The Birthday Present

It was hot, Marbella was busy. Sofia had been shopping and was in need of a coffee. She found a nice little coffee shop and sat down outside. She ordered a coffee and a brandy, then slipped her feet out of her sandals. It felt good, the pavement was cool under her feet, being in... Continue Reading →

Pansy’s Master

Pansy didn’t sleep well at all, he’d tossed and turned all night, with a lot spinning around in his head. His Mistress had decided to lend him to one her Master friends for a week, and although his Mistress had agreed to release him from his contract to her, her one condition of doing this... Continue Reading →

Airport, Flip Flops, Flight

it was a hot day, consequently I decided to travel dressed casually, which included wearing flip flops.   My logic being once on the plane I could discard them for the duration of the flight, much more comfortable than closed in shoes. I arrived at the airport early so decided to have a coffee before checking... Continue Reading →

Pansy’s Retirement

Pansy arrived at Mistress's house, and drew a deep breathe before he got out of the car.   Today was not going to be easy.   Today he had both good news, which he had already messaged to his Mistress, and some bad news.   The bad news not being something he was looking forward to telling her.... Continue Reading →

The Dinner Party

They all stood in a line, two slaves, three sissies. The slaves wore leather shorts and leather bondage harnesses across their chests, and each one wore a gimp mask. They were not in chastity and they were nervous about it. Both knew that if they became aroused it would not go unnoticed. Mistress Sofia would... Continue Reading →

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