Vice like grip

His legs were wide apart,firmly secured at the ankles onto each end of the bar. In between the bar was a pole, which went up as far as his genitals . At the top of the pole there was a small stock , lined with thick sand paper,his cock and balls were firmly secured inside it leaving the length of his cock hanging pathetically out of the other side. Movement was impossible and any attempt at it extremely painful. His arms were cuffed tightly behind his back. There was a thick leather band around his head with a chain leading down from it and firmly attached to the cuffs , which kept his head totally immobile, he was tightly gagged and blindfolded.


This is how his mistress had left him the previous night, although he wasn’t aware how long ago or what time it was. He knew he had momentarily fallen asleep as the moment he did he had felt the searing pain as his cock chaffed against the sand paper. Time had stood still, but it seemed like forever He was exhausted, thirsty and every part of his body ached. Just as he was beginning to despair he heard the door open. Then the clicking of heels as his mistress walked across the room. He felt a mixture of relief and fear. Sofia stopped,looked at him. She held a little black cane in her hand and nonchalantly tapped it against her boot. He could hear it and it made him feel uneasy. She unfastened the gag and removed it.

“Did you have a pleasant night Slave?”

“Yes mistress, thank you for asking”

The tapping of the cane became more urgent and he felt the panic rising making him nauseous. He was totally immobile and at her mercy and he was only too aware that mercy just wasn’t in her vocabulary.

Suddenly he felt the agonising sting as she brought the cane swiftly down across his cock. Three , four times she repeated it , each time leaving a thin purple welt across it. He tried his utmost to be silent but the pain was too much and he cried out . This just seemed to inflame his mistress, as he knew it would. He was very aware that his mistress was cruel and sadistic , he remembered the first time he had irked her and she beat him mercilessly until he felt the blood run.

“I suppose you will be begging me to release you Slave?”

” Whatever pleases you goddess”

She  laughed , but it was a cold empty laugh

“Your lucky Slave,I have work for you to do”

She unlocked his chains and freed him from the stocks . He fell to his knees and kissed her boots.

” Thank you goddess. I hope I have pleased you”

” Moderately Slave. Now, prepare the room , we have guests and you are to be the entertainment ”

His heart sank , Sofia left the room.


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