Mistress Sofia’s Tutorial in Ball Busting


Sofia woke up early, she yawned and stretched, smiled to herself, and then remembered.


“Oh my god it’s training day”

She had never had such a poor specimen of a trainee Mistress, and although the girl was very keen to be a dominatrix Sofia really had her doubts. The only redeeming factor, was her ability to cane, and if she kept her mouth shut she could passable be an extremely efficient domme. Unfortunately half way through a quite severe caning, her soft little voice coming out “oh you naughty boy” was far more sexual than dominant.

Sofia sat up, pushed the quilt back, slid her long legs to the floor, and sat on the edge of the bed. Her mind was ticking.

“I need to wake this girl up a bit, i need to make her realise, she’s sitting on a gold mine, if she was to apply herself, and came to realise it wasn’t a game, it was true life, and that if she had a real submissive in front of her, there is nothing he wouldn’t do to please her. Once she realises that she’ll be half way there. At the moment she’s far too considerate to be a dominatrix, that will all have to change”

Sofia stood up, popped into the shower, and then grabbed a nice soft white towel and wrapped it around her wet body. Her mind still contemplating what was to come. She really did need a plan for this one. Sofia hated to fail, and this “dominatrix” was going to push her to her limits. She dressed carefully. A red basque, red panties, and tight black leather pants. She picked a pair of shiny leather thigh boots, they were very clean as a slave had cleaned them the night before, he had worked his tongue very hard. She applied her makeup and brushed her long dark hair.

She went downstairs and poured a nice cup of coffee. Slave had been in early as instructed. The percolator was on and her toast was golden brown, just as she liked it. She sat down and crossed her long legs, still deep in thought. Her protégé was due in half an hour. Sofia had a seasoned slave that was also due, and she knew exactly what she had in mind. She drank her coffee and ate her toast, then went into her playroom. One of her slaves had been busy in there the night before, cleaning it and getting it all ready. She gave it a last look, checked everything, and then there was a knock on the door. She opened the door

“Come along in Lilly”

Sofia looked her up and down, she wasn’t as tall as she would have liked her to be, but that could easily be adjusted with a pair of high boots. She was roughly the same size as Sofia, body wise. Sofia had some leather ready for her. She gave her a black basque to put on. She was already wearing black panties, so she just gave her some black stockings. Then a little black tight leather mini skirt, leaving just the top of the basque on show, and then she produced a pair of black boots, not dissimilar to the ones she was wearing.

“Today Lilly, although you did well with your caning on your previous visit, this will make you more assertive. I won’t go into detail, i like the element of surprise. If you have a sadistic streak in you, this will most certainly bring it out.”

Lilly got changed

“Now listen to me Lilly, when slave arrives, i want you to understand you are his Mistress, not his equal, he is not a ‘naughty boy’, he’s a slave and if he misbehaves he gets punished, severely !”

With that there was a knock on the door. Sofia opened it. She smiled. There was no warmth in her smile.

“Come along in slave”

Slave came in, he’d had no preconception of what the session would entail, but it was obvious from his face that he was very surprised, as in all the years, he had never known his Mistress to double domme. Of course he said nothing, fell to his knees and kissed her boots.

“Well slave we have a real treat in store for you today”

“Thank you Mistress, i’m here to serve, and any dregs you throw my way i will be grateful for”

“Good, take off your clothes”

He did so immediately.

“Ahhhh i see you’ve come in chastity slave, we need to have that removed don’t we”

Slave’s spirits rose at the thought that his Mistress needed his cock freed. But it was short lived.

“On your knees slave, bend right down, spread your legs”

Sofia turned to Lilly

“Come here Mistress, now what do you see dangling there ?”

Lilly looked, but couldn’t speak. Sofia was a little irked.

“It’s slaves balls isn’t Mistress ? and they’re hanging there just for us, for our pleasure”

Lilly smiled

“Now watch carefully Mistress”

Sofia steadied herself on the rail that ran around the playroom. Then very slowly and deliberately, she drew her leg right back as far as she could, and with great force, she kicked slave, her aim was perfect, as it always was, and her foot landed in the middle of his balls.

Slave took a large intake of breath, and groaned loudly, but he didn’t move.

“How dare you moan like that ? I didn’t think it would be necessary to gag you”

He had annoyed her, riled her, and she struck out with her foot again, and again finding her target. Three, four, six times, each time harder than the last. The last kick sending him splaying across the floor. He moaned and curled up in a fetal position. Sofia ignored it. She turned to Lilly

“Now you see Mistress how it’s done ?”

Lilly had been watching closely.

“Yes Miss i see how it’s done”


Sofia kicked slave

“Get up, back on your knees ! Now Mistress, your turn, give him six really good kicks in his balls”

Lilly aimed, and kicked hard, but missed his balls and kicked his cock. It made slave shout out and jump.

“No no Mistress, his balls, not his cock, we don’t want to kick his pathetic cock”

“I’m sorry Mistress, i’ll get it right this time”

She kicked out again, and this time her boot found it’s mark. Without a pause she drew back and kicked again, each time kicking harder. After the sixth time slave collapsed onto the floor. Sofia was pleased. She looked at Lilly

“Well Mistress ?”

Lilly smiled at Sofia, and Sofia could see by the look on her face that she had loved every minute of it.

“Well done Mistress, you’ve done a good job”

“Thank you Miss Sofia, thank you for training me, i love being your protégé”

“We have a long way to go yet, your ability to inflict pain is excellent, but i need to teach you how to be more dominant”

Sofia turned to slave

“Get up !”

He got up, his head bent, standing in front of his Mistress.

“Turn around and bend over, i want to see how successful we’ve been between us”

His balls were black and extremely swollen. Sofia smiled.

“You may dress now slave”

“Thank you Mistress”

He did as he was told.

“You may leave”

He got down on his knees and kissed his Mistress’s feet

“Thank you my Mistress” and then he left.

“Well Lilly how was that ?”

Lilly’s face lit up “It was wonderful Mistress”

“I could see you enjoyed it. You are shy Lilly, and that’s something we have to work on, you have great potential, but will need my guidance for some time to come. When i know you’re ready, you’ll be on your own, and after my training, you will cope very well”

“Thank you Mistress i’m grateful”

“Ok you can change, and you can leave, i have work to do”

Lilly put her own clothes back on, bid Mistress Sofia goodbye and left.

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