Johnathan almost ran down the length of the office, bumping into Susan on the way, he muttered an inaudible apology. He reached his desk with minutes to spare.

Johnathan looked out of the window and there she was, Mrs Jones, looking as elegant and beautiful as the first day he saw her.

Johnathan had started working for the firm as soon as he finished college. He was 18, obviously he had started in a lowly position.

It was when he was delivering some invoices that he had glanced out of the window and first seen Mrs Jones. That was 10 years ago and Johnathan had made it his mission to see her every day since.

Over the years he had worked his way up to a responsible position, and when the time came he was offered his own office but he had turned it down in favour of the desk in front of the window.
His mind wandered back to his first sight of Mrs Jones. Although she was old enough to be his grandmother he thought she was striking and his opinion hadn’t changed.

On the first occasion it had been Autumn and chilly. She came walking elegantly down the path wearing a black fitted leather jacket with a neat polo neck underneath. She had on maroon pencil skirt to her knee, but it was her boots that took his breath away. They were knee high black leather and fitted on her leg as the little black leather gloves where on her hands. The heel was thin and about five inches. He couldn’t take his eyes from her. As she passed he went to the door and popped his head out just in time to see her disappear into a coffee shop. It soon became apparent it was her daily routine.

As the weather became warmer Johnathan was nervous, he knew that one day soon she would stop wearing her boots. When that day came he knew his concerns were unfounded.

She had been absent for a couple of weeks and he was becoming worried. But why. She had obviously been away, she was tanned and stunning. She wore a white dress, her legs long and brown. But it was her feet that took Johnathan’s breath away. She wore little silver flip flops, her feet were immaculate, her arch obviously high, he had never seen such a shapely foot. Her nails were painted black and it made him tingle. It was so unexpected. So Winter or Summer Johnathan knew his obsession with her was total.

Today was no different, her hair was still blond but silver now. She was dressed in a 1940s style red dress, on her feet were red sandals, the heel was slim, her toes peeped out, always beautifully painted nails. Johnathan always kept the window open slightly as he loved to hear the click click of her heels on the pavement.

Suddenly, almost in slow motion her heel went over and he watched Mrs Jones fall to the pavement. He was up and out of the door almost before her bag hit the pavement.

“OMG Mrs Jones are you okay ??”

She looked up at him and smiled, “How embarrassingly clumsy of me, i think my ankle is twisted”

Without a second thought Johnathan scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the office. He gently lowered her into his chair, he pulled another chair over, then carefully lifted her feet. He slipped the shoe off and placed her foot on his lap. For a moment he just stared down at it. Then pulling himself together he stroked from her ankle down to her toes. They were exactly how he thought they would be. The softest feet he could ever imagine. To his shame he felt himself becoming aroused, he moved her foot down a bit hoping she hadn’t noticed. Then he gently rubbed her ankle.

“How does that feel Mrs Jones ?”

She smiled at him “so much better thank you, i’m not sure who Mrs Jones is, my name is Susan”

Johnathan felt himself blush, he had given her the name the first week had seen her. He mumbled an apology, but it didn’t appear she had been offended. Johnathan slipped her shoe back on. Carol thanked him for his kindness and left.

“Johnathan, Johnathan, for goodness sake, you were miles away. You’ve been staring out of the window for a good fifteen minutes. What on earth were you day dreaming about ?”

Just at that moment Johnathan heard the familiar click click, he looked up to see Mrs Jones approaching heading for the coffee shop as she did every day.

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