Sammy’s first steps towards his mistress (Part 1)

mistressSammy browsed through the pages on the internet, he had a habit of ending up searching Dominatrix. That would lead to a young leather clad nubile domme and Sammy would have a happy ending to his evening. But that was it, he had never had an inclination to visit any of the mistresses he perused, until tonight that is.

His fingers were clicking away when he suddenly stopped. His eyes opened like saucers, but far from a young sexy voluptuous Mistress, it was an older, much older domme. He looked closer, he thought she was beautiful, but not in the way the younger dommes were. This one was different, he had no compulsion to masturbate. What he did want to do was fall to his knees and submit to her. This feeling took Sammy completely by surprise. He had never given much credence to BDSM, but he did love the leather. He looked closer at the website Mistress Sofia, Dominatrix in her late sixties, that shocked him even more. Sammy was twenty six, to him a woman in her sixties was ancient. He quickly shut his laptop and went to bed.

Try as he might Sammy couldn’t get Mistress Sofia out of his head. For the next week he kept his laptop open on her website. No matter how he tried he couldn’t take his mind off her. Until in desperation he searched out her phone number. Another two days went by, then he plucked up the courage. He reasoned that if he spoke to her on the phone it would lay his yearning to rest, little did he know it was just the beginning

It took him most of the day before he took the bull by the horns and rang. The first two calls went unanswered. He was about to give up but knew it would be like an itch he couldn’t scratch , so he tried once more

This time there was an answer, the voice surprised him, it was deep, slow, almost disinterested. “ Hello” That was it, nothing more. He found himself stuttering and felt out of his depth. He was a confident guy, handsome, self assured, this unnerved him.

”Hello,  is that Sofia?” There was a moments silence and then. “ I beg your pardon?” The tone of her voice had changed, it had become cold. He knew immediately the mistake he had made and almost grovelled his apology

“I’m so sorry, I meant Mistress Sofia, please forgive me?” Her voice softened again, quiet, deep and rich.

” Ok, I’ll let it go this time, now, what do you want?” God he had no idea and had to let her know how he felt

“ I’m sorry” damn it, he hadn’t meant to apologise again. “ I mean, I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. I just saw your website and knew I had to phone you. There was a soft laugh.

” Well, my little bitch, I suggest we get you booked in for a session” Sammy felt his cheeks burning. “ Yes please, thank you mistress.

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