Face Sitting And Slags

  After a weekend of food poisoning, I was brought out of my sultry mood by the unexpected call from my Mr Dyer, swoon. That's all your going to hear about that (smile) Then it was back to stranger than fiction. Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking too?" " hello Sofia, it's Terry, have... Continue Reading →

Feather Duster In One Hand C..k In The Other

  Now, here's the thing, I have the ideal job, but, you have to be able to multitask. I can give the most amazing blow job and still have my feather duster in my hand dusting the curtain pelmets, now, not many women can say that. I can hear a guy cum and know it's... Continue Reading →

Light my celery baby 

Every so often I get a caller with a smoking fetish, this can take on all sorts of forms , but this one was a little taxing Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking to?" " your speaking to David" " hello David , what can I do for you?" "Do you smoke Sofia?" Once... Continue Reading →

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