Sammy or is it Samantha returns to his mistress

The week had dragged like it was a month, then a year and then just forever. Sammy had relieved himself every day for as long as he could remember, even when he had a girlfriend , it had become a ritual. Now suddenly it was gone, it felts like he was in mourning. He hardly opened his laptop after the first day when he had turned to his favourite page and felt the excruciating pain as his cock began to  harden. It had been a shock to him and sent him into a panic. He had ended up sitting in a bath of cold  water and although there were no witnesses, he had felt extremely humiliated. For the rest of the week his laptop had remained firmly shut.

At last the week was coming to a close. Sammy couldn’t wait, in his naivety he assumed he would visit his mistress and she would remove his chastity, which had become like a torturous addition to his otherwise very sexual life. But he was very aware that his thoughts had been consumed day and night by his mistress, so in that respect he realised she had known exactly what she would achieve.

The day had arrived, Sammy showered, shaved as best as he could around his chastity, it was one of the things that bugged him, he was always scrupulous about his hygiene and although he kept a little strip of pubic hair to assert his manliness, the rest of him was as smooth as a babies bottom, until now that is.

Sammy got into his car and began the hour long journey to his mistress. His mind was all over the place. One minute fear would grip him and he would sweat, that would be followed by desire and would immediately make his chastity unbearably uncomfortable, but this would soon dissipate as trepidation took over . He had no idea what was waiting for him. He felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Sammy knew, even if fear had got the better of him, he had no choice but to carry on. His mistress had been very astute putting him Into chastity. She knew it would dispel any quandary he might have about visiting again.

He had arrived. He parked his car and opened the gate, stopping for a moment to compose himself. Then he walked towards the door and knocked gently.

” Come in” Sammy opened the door and entered. Mistress Sofia was sitting in her red chair, she was wearing a very stylish black leather cat suit. Her legs were crossed exposing her beautiful high thigh length leather boots. Sammy stifled a gasp. He quickly regained his composure and remembering his last visit, he fell to his knees and kissed her boots. “ Well done, nice to see you remembered Samantha “ The name struck a cord with him. Now he felt uneasy, he had forgotten the reference to a female name and he was suddenly very nervous.

”Stand up and remove your clothes, all of them” Sammy did as he was told then stood before his mistress. She surveyed him, leaning forward she took hold of his chastity and gave it a tug, she heard his sharp intake of breath and she smiled. She squeezed his balls. “ oh my Samantha , a young lady shouldn’t have this swelling behind her clitty , this will never do” Mistress sofia stood up and went behind Sammy. He felt her attach something cold and hard around his wrist, he realised she was locking him into steel cuffs. Then she went up to a rack and picked up what looked like a steel pencil. In the other hand she had a small bowl. Then she deftly slipped the implement between the bars of his chastity, Sammy was puzzled,  but not for long. Mistress Sofia pressed a tiny switch and he felt the vibration instantly. It was immediately pleasurable, but it was short lived, as he became aroused the pleasure turned to pain, it was indescribable, pleasure intermingled with pain. It was short lived and sofia seemed to know as she suddenly produced the bowl and he  spurted into it. But his mistress wasn’t finished , she kept the vibrator locked tight between the bars of his chastity until Sammy cried out and begged her to stop. Once she did his relief turned to horror as she held the bowl up to his lips “ Down in one Samantha “ He knew to object would be futile and if he was honest he was desperate to please her. He opened his mouth and as mistress Sofia poured the warm liquid down his throat he felt the urge to wretch but managed to control it.

Sofia laughed.” Now you know what all of your young ladies have to endure don’t you Samantha?” “ Yes mistress “ mistress Sofia studied him. “ well now, tell me your name “ Sammy looked at his mistress, swallowed and in a soft voice replied. “Samantha mistress”  Mistress sofia smiled.

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  1. Mistress Sopfia is on fire three chapters in a week after such a long time with nothing.
    Thank you Mistress excellent writing


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