Sofia’s Trip To London With Slave

As they boarded the train slave was very surprised. Mistress pointed to the seat opposite hers. He sat down feeling puzzled. When ever they took the train to London she always made him stand in the corridor by the door. Sofia was wearing a black top and pencil skirt. The skirt was knee length and... Continue Reading →

Tim And The Silk French Knickers

Tim went into the garden, he was just wearing his shorts and a pair of flip flops. He was already tanned having spent two weeks in Athens. The term had been a long one and he felt he needed the break. He’d been at uni for nearly a year, and was just coming up to... Continue Reading →

Facing Miss Jones

Miss Jones walked into her office.   She pulled out her chair, before she sat down, she smoothed down her black pencil skirt.   She undid the middle button of her jacket, so it just slipped to the sides of her hips, showing her white blouse and her cleavage.     She sat down and looked over her desk... Continue Reading →

James’s Fantasy Becomes Reality

James had never considered visiting a dominatrix before.   He’d had ideas when he was younger, and he’d come across some things on the internet, and as he got older they’d stayed with him.   When he reached his early 20s, he’d had a few experiences. But only with girl friends. Silly little things, quite meaningless really.... Continue Reading →

Puppy’s Outing With Mistress

He polished his latex until he could almost see his face in it.   He was excited.  His Mistress was taking him to the supermarket.   Of course he knew he would be tied up outside with the other puppies, but that didn't worry him.   Once the shopping was done, if he was a good puppy, Mistress... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Sofia’s Dilemmas

A collection of short stories and dialogues as experienced by Mistress Sofia, who, for some time worked in the adult phone call industry and in her late sixties became a real time dominatrix.  

Micheal’s first day at school

Micheal was nervous. He’d showered and dressed with care. He was sitting drinking coffee when Sofia walked in. ” Your looking well groomed Micheal,  I thought you were going to do odd jobs, isn’t that your new top?" ” Yes , well if it’s messy work i’ll Take an old shirt in my bag.” But... Continue Reading →

Micheal returns home

Term did not go well , Micheal, although usually attentive during lectures , found his attention wandering. He relived his time with Samantha repeatedly, savouring every moment . One thing was painfully obvious to him, he knew without a shadow of a doubt , that he needed to serve her again. In what capacity he... Continue Reading →

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