The Ten Commandments of The Forced Femme

  1. Thou shalt be eager and obedient
  2. Thou shalt be well presented
  3. Thou shalt wear outfits as and when and where ever instructed
  4. Thou shalt serve in any role agreed with the owner as and when instructed
  5. Thou shalt always wear chastity
  6. Thou shalt address all females as Miss, Ma’am, Madame or Mistress
  7. Thou shalt accept public exposure should thou quit prior to the term of servitude
  8. Thou shalt accept a doubling of the term of servitude for any failing
  9. Thou shalt always inform the owner of any misgiving on your part, or suffer double the punishment if found out otherwise
  10. Thou shalt be grateful for all of the above

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