Micheal’s first day at school

Micheal was nervous. He’d showered and dressed with care. He was sitting drinking coffee when Sofia walked in.

” Your looking well groomed Micheal,  I thought you were going to do odd jobs, isn’t that your new top?”

” Yes , well if it’s messy work i’ll Take an old shirt in my bag.”

But to Micheal s relief Sofia had lost interest and was typing on her iPad . He stood up kissed her cheek and left.

Micheal pulled up outside Samantha’s house , he didn’t get out straight away,he sat clutching his steering wheel thinking. Trying to steady his breathing as he realised his anxiety had brought him to the edge of hyperventilating. Once he felt a little calmer he got out of the car, walked up to the door and rang the bell.


Micheal was surprised when Samantha opened the door. He was expecting to see her dressed in leather. Instead she wore a  gown and mortar, her hair was scraped back under it and she had thick black rimmed glasses on, rather like his mothers he mused. The gown covered her clothes but it didn’t escape his notice that she had fully fashioned seamed stockings on. Her feet sat neatly in a pair of black shiny patent stilettos. His eyes, however, were drawn to a crook handled rattan cane that she was slowly swinging from her hand.

”i’m glad to see your on time boy, come in”

Micheal was puzzled but the tone in her voice indicated to question would be folly.She pointed to the door with the cane and Micheal opened it and walked in. What he saw perplexed him. There was an old school desk and chair . A stand with an assortment of canes and hanging up , a boys school uniform .

” Take off your clothes Micheal , put on your school uniform “

”But Miss”

Samantha brought the cane down hard on the desk

” Don’t but me Micheal, just do as you are told “

” Yes miss, sorry miss.”

Micheal took off his clothes , folded them neatly and placed them on the chair. Then he pulled on the white underpants, grey knee length socks . Grey shorts that just came to his knee , white shirt and a grey tie. He felt ridiculous and yet somehow very excited. Micheal turned around and faced Samantha . She pulled up a chair and sat down on it

“ come here boy “

He tentatively approached her

“ Take down your shorts “

He did as he was told and Samantha patted her knees. There was no need for words , he knew exactly what was required of him. He bent over her knee and he felt her pull down his underpants. Then he felt the first sting as her hand connected with his buttocks , then again and it seemed relentless . He felt tears stinging his eyes but he kept silent , instinct told him to utter would make it all the worse for him. At last he felt her pull up his pants . Relief flooded through him , but it was premature

“ Stand up Micheal . Do you think you have learned your lesson ?”

He wasn’t sure what the lesson was but certainly wasn’t going to antagonise her.

” Yes miss, thank you miss”

”Well I don’t boy, bend over your desk”

He did so immediately. This time he felt her pull his pants down to his knees . If he thought the Spanking was painful it was nothing compared to the pain he was about to endure.He heard the swish of the cane a fraction of a second before he felt its stinging blow as it made contact with his already red bottom .

” Well boy, count the strokes and thank me after each one . There will be twelve “

His heart sank, twelve! How could he bare it . But he did. By the time the twelfth had struck his knees were trembling and he could no longer be silent as the tears flowed. He felt her hand then, gently caressing his painful bottom and her voice had become soft and soothing as she gently stroked him.

” Good boy, you may get dressed and return to your mother”

” Yes miss, thank you miss”

” Micheal opened the door , the pain shot through him as he lifted his leg to step inside.

” Is that you Micheal? Did you have a good day at Samantha’s ?”

He wanted to run over to her, lay his head in her lap and cry . He wanted his mothers arms around him gently kissing his forehead and telling him it would be ok . But he knew he couldn’t .

” Yes mum, just going for a shower”

” ok darling, dinner won’t be long “

As he walked painfully up the stairs he knew he would return to his mistress again.


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