Office Humiliation

Pansy arrived at his Mistress’s house at 8.30am. He was dressed in a black pvc pencil skirt, a white pvc blouse with black collar and cuffs, 5 inch stiletto boots, and of course his blonde wig, red lipstick, hoop earrings and collar. Today he was going to be free hired out to one of his Mistress’s friends as a secretary and receptionist.

pansy secretary

He got out of his car, and made his way to his Mistress’s front door. He knocked on the door, and after waiting a minute or so, with cars driving by with occupants having a good stare at him, Sofia answered the door. She smirked at him.

“Good morning Pansy, are you all ready for office work ?”

“Good morning Mistress, yes Mistress”

“Well come along in and let me inspect you before i deliver you to David for the day”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy stepped inside, curtsied, and followed his Mistress into the living room.

“Stand in the middle of the room Pansy, hands to your sides”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy followed the instructions. Sofia slowly walked around him, looking closely at his blouse collar, cuffs, and skirt. With quite a tug, Sofia pulled Pansy’s skirt straight.

“Skirt is straight now, but it wasn’t, don’t make that mistake again Pansy”

“No Mistress, sorry Mistress”

“But otherwise you have polished well Pansy, you really are shiney, i’m sure you’re going to be the talk of the office” she chuckled

“Thank you Mistress”

Sofia picked up a leash and snapped it onto Pansy’s collar. She led Pansy out to the kitchen and told him to make her coffee. Pansy instantly obliged, made the coffee, and then stood in his submissive position, head down and hands in front. Sofia sipped her coffee.

“Not long now Pansy and we’ll get you over to David’s, i bet you can’t wait can you ?”

Despite being extremely nervous, and very worried about what was in store for him today, Pansy replied “you are correct Mistress, i really can’t wait”

“Good, i have to admit, i can’t wait either, i can’t want to know you’re being humiliated again completely at my control and leisure, there really is something about this level of control”

Sofia finished her coffee, stood up, and grabbed Pansy’s leash.

“Let’s get you delivered for work Pansy”

“Yes Mistress”

With that Sofia pulled Pansy’s leash and led him out of the house, the pvc squeaking all the while. Though he didn’t know much about where he was going to be working or who with, he was pretty sure he knew today was going to be another seriously humiliating day. They got into Sofia’s car, and made their way to David’s office.

They couldn’t park right outside, there were no parking spaces, so Sofia parked a few streets away. They got out of the car, and locked it. There was no going back now, they were in the middle of town, and if he didn’t go through with it, his Mistress would very likely leave him stranded there, alone, in female pvc, in the middle of town, 15 miles away from her house !

Sofia took Pansy’s leash and pulled him down the street towards David’s office. There were many stares and laughs from other workers making their way to work, and the odd, but usual phone snap taken. It took them two minutes to find their way to the office, and once inside Sofia pulled Pansy across to where the front desk was. A little further beyond the front desk were a number of people, probably an even split between male and female, working away on telephone conversations and typing. Sofia pressed the buzzer on the desk, and instantly all of the 8 or 9 people looked around. They didn’t see Pansy right away, as he was stood behind his Mistress, but Sofia yanked his leash and pulled him into view.

There were stares, smirks, a couple of laughs. Then one guy got up and made his way over to the front desk.

“You must be Sofia ? And that must be Pansy, David has already told us we were to expect a shiny plastic tranny stand in” he laughed, as did the rest of the staff behind him.

Pansy felt about 2 inches tall at this point, and felt himself go very flushed. Could he go through with a whole day of this ? Did he have any choice in the matter ?

“Hi, yes that’s correct. Where do you want him ?” Sofia asked and whilst removing Pansy’s leash

The guy walked around to the front desk and looked Pansy up and down

“I’ll take him from here Sofia, i think David wants him on the front desk this morning. You know we close at 5pm today, so if you want to collect him then, we should have finished with him”

“Ok no problem, i’ll come back at 5. Have a good day won’t you Pansy” she smirked knowing he would be absolutely humiliated again today “… and remember what i said, do not let me down”

Sofia left. Pansy was now alone and completely at the mercy of bunch of complete strangers.

“Now then Pansy, get your ass in here, and sit at the front desk. David has told us you are to be the receptionist today, and i must say you look great in your outfit, perfect for the job, you’re certainly going to add meaning to ‘business with a smile’, it’s going to be more like business with a lot of laughter !!!” said the guy, and laughed along with his office friends.

