The Dinner Party

They all stood in a line, two slaves, three sissies. The slaves wore leather shorts and leather bondage harnesses across their chests, and each one wore a gimp mask. They were not in chastity and they were nervous about it. Both knew that if they became aroused it would not go unnoticed. Mistress Sofia would spot the slightest misdemeanour in an instant, and they both knew becoming aroused would incur a severe punishment. The three sissies were all dressed in black. One wore a black latex maid outfit, one wore the same but pvc, and the third was in satin. They wore beautiful six inch heels, black stockings and all three had been made up with the greatest of care. Each had on a different colour wig, blonde, red, and brunette, but in the same very smart bob. All three were in chastity, which they wore with pride for their Mistress.


Tonight was important and special, it was one of Mistress Sofia’s parties. She held about three a year, and her slaves worked hard competing with each other hoping to be chosen to serve. It was a great honour to be chosen and tonight was no exception. Sofia walked up and down the line scrutinising every one of them. She lifted each sissy’s skirt and tapped their chastity with her crop. When she reached the slaves, she tapped their cocks with her crop.

“Just remember slaves, i trust you to control yourselves. The slightest sign of arousal, and you will be dealt with severely”

They both bent their heads

“Yes Mistress”

Sofia stood in front of Pansy

“Well Pansy, go into the dining room, take the other two sissies with you, you know where everything is, i want the table laid out, put the extra extension in. There will be 16 tonight. You have half and hour to have it ready, and that means everything, everything polished !”

Pansy curtsied, “Yes Mistress” straight away

Sofia turned to the slaves

“Here’s a list of the wines, bring them up from the wine cellar. Make sure the reds are at room temperature, chill the whites, and decant the port”

They scurried off eagerly, leaving Sofia to think about her guests. She had invited 6 Masters and 10 Mistresses this time. The key figures among the guests were, Master Bates ;), Master Fistup, Mistress Margaret, Madame Louisa and Goddess Florence. It was the first time Master Bates 😉 had attended, and Sofia wanted to ensure he was impressed.

Sofia was renowned for her sissy training and was determined to make a good impression. She went up and had a leisurely bath which was ready and waiting for her. She told slave which dress she wanted to wear and for him to get it out ready for her. It was a deep blue Grecian style dress, flowing to the floor. Strapless, but with a split up to her thigh. She sank into her bubble bath and called out


He came in with a glass of champagne on a tray. Sofia took it and sipped it slowly whilst slave got down to his knees and waited patiently for further instruction. Having finished her champagne, she stretched out her arm, and slave took the glass.

“Ok i’m ready to get out, get my robe slave”

He unhooked her thick white toweling robe from the wall, and Sofia stood up, stepped out of the bath and into the robe.

“Did you prepare everything as i instructed ?”

“Yes Mistress, it’s all waiting for you”

“Good, then you may go downstairs and help the others, but when the guests arrive, make sure you’re out of sight as you have not been chosen this time”

Sofia took her time preparing herself. Once she was happy with her makeup and her hair, she stepped into her dress and her shoes that were silver with a high heel.

She went downstairs and into the dining room. Her slaves and sissies had been very busy and she was pleased to see everything looked perfect.

“My guests will be arriving shortly, so sissies, one of you will go and stand by the door, i want you to greet as i have taught you, curtsey and remove coats, then show them through to the lounge where another of you will be there offering them a glass of champagne. I don’t care who does what, decide it amongst yourselves”

Pansy volunteered for door duty, leaving Dora taking the coats, and Sissy Mary serving champagne. Guests began to arrive and it flowed very well. Sofia mingled between them, chatting and laughing until slave came over and whispered in her ear

“Dinner is served Mistress”

“Come along everybody, i hope you all like pheasant”

Everybody went into the dining room, found their name place and sat down. Both the slaves were there pulling out the chairs and seating people. Goddess Florence was wearing a very revealing dress which clung to her body. Not so good for the slaves as they both became aroused. Mistress Sofia was quick to spot it and they were both very aware that she had. She stood up.

“How dare you slaves, how dare you be so disrespectful to one of my guests” she turned to her guests “i can’t apologise enough i can’t believe they’ve let me down like this”.

Master Bates immediately stood up

“They need to be punished Mistress Sofia, and severely, i would be happy to do it on your behalf”

“Thank you Master Bates, that’s very acceptable.”

Both the slaves were terrified at the prospect of being punished by Master Bates, as he was renowned for being a true sadist who could inflict a substantial level of pain. There was some excited chatter around the table at the prospect of watching Master Bates at work. They all moved out to the playroom. The whipping bench was in the middle of the room. Master Bates took control.

“Get onto the whipping bench”

The first slave did as he was told. In a matter of minutes Master Bates had him strapped in place. Then he pulled down the slave’s leather shorts. Master Bates chose a cane from Mistress Sofia’s collection, and unceremoniously brought it down across slave’s buttocks. Slave gritted his teeth and tried hard not to cry out. The pain was excruciating, but it didn’t stop there. Master Bates had a cruel smile on his face, and he beat him mercilessly until the blood was running. At this point everyone was cheering and clapping and remarking at what a wonderful display they had just seen. Once finished, Master Bates undid the straps, and gestured for the slave to move, to make room for the next one, who had just witnessed what was to come.

The second slave made his way onto the whipping bench, and again, Master Bates strapped him down and gave the same punishment. Once finished he stood back

“Well, that’s given me an appetite Mistress Sofia”

Everybody laughed, and made their way back to the dining room. Sofia turned to the two slaves

“Get this place cleaned up, you will NOT be serving tonight”

Then she walked out. She called Pansy over.

“Pansy, make sure you inform Dora and Mary, you will all be serving this evening”

Pansy curtsied

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

They all took their seats around the table, and thankfully dinner was served without a hitch. Half way through Mistress Sofia had noticed Master Fistup watching Pansy intently. Suddenly he leaned across to Sofia and speaking quietly

“Sofia, i wonder if it may be possible for me to borrow your sissy Pansy for a little while ?”

Sofia was very pleased, she smiled.

“Of course you can, how long would you like her for”

“Oh i think about a week”

“Sissy Pansy will be only too happy to oblige”

After a very pleasant evening, Sofia bid her guests good night. She turned to Pansy

“Well done girl, the evening went well, and now i have a surprise for you Pansy. Master Fistup has requested that i loan you too him for a week.”

Pansy did not look happy and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Is there a problem with that Pansy ??”

“No Mistress of course not, i’m here to serve”

“Good then go and get all your stuff together, you will be going in the morning”

Pansy walked away, her heart sinking.

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