Faggy Slag Bag got of his car, gagged and in his pvc faggot uniform, just as Sofia had ordered. He knew the consequence of disobeying her now and he knew she was very very serious. As he walked across her drive, a car tooted it’s horn, obviously because the occupants had spotted him. There was nothing he could do though, either be her pvc tranny faggot, or have that secret put out there.

He rang the door bell. Sofia took her time to get up and answer. She was smirking knowing just how much her faggot would be cringing whilst having to wait out side in full view. A few minutes passed, which felt like an eternity to Faggy Slag Bag. Sofia opened the door, she looked imposing in her black leather trousers, black leather high healed boots and matching shirt.

“Button your collar slut !!” she demanded, at the same time as pressing the shock collar button. He jumped and spasmed. He could not believe it was’nt fastened, it must have unpopped whilst he was driving there. He very very quickly fastened it and tried hard to apologise through the gag. “get inside !” she ordered

Once in side she explained she wanted special attention paid to cleaning her toilets. “you will have 2 hours, i will expect both of my toilets clean enough to lick, understood faggot ??” she instructed him. He was unable to reply verbally other than a muffled attempt at “yes Mistress”, but he nodded pretending to be as eager as he could, as he knew showing any reluctance would result in the shock collar zapping him hard again !

“Stop wasting time ! The cleaning stuff is in the kitchen faggot, GET TO IT !” she ordered

Without hesitation, the faggot quickly went and found the cleaning fluids from under Sofia’s sink. He poured the cleaning fluid around the downstairs toilet, then quickly rushed upstairs, as fast as he could in his six inch patent thigh boots, to to do the same in the toilet there. Sofia couldn’t help but laugh at just how eager he seemed, even though she knew full well he wasn’t and that he was only here in his faggot uniform and gag rushing to clean toilets out of fear of his secret being out there or receiving shocks.

Now he began to scrub the seat and lid with cleaning fluid. He checked for any marks or stains, and kept scrubbing. He knew he was short for time so he worked hard. Once he was sure there were no stains or marks left, he began to polish. He knew if the seat and lid were not shining she would shock him, he knew she wouldn’t hold back, to her he was nothing but a worthless pvc tranny faggot for her amusement !

Once he was satisfied she would be happy, he made his way back downstairs. He saw the clock on Sofia’s landing and realised that he’d already used up 40 minutes, and knew he still had the seat and lid to do downstairs before he even got to scrubbing bowls. At this rate he was going to be in serious trouble ! He set to work on the seat and lid, but he knew he couldn’t spend the same time as he did upstairs. He tried hard to scrub and polish as fast as he could. It looked good, he hoped he would get away with it.

“You have just over three quarters of an hour faggot !” she shouted to him “and remember, clean enough it could be licked !”

Faggy Slag Bag got to bowl scrubbing, he scrubbed frantically with the toilet brush, he knew if she spotted so much as the tiniest of mark or dirt, she would shock him hard or worse. It was hard hot work gagged and in full pvc. Every up and down movement as he scrubbed caused him to sweat and the more squeaky his uniform became. Sofia could hear it, and was enjoying a good chuckle in her study.

“finally” he thought “last bowl to do, and must have 20 minutes left”. He made his way downstairs and scrubbed the bowl hard. His uniform squeaking loud by this point. He paid attention to all parts, the rim, the sides and the bowl. He made sure to not miss a single spot. Any thing less than perfection would be very very bad for him.

“Time is up Faggy Slag Bag” she shouted down the stairs, “let’s see how you’ve done faggot, get up here, NOW” she ordered.

He started to feel him self sweat even more now, he was worried. Before he had time to start worrying any more, he felt a surge of voltage rush through him, leaving him spasming for a moment. “get up here now faggot, QUICKLY !!” she shouted down him. He rushed now, as fast as he could up the stairs to the upstairs toilet.

She was already inspecting the toilet. “not bad bitch, in fact not bad at all bitch” she said as she smirked at him, knowing he was cringing badly inside. “let’s see how you’ve fared on the other one” she said as she grabbed his leash and yank down the stairs.

Sofia opened the toilet door. She looked at the toilet, and looked at her faggot. She could see he’d done a fairly good job, but she wasn’t going to accept it no matter what. “oh god” he thought to himself, “what has she spotted ?”

“This is just not good enough Faggy”, she laughed. He instantly felt small, very very small. There was nothing he could do, she had him gagged and in a shock collar, and always had his secret as a back up, to ensure her complete control. “This is pathetic, you call this clean ?? I said clean enough to lick !! is this clean enough to lick faggot ??” she said sounding a little more angry now. He tried to say “yes Mistress, i hope so Mistress” but it just came out as a muffled noise.

