Micheal’s first day at school

Micheal was nervous. He’d showered and dressed with care. He was sitting drinking coffee when Sofia walked in. ” Your looking well groomed Micheal,  I thought you were going to do odd jobs, isn’t that your new top?" ” Yes , well if it’s messy work i’ll Take an old shirt in my bag.” But... Continue Reading →

Micheal returns home

Term did not go well , Micheal, although usually attentive during lectures , found his attention wandering. He relived his time with Samantha repeatedly, savouring every moment . One thing was painfully obvious to him, he knew without a shadow of a doubt , that he needed to serve her again. In what capacity he... Continue Reading →

Micheals initiation

Samantha had gagged and  blindfolded Micheal before he had heard the door open and close. It had seemed like eternity , his mouth was dry and he was sweating , all thorough fear. He tried to reason with his thoughts , this was Samantha, he had known her since his childhood , but this was... Continue Reading →

Micheal, there are consequences

Micheal was busy packing. The holiday had gone too qiuckly but he was looking forward to a new term, new heights to aspire too . He was confident in  his academic ability , not so socially,but that was a secondary consideration at the moment and of little importance to Micheal. The Christmas holiday had been enjoyable,... Continue Reading →

The dangling shoe

Micheal had a normal happy childhood. Loving parents , always popular at school. He did well academically and his hard work and dedication resulted in  achieving a much sought after place at Oxford. He had never experimented sexually, never had a girlfriend preferring to concentrate on his studies. He had just had his nineteenth birthday... Continue Reading →

Vice like grip

His legs were wide apart,firmly secured at the ankles onto each end of the bar. In between the bar was a pole, which went up as far as his genitals . At the top of the pole there was a small stock , lined with thick sand paper,his cock and balls were firmly secured inside... Continue Reading →

Puppy play

He was naked on his hands and knees . His mistress walked around him her high boots clicking on the floor . She stopped behind him, he felt nervous. He heard a rustle , then a box thrown on the floor. Still he did it move, didn't turn his head , although god knows he... Continue Reading →

The making of a sissy

He knocked on the glass door,looking through he could see mistress Sofia sitting on what appeared to be a throne , black with red leather upholstery. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, white fitted blouse , black stockings and shiny black stilettos. Her long hair was loosely pinned up and she wore thick black... Continue Reading →

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