When things go wrong, always slaves fault.

“Come in Slave, shut the door “

He stepped in shut the door and grinned inanely at mistress Sofia . It irked her, he should be far too nervous to be grinning at her . She knew she would have to teach him a lesson .


” Your grinning like a fucking Cheshire Cat Slave , do you really think that will endear you to me ?”

The smile fell from his face and his pallor turned white

“I beg your pardon mistress , my intention wasn’t to offend”

She looked him up and down, his submissiveness stood out a mile . His eyes were lowered to the floor and he nervously licked his lips.

” Tribute Slave “

He shuffled forward and placed it on th table next to her .

”Remove your clothes Slave “

He did as he was told . Sofia looked at him with disdain and disgust

” You dare to visit me with that disgusting forest , I expect my slaves to be clean shaven “

He bowed his head and mumbled

“ Forgive me mistress, I didn’t think “

”Didn’t think? We had better make sure you think next time hadn’t we?”

”Yes mistress , I will”

” get onto the bench “

He did as he was told and sofia had him strapped down wrists and ankles chained within minutes. Then she reached for a razor and unceremoniously raked at his pubic hair until it was all removed . The look on slaves face left no doubt to Sofia how painful it had been

” You see Slave, you could have saved yourself that painful experience couldn’t you “

” Yes mistress, it won’t happen again”

The session proceeded, hot wax, ice, electrics, pin wheel , that left a nice mark. Slave moaned and groaned , obviously distressed . When Sofia was done she untied him . He was relieved thinking she was done with him , no such luck .

” Kneel on the whipping bench Slave “

He opened his mouth as if to speak but thought better of it, instead he took up his position. Sofia strapped him down . Then without words she picked up a rattan cane and caned him 30 strokes until she knew he was crying. Then she put down the cane and undid the straps

“ Get dressed Slave and leave “

once he was dressed he turned to his mistress .

” Thank you mistress, I haven’t done that before “

Then he left. Leaving Sofia to ponder on why he hadn’t mentioned he was a novice . She picked up his tribute and that’s when she noticed it was only half she was due. She picked up his phone and reread his booking text

“ Good morning mistress Sofia , is it possible for me to book half an hour to come and worship your beautiful feet? Thank you “

Oh dear !!!

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