Sissy Piggy “Oink Oink”

Piggy knocked on the door, he was so happy there was no snow. He remembered his last visit, when Mistress had sent him outside to build a snowman. It was so cold and Mistress had made him stay out there for so long he really thought his balls were going to drop off.


He stood outside the door and looked around. It was a lovely sunny day and the sun was warm, and he thought to himself “oh i do hope today that Mistress will send me out in her high heel boots” He remembers last time, he’d walked across the patio and fallen over, so he was desperate to go out again and prove he could do it, and not be such a silly little piggy.

He waited a while longer, then knocked again at the same time as getting down on his knees. Sofia answered the door.

“Alright Piggy up you get, come on in, you can kiss my feet in here”

Piggy crawled in through the playroom door, and knelt in front of his Mistress, then on all fours he kissed her feet.

“Stand up Piggy ! Now take your clothes off, there’s a pair of panties on the chair, put them on”

Piggy look around and saw the panties on the chair

“Oh pink, pink, i like pink”

He put the panties on, losing his balance a little, and knocking against the desk, and then receiving a wack across his backside with Mistress’s crop for his pains.

“Stupid Piggy ! Why are you so clumsy ??”

“Sorry Mistress, yeah yeah”

“What have i told you Piggy ? What have i told you about ‘yeah yeah’ ?”

“Sorry Mistress i forgot”

“Now put the boots on”

Piggy smiled, he loved wearing the boots.

“May i sit down to put them on Mistress ?”

“Yes yes i suppose so, if you don’t you’ll be sprawled all over the floor. Now where’s your piggy mask ?”

“I don’t know Mistress ?”

“Well look around !”

“It’s up there hanging up Mistress”

“Yes, exactly, and that’s why i made you put the boots on first, you’re such a little short arse Piggy … and now you can reach it can’t you ?”

Piggy walked over, and unhooked the mask.

“Come on then, put it on Piggy”

He put the piggy mask on, and stood in all his glory. His piggy mask, pink frilly panties,very high black boots. Mistress then picked up two very strong nipple clamps and put one on each of his nipples.

“Thank you Mistress” Piggy grunted

Then his Mistress produced a watering can.

“Take it, go into the garden and water my pots”

Piggy knew immediately that this was going to be a disaster, carrying a watering can, full of water, in his seven inch boots. It was a disaster waiting to happen, but he knew better than to argue. He staggered outside, sploshing water as he went. By the time he reached the plant pots, there was very little water left in the watering can. Mistress was standing at the door watching.

“Good god Piggy you’re so useless”

He reached the first pot, tipped the watering can. One little spray came out and that was that. He looked around and saw his Mistress standing in the doorway watching him with her arms folded. Poor little Piggy bent his head, looking at the watering can, and mumbling

“Run out of water Mistress”

“I’m not blind Piggy, i said water the plants, not the patio !”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress”

“Bring it back here, we need to fill it again”

Piggy turned to walk back, unfortunately the patio was now wet and slippery. Suddenly one seven inch boot went to market, and one seven inch boot stayed home, and this little Piggy went “wee wee wee” all the way down. He looked up to see his Mistress laughing

“You never cease to amaze me Piggy, you really are the most useless Piggy I’ve ever had. Now you know you’re going to be punished for wasting time, don’t you ? Get in here now !”

Piggy went to the door on his hands and knees, deciding it was the safer option than standing up. He went into the playroom. His Mistress was pointing to the whipping bench. He got on it, and felt the straps as she tightened them firmly around his thighs and calves, and then another tightly around his back.

“I need to teach you a lesson don’t i Piggy ?”

“Yes Mistress sorry Mistress”

“12 good strokes with a cane i think will sort you out, you’ll count them and thank me after every one, do you understand me Piggy ??”

“Yes Mistress”

She pulled down his little frilly panties, and brought the cane down across his bottom with intense severity. He felt the stinging blow and his voice was high pitched as he yelped

“One, thank you Mistress”

He did the same for the next 11, and each one was harder than the last. Finally when the twelfth found it’s mark, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“There Piggy, now your bottom looks like crackling”

He thanked his Mistress. She undid his leather straps.

“Now, get up !”

Mistress sat down in her leather chair.

“Get down on your knees. Now clean my boots”

He bent down and started to lick his Mistress’s boot, taking the heel and sucking it until it nearly choked him. He licked all the way up the boot, right to the thigh, until it was gleaming. Then he did the same with the other one.

“At last you’ve done something right Piggy”

Sofia sat forward, took hold of his nipple clamps, and just pulled each one off. Piggy gave a little squeak. He felt the searing pain as each one was pulled off, but still managed to thank his Mistress.

“Well Piggy, keep the panties on, you can take them home, wash them, and bring them back with you. Now take off the boots, we don’t want any more mishaps do we ? Get yourself dressed”

Piggy did as he was instructed, happy in the knowledge he was still wearing the pink frilly panties.

“Out of my sight now Piggy, and next time i see you try and get something right !”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

Piggy stepped outside and closed the door. He had, as usual, mucked it up, but he still felt happy.

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