Micheal returns home

Term did not go well , Micheal, although usually attentive during lectures , found his attention wandering. He relived his time with Samantha repeatedly, savouring every moment . One thing was painfully obvious to him, he knew without a shadow of a doubt , that he needed to serve her again. In what capacity he had no idea , but that, he also knew,would not be his decision.

He was happy to see his mother , there were questions he longed to ask her , but as his submissive nature developed and became more apparent to him, he knew it would be unacceptable to question her . He also felt the answers to his questions were probably best left smouldering in his head. He wasn’t sure how he would digest the answers . Things had puzzled him many times through his childhood but now it was beginning to fit into place .

Micheal walked into the lounge and was not totally surprised to see mistress Samantha sitting having coffee with his mother. He had to stop himself from falling to his knees and kissing her feet , something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by Samantha and Micheal noticed the smile that crossed her lips.


Sofia stood up and went across to him kissing him on the check

“ Hello darling, lovely to have you home . Samantha is going to stay and have some dinner with us, won’t that be nice?”

“ Yes very nice mum”

He felt his face burn and he lowered his eyes to the floor . He tried to look at her when he addressed her but found it impossible

“ Hello Samantha how are you?”

” I’m very well Micheal. I was just talking to your mother , I have some little jobs that need doing . I’m afraid she has volunteered your services , I hope you have no objections?”

” Of course Miss, I mean Samatha , i’ll be only too happy to help “

” You see Samantha , I told you he’s a sweet helpful boy”

” wonderful, i’ll expect you round tomorrow then Micheal “

” Yes of course Samantha , “

He felty uncomfortable addressing her as anything but mistress , but he knew it would be unthinkable in the presence of his mother . Dinner was enjoyable, if a little  anxious for Micheal , who’s mind was in turmoil , wondering what his mistress had in store for him

At around 9’30 Samantha stood up

“Well, I had better make a move. I have a few emails to write and then an early night I think. Thank your for a lovely dinner Sofia “

” Your always welcome Samantha you know that”

” Good night Micheal, i’ll See you bright and early tomorrow, i’ll expect you at nine”

“Of course Samantha, I won’t be late, good night “

He watched her walk to her car, his heart racing and his mouth dry .

” I think Samantha has a soft spot for you darling “

Sofia chuckled. Micheal laughed nervously

“ I’m just happy to help out mum”

Sofia studied him for a moment

“ Yas, maybe, good night darling”

” good night mum”


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  1. How lucky is Micheal not only has he found an older Mistress who will teach him the ropes, his mother is also an accomplished Mistress. What a beautiful twist!


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