‘‘Twas the night before Christmas (Sofia’s night)


‘Twas the night before Christmas and i’m home alone

I’ve just settled down for a night on the phone.

It started to ring, ‘‘twas a horny old git.

He wanted me naked and to suck on his dick

I said “ oh come on then but best make it quick

I’m expecting a visit from Santa, st nick”

The next one was dressed in his mother- in- laws frock

He wanted me locking his very small cock

And so it went on until late and so dark

And I said to myself “ Fuck this for a lark”

A nice cup of tea and a homemade mince pie

I started to move when a light caught my eye

Then out on the lawn I espied st nick

But to my surprise he was holding his dick

He laughed as he saw me, how his belly did wobble

“ Ho ho ho , Sofia , any chance of a gobble?”

” But I thought you had come to just fill my stocking “

” Of course Sofia , but in exchange for a fucking”

So after the deed and with incredible speed

He jumped on his sleigh and cried “Up up and away”

Shouting “ Thanks for the fuck Sofia have a good night

And I thought to myself as he flew out of sight

Santa only took three minutes to cum

amd the Wiley old devil didn’t wear a condom

3 thoughts on “‘‘Twas the night before Christmas (Sofia’s night)

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  1. And so it came to pass that come September next Santa’s little gift will come to fruition and Mistress Sofia will have a family addition. HoHo Ho


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