“Yes Sir, here Sir ?”

Pansy did as he was told, and sat down at the front desk. He could hear them all laughing and making comments behind him.

“Oh my god what a situation to be in, dressed tranny, in a public place, and all at a the whim of someone else’s wish to humiliate”

“I bet really he’s loving every minute of it, plastic freak”

“I can’t wait until lunch time, i’m going to send him out to fetch my lunch”

Then came an order from a rather plain straight cut looking woman “Stand up faggot, i want to take a photo”

“Yes Madame”

Pansy stood up, and turned around to face the group of workers, everyone laughed at him. The lady who had ordered him to stand up also stood up, pointed her phone at him, and clicked a photo.

“Ok, sit down and get on with your work faggot” the lady continued, “i can’t wait to share this to social media, that’s the sort of photo that will get hundreds of likes !”

Pansy sat back down, and couldn’t help but think there was yet to be another 5 or 6 hours of this, “how on earth am i going to get through !!??” he thought.

At about 10 o’clock, David walked through the front door. Pansy recognised him, and knowing he didn’t want to let his Mistress down, stood up, curtsied and said “Good morning Sir”, the whole office, including David erupted in laughter. Pansy could not win, if he did anything short of this his Mistress would punish him with extreme internet humiliation, and if he did, the whole office would laugh at him, either way he was bound for humiliation. Pansy turned to the other workers and said “thank you for laughing at me Sirs and Madames”, and again they laughed at him.

David went into his office and a few moments later he yelled out

“Pansy boy, get your arse in here now”

Pansy was worried now, he had no idea if he was in trouble, or if that was just the way David was going to be. He quickly got up and made his way into David’s office, making sure to straighten his outfit on the way.

“Yes Sir” Pansy said with a curtsey

“You know why you’re here right bitch ?”

“Yes Sir, my Mistress brought me here for you to use as free labour”

“But do you understand your role here bitch ??”

“No Sir sorry Sir”

“You’re here as a receptionist plastic lad, you will also do a bit of typing for me, and you will do whatever any of the other staff tells you to. Do you understand your role now bitch ?”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir, i understand now Sir” Pansy replied and curtsied.

David stared at Pansy in a kind of creepy way, eyeing him up and down.

“Turn around faggot”

Pansy turned around and stood with his back to David. David got up and made his way over to Pansy, and similar to yesterday, tapped Pansy’s backside with his hand. “What is it with this guy ? He’s creepy, why does he keep touching my ass” Pansy thought “doesn’t he realise i’m straight !” With a bit of a short swing, David then slapped Pansy’s ass hard.

“Get your ass back to that desk now sissy”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir”

Pansy hurriedly got back to the front desk thinking how horrible this was going to be. Not only was this going to be very publicly humiliating, but it also seemed like there was a male perve very much in control.

It wasn’t long before one of David’s clients made their way into reception. It was a middle age couple that had come to speak about a legal matter regarding probate. They approached the desk and looked to Pansy.

“We’ve come to see Mr Isles regarding a legal matter, we have an appointment for 11am” the man said.

Pansy replied, in his usual deepish voice “let me see if i can find the appointment”

As soon as the man heard Pansy’s voice and realised he was a man in women’s plastic clothing, he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Crikey love, thats a man, it’s a man in lady’s clothing” he laughed, and his wife looked and couldn’t help but laugh either

“Well i think it suits him, and he’s trying to do a good job” she tried to reply between her laughs.

“Correct your appointment is at 11am, Mr Isles will be with you shortly, please take a seat”

The couple sat down in the waiting area.

“Would you like a drink whilst you wait ?”

“That would be lovely, thank you my dear” the lady replied, “my husband will have tea, and i would love a glass of water”

Pansy stood up went to the kitchen area, and returned with the drinks on a tray. He was very conscious of his six inch heels, the worst thing that could happen would be to lose his footing and drop the tray. As he walked around the front desk and into the waiting area, his outfit was now in full view to the couple.

“Your drinks, Sir, Madame”

“Thank you” the lady replied

Pansy noted the slight compassion in the lady’s voice. As Pansy turned to walk away, the lady said “Oh my goodness how do you manage to walk in those heels ?”

