Slave 364

Slave knocked on the door. Sofia opened it and beckoned him in. He was tall, slender and surprisingly young. He’d booked a session to serve, and it was, to serve. He didn’t show any interest in pain, caning, CBT, or any other BDSM related activities, apart from bondage. Sofia kept him in his own clothes, but she put him into chains for his work. Chained his wrists, his ankles, then a chain from the ankle chains up through the wrist chains and up to his collar. Sofia put a gimp mask on him, and a ball gag in his mouth, and then she put him to work.

Sofia told him to clean the kitchen, the lounge, the utility, the bathroom and her bedroom. For such a young sub he did a remarkable job. Sofia was to learn later on that he’d served a Mistress in a similar capacity and was used to menial chores around the house. He wasn’t a pain slut, and although Sofia has a sadistic nature, she doesn’t take a lot of pleasure in inflicting pain when she knows it’s not appreciated and enjoyed, but she always makes a point of letting slave, or sissy, know, that if they deserve punishment they will receive it.

At the end of his first session, slave asked if he could serve again. Sofia had a good feeling about him, and so asked him to return to serve, as lifestyle, as hi


s work in the house was very acceptable.

On his next visit, Sofia made him take off his clothes and much to her surprise he was in chastity.

“Have you just put that on, how long have you been wearing chastity slave ?”

“I wore it for my last Mistress and have just continued wearing it Mistress”

It was a metal cage and he was obviously happy wearing it, so Sofia decided to keep him in it, although he’s since changed to a plastic version which is less cumbersome. This time she dressed him in latex, with a gimp mask, and the chains, and he rattled around the house, as Sofia’s daughter commented “oh i see Marley’s here”

Slave worked well, and worked quickly. Consequently there was plenty of time, so Sofia decided to utilise the time and started using him for filming and practice sessions, like bondage, different types of bondage, and rope work. When filming Sofia always took extra care to disguise him because he’s heavily tattooed and she always made sure the tattoos were covered.

So things went along steadily this way, he was at her beck and call whenever she needed him. Then one day he turned up.

“Mistress may i ask something ?”

“You may slave”

“Could i be a sissy today please Mistress ?”

Sofia was surprised, but really pleased. He was tall and slender and she always thought he would make an ideal sissy. She had a beautiful latex maid’s outfit, which although was male-fit, and extra large, even Sofia struggled to put it on. She knew it would fit him to a tee. She took great pleasure transforming him, but of course she always had to keep his arms covered, and she never felt that a female wig would suit him, so she decided he would always be masked. He was surprisingly agile in high heel boots, considering he’d never worn them before. He seemed to thrive on being a sissy. Very occasionally Sofia would allow him to remove his chastity, give it a nice good clean, and would allow him to masturbate under her strict control, and occasionally, if he’d worked well she would allow him to suck on her strap on. Then the chastity would go straight back on.

He wasn’t always a sissy, sometimes he was just slave, so what to call him was always a conundrum, until slave said one day

“Would you like to call me Slave 364 as it’s the number on my plastic padlock on my chastity ?”

So from then on, he was Slave 364. Slave counted every single day he was in chastity, and every so often he would send his Mistress a message telling her how many days he had been in chastity and how proud he was. The first Christmas Sofia was so pleased with him she decided to give him a little gift.

“I’m going to remove your chastity for a whole week slave”

He was very please and thanked her. He didn’t realise that it was a test. Every two days slave would send his devotion to his Mistress in the form of a text, but when his chastity was off for the week, Sofia received only one devotion. It just proved, what she had always thought, that being in chastity made her slave more submissive to her. When she put his chastity back on she told him “this will be permanent now” He knew better than to argue the point and thanked his Mistress.

Sofia decided it was time to take him out and humiliate him a little, to let people know that he belonged to her. With his collar on, she attached a leash and they went out. Sofia had an appointment at a beauty salon. They parked the car and got out. Sofia took hold of his leash and led him to the salon. She pulled him through the door, into the waiting room, where other clients were sitting waiting. She sat down, pulled on his leash, and told him to kneel, which he did without question. He was very conscious that he wasn’t wearing his mask and could feel his cheeks burning. He could hear the little titters from the clients sitting waiting, and the receptionist’s eyes were out on stalks.

Sofia was called through for her appointment, she dropped the leash on the floor, and said

“Stay there slave, do not move until i return” making there no doubt in anybody’s mind that he was her slave.

The hour felt like a lifetime, his knees began to ache, his head was bent because he was too humiliated to lift it and catch anybody’s eye. When his Mistress appeared he couldn’t help but sigh out loud.

“Is there a problem slave ?”

“No Mistress i’m just happy to see you”

Sofia went to reception, sorted out her next appointment and paid her bill. She went back over to slave, picked up his leash, pulled him up and left. On the way home she made him pull into the car park at the supermarket.

“Go on in and get me a bottle of wine. Make sure your leash is on the outside of your top”

Slave went in, chose the wine he knew she liked, then queued at the till. He was so tempted to slip the leash down his top, but even though his Mistress wouldn’t know, he knew she would be angry and it would never cross his mind to disobey her. When he got to the checkout, the girl behind the till looked at him and said

“What’s that ?”

Slave took hold of his leash, felt his cheeks burning, and tried to smile

“Well, its my lead, my Mistress makes me wear it”

“Do you mind ?” she asked

“No of course i don’t mind, i belong to my Mistress, i wear my collar with pride, and i’m happy when she attaches her leash to it”

When he got back into the car, Sofia asked “How did it go ?”

Slave recounted what had happened. His Mistress smiled, and just said “Good”.

Sofia called slave in one day. She had a slave that was going into chastity. She’d had one attempt and within a day it had slipped off. She felt that Slave 364 was the ideal slave to sort the problem out. This would be his first interaction with another slave, which he was very nervous about.

He knelt down in front of the sissy and struggled with the chastity as he was shaking so much. Sofia became annoyed

“For god’s sake slave, you’re supposed to be putting him in chastity not giving him a hand job, stop shaking so much”

Eventually much to his relief the chastity was in place and he was ordered to leave.

The next day Sofia received a message “Day 479 locked in my chastity Mistress, happy to be where i should be, Slave 364”

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