Sammy’s first meeting,he’s in for a shock(part two)

cock-lockIt was only an hours drive but it seemed like an eternity. Sammy had a knot in his stomach and his mouth was dry. More than once he had considered turning around. He could understand why Mistress Sofia insisted on a deposit, it gave him the resolve he needed.

He had arrived. He parked and following instructions went through the gate. He stood outside the door for a little longer than he would if he were just visiting a friend. This gave him time to envisage what to expect and also produced a lump in his throat

Sammy’s hands felt clammy as he knocked gently on the door. “ Come” He pushed down on the handle and opened the door , he stepped inside

Mistress Sofia was sitting on a red chair with chained weights hanging from either side. There were bondage cuffs on the legs of the chair and again on either side of the seat

Mistress Sofia was writing in a black book, she didn’t look up but it gave him the chance to observe her. If he was expecting her to be clad in leather then he should be sorely disappointed, but he wasn’t. She looked amazing and although she hadn’t even looked at him , her dominance filled the room. She was wearing a crisp white shirt with a narrow pink stripe and a high collar. She had on a black pencil skirt and black stockings , her legs were crossed and he could just detect the glint of a shiny suspender. She wore high stilettos with a peep toe enabling him to see that they were painted a fiery red to match her long fingers nails. He thought she had stunning legs and marvelled at the fact she was sixty eight.

Suddenly she snapped the book shut ,it made him start. She slowly looked up at him, she didn’t speak but looked him up and down , it unnerved him and he realised he was shuffling from foot to foot like he did at school. Then she spoke

“My, you really haven’t visited a Mistress have you boy?” “ No Mistress I haven’t “

” If you had you would be aware that you should be on your knees at my feet” “ I’m so sorry Mistress” He quickly rectified the situation and fell to his knees  resisting the temptation to bend and kiss her beautiful feet.

Again she looked at him. She smiled but there was no warmth in it. She cupped his chin with her hand and lifted his head which compelled him to look deep into her eyes, he knew she was toying with him but he was mesmerised and couldn’t look away.

” So, what have we here , why, you’re far too pretty for your own good, we must take advantage of that” He wanted to ask her what she meant but thought better of it .

” Stand up and remove your clothes “ He was startled but much too intimidated to disobey, nor did he want too. He stood up and did as he was told.

Sammy was certainly no shrinking violet , he had a good body and he knew it , he had his fare share of girls , but this was different. This Mistress was over forty years older than him and it made him feel vulnerable yet excited. He was acutely aware that he was aroused but knew he had to take his boxers off. He paused for a moment wondering wether to mention it but decided better of it. As it happened Mistress Sofia showed no recognition of his erection , instead she stood up. She walked to his right side, placed her palm flat on his stomach and walked around the back of him slowly slipping her hand around his body until she reached the other side. Only then did she remove her hand and with her long red finger nail she traced from the base to the head of his hard shaft as she whispered in his ear “ Well now, this will never do”

Sofia went back to her chair, sat down and reached out to a rack at the side of her. She removed something and sammy caught a glimpse of shiny chrome. Sofia held it up so he could get a good look at it. He recognised it immediately, he’d seen enough of them online to know a chastity device when he saw one.

” Ok bitch, we need to get you packed in ice if we’re going to get you locked up” She hadn’t asked or suggested , it was her decision and that was that and he was happy to accept it.

The ice wasn’t pleasant ,but it certainly did the trick and within minutes Mistress Sofia had him trussed up like a chicken. She smiled, this time warmly. “ Now that’s better “ He watched as she slipped the key onto a chain around her neck. Then in a disinterested voice she said “ By the way, I prefer Samantha to Sammy , understood?” “ Yes Mistress, of course “ Sammy was stunned at how much he wanted to please her.

” That will do for today Samantha , be back here in one week, by which time your cock will belong to me, which in turn will free your meagre little brain to follow my instruction to the letter. Now get dressed “

Samantha did as she was told. Sofia wiggled here toes and Samantha fell to her knees and kissed them, then departed.

As he walked to his car he wondered how the bloody hell he was going to shower after football. But he was smiling

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