Pansy smiled and replied “lots and lots of practice Madame”

Pansy heard her husband give a disapproving grunt. The lady, aware that Pansy had heard, smiled and said “don’t take any notice, he’s always been a grumpy old sod”

Pansy smiled. The intercom prevented any further interaction.

“Pansy, send Mr and Mrs Isles through”

Pansy showed the couple through to the office. As Pansy was closing the door, he caught the last few words as Mr Isles said “what the hell is going on David, what on earth is that in reception ??”, followed by a laugh from David. As Pansy closed the door he felt his face flush with embarrassment. He couldn’t wait to get back behind the desk.

He took his seat back at the desk and it wasn’t long before one of the male employees gave Pansy an instruction.

“Pansy, get up, come here, Alan and I want some coffee and sandwiches. Turn left out of the front door, about 10 minutes down the road there is a snack shop. Two coffees and 2 BLT sandwiches, got it ?” the guy said as he passed a ten pound note to Pansy.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir”

Mistress had left Pansy alone in the supermarket car park dressed in one of his outfits some weeks earlier, but she was sitting only 100 meters away during this. This 10 minute walk was going to be a new and somewhat more extreme experience, one that he had very little choice in.

He nervously made his way to the front door, took a deep breathe, counted down from 3, then thought “fuck it, here goes” and proceeded to the main street. Eyes focussed straight ahead, Pansy made his way down the street. Even aware of the stares and laughs, Pansy’s focus didn’t break. He could hear the demons, one on each shoulder, one saying “this is great isn’t Pansy ?, we love this don’t we” and the other begging Pansy to “stop this madness, you don’t need to do this to yourself, just go home”. Pansy tried to ignore the beggar, as he knew failing the task would not look good for his Mistress, and would have consequences.

After the walk of shame, Pansy finally arrived at the shop. He stepped inside and to his dismay, a queue ! Could he handle the pressure, of standing in the same place, with other people staring. He had little choice, and joined the queue behind a woman holding a little boy’s hand, who on seeing Pansy tugged on his mother’s hand saying “mummy mummy what’s that ?” pointing at Pansy. His mother turned around and exclaimed “oh it’s a dolly darling”, upon which everybody in the shop erupted in laughter. Pansy’s cheeks were burning. He couldn’t wait for his turn to buy what was needed and get out of the shop.

FInally he made it to the front of the queue. The lady behind the counter looked at him waiting for his order, with a smirk on her face.

“What do we have here then ? What would you like ?” she asked

“2 coffees and a 2 BLT sandwiches please Madame” Pansy replied with a really dry voice

The lady turned to the coffee machine behind, and set two coffees in motion. She put two BLT sandwiches into a paper bag, and waited for the coffees to finish. It seemed like an eternity to Pansy, especially as people now behind him in the queue were laughing and making comments.

The relief flooded through him as he settled back behind the reception desk. He was there in time to wish Mr and Mrs Isles goodbye. Pansy was grateful for Mrs Isles obvious compassion and chose to ignore the fact that Mr Isles was obviously disgusted.

David came out of the office and put some paperwork in front of Pansy.

“Work your way through that Pansy, it’s simple enough, it should only take you 2 or 3 hours”

This work was a godsend, it made the afternoon pass quickly. It wasn’t long before Pansy heard the click of heels. He was all too aware that it was his Mistress. As her head popped around the corner, she was smiling broadly

“So Pansy, how was your day ?”

“It’s been good Mistress thank you”

“Ok, is David free ?”

“Yes Mistress, should i call him”

“No don’t worry i’ll go in”

Sofia knocked on David’s office door


“Hello David, so how did it go with Pansy ?”

“Surprisingly well, he was more helpful that i thought he’d be, caused a bit of a stir, especially amongst the staff, and one or two clients, but on the whole a good day”

“Good, i’m glad to hear it, i’m going to take him off now, i have friends coming around tonight, and i have work for him to do, you can have him again Monday if you want”

“That would be good Sofia”

“I’m off now, see you soon”

She walked out of the door

“Ok Pansy get your bag and your stuff, we’re off, i’m having a dinner party this evening and you have lots to do”

Sofia produced the leash out of her bag and clipped it onto Pansy’s collar.

“Come on then off we go”

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