The Birthday Present

It was hot, Marbella was busy. Sofia had been shopping and was in need of a coffee. She found a nice little coffee shop and sat down outside. She ordered a coffee and a brandy, then slipped her feet out of her sandals. It felt good, the pavement was cool under her feet, being in the shade. She was checking her emails when she became aware of someone looking in her direction.


The first thing she noticed was he was wearing a suit, very expensive in a light material, but still she thought he must be feeling the heat. The second thing she thought was how very handsome he was. He had greying hair and was wearing thick rimmed glasses not unlike her own. She continued with her work, but eventually she looked behind her expecting to see a ravishing Spanish beauty who was actually the target of his attention, but when she turned back he was standing in front of her. He had a very alluring accent as he said in broken English

“Excuse Madame, i know you, yes ?”

Sofia replied “i doubt that very much, i know if i knew you then i would definitely remember you”

“I think you are Mistress”

That absolutely floored her, so much so she didn’t think to ask how he knew

“Yes i am as it happens.”

His eyes were lowered and he said “Mistress may i look upon you ?”

Well what’s a girl to do she thought, he was quite beautiful

“Yes you may”

He looked at her with piercing eyes, then he said “are you having coffee long ?”

“Yes i will be here for a while my feet need to rest”

He looked down and saw that Sofia had kicked her sandals off.

“Please Mistress wait for me, i will return”

Then he was gone. It was about ten or fifteen minutes before he returned. He placed a brown velvet box on the table in front of her.

“For your birthday Mistress”

Sofia opened it, and inside was a beautiful pair of silver earrings. Before she could speak he fell to one knee, took hold of one of her feet, and gently kissed it. All in front of people on their way to work, or sitting drinking coffee. Then he licked her foot, caressing it gently. He slipped her foot back into her sandal and then did the exact same to the other foot. He bowed his head and spoke softly

“I will always think of you as my Mistress”

Then he picked up his laptop and walked away, totally oblivious of all the stares. He would be an ideal slave if geographical circumstances were different she pondered after he had left.  He must follow me on Twitter to know it’s my birthday, but if he won’t come forward then he would remain a pleasant interlude.


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