“Kneel down there !” she pointed in front of the toilet. He was reluctant to do so. Very quickly he felt the voltage searing through him, and very very quickly complied to her command. “now, Faggy Slag Bag” she laughed, “look, look closely at that bowl”. He had no choice but to comply. On his knees he put his head over the toilet to look closely. With that Sofia grabbed the back of his collar forcing his head into the toilet. “Look ! Not fucking clean is it ?? When i say clean enough to lick, i mean it !”. With his head still in the bowl she flushed. He struggled, but she held head his head in the bowl soaking him in toilet water. She had an intense look of concentration on her face at the same time as a massive grin, as she locked her armed in place keeping her faggot’s head very much at the bottom of the bowl as she continued to flush.

“this is not clean is it bitch ???” Her faggot looked very sorry on his knees shaking his toilet water soaked head. Sofia could not help but laugh at the sorry state her tranny faggot was in. As she proceeded to remove his gag he began to think she felt sorry for him after getting his head flushed. This thought was soon to be short lived though. “now, bitch, i said clean enough to lick did i not ??” she asked, “yes Mistress” he replied, cringing knowing what was coming next. “Get licking slut, and i want to see the whole thing gleaming when i return” she laughed. He couldn’t help but hesitate, the thought of cleaning the toilet with his tongue was disgusting. He felt the voltage tear through him again and he got his tongue on the toilet seat fast.

He licked every inch of the toilet seat, lid and bowl. It tasted horrible, he was gagging and wretching often, but had no idea what she would do if it wasn’t perfect this time ! He had no idea if she was behind him or not at any point in time, so there was no chance to stop, for fear of another shock. He kept licking, he could not believe he had been reduced to this, a pvc tranny faggot, being made to lick a used toilet clean, he was broken !

A half hour passed before Sofia returned. He had licked every inch of her toilet. It was indeed now gleaming. He felt her reach around to his mouth with his gag, and firmly replace it in his mouth. She buckled it back up tight. “now then, lets see if it’s improved shall we ?” she said. She smiled, “much better bitch, i think next time you clean my toilets, you use your tongue from the get go, that ok with you ?” she asked. He nodded, in mental pain, but more so feared the physical pain of a shock. “now, one more for luck she laughed” and forced his head back into the bowl for another flush. His fag queen make up now looked even more ridiculous than it did to begin with !

Sofia attached something to his collar, he had no idea what, it was some kind of name tag. He had no idea what it said. Sofia did though. Sofia disappeared for a moment and returned wearing her leather coat. “Get up slut” she ordered. He complied with no hesitation at all. She grabbed his leash and dragged him to the front door, opened it and dragged him outside. He was now in full public view, in his full pvc faggot uniform, gagged, on a shock collar and leash, with his head soaked in toilet water. “how much worse is this going to get ???” he thought.

She walked him a good mile or so before he heard a woman’s voice. “hi Sofia, how are you ? is that thing ok ??” the woman asked. “Hi Sally, i’m good thanks, hope you’re the same. The slut … well the slut is not so good” she laughed. “I’m a useless pvc tranny faggot who cant even clean a toilet properly” the woman read from the tag attached to Faggy Slag Bag’s collar. She laughed hard, very hard. “better try harder next time, love the outfit” she laughed with Sofia. “best get on Sal” Sofia said as she yanked her pvc faggot off up the street. Luckily for him, it wasn’t such a busy time, never the less a couple of cars passed, both slowing for a good look, and a few people looking and laughing.

Finally they arrived back at Sofia’s house. His heart was racing, he was completely humiliated again, completely broken, and all that was in his mind was “i want to get back inside out of sight”. As they walk across her drive, she didn’t lead him towards the door. She led him towards her gate. “stand there” she commanded pointing in front of the gate post. Again with zero hesitance he complied. She pulled a padlock from her pocket and pulled his collar up towards a metal loop towards the top of the gate post. He felt himself go up onto tip to in his patent thigh boots to accommodate her pulling his collar upwards. “she can’t be serious ??” he thought “she’s not going to leave me out here like this ?? every passer by will see !!”. *click* went the padlock. She stood back, grinning at him, “enjoy your self faggot, whilst i go and write a new inspired story for my blog” and with that she went inside closing the door behind her. This was now his world, he had no choice to be there when ever she wished, unless he wanted his secret out there. Pvc faggot uniform, cock gagged, shock collared, soaked in toilet water, and now left locked outside for all to enjoy a good laugh at him.

4 thoughts on “A Useless Toilet Cleaner !

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  1. Love seeing this level of “use”, more of this please Mistress Sofia. Is it the same Faggy Slag Bag in the photo,he looks different here to the last story ?


  2. Absolutely disgusting! That poor toilet being licked by such a filthy low life faggot! I hope it got six of the best as well Sofia.


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