Sissified & Compromised

Sarah looked at her watch, she was running late, she always seemed to be running late. Much to her annoyance her carpenter seemed to be running late too. At last there was a knock at the door. Sarah opened it.


“Paul, you’re late, i have an important meeting and now you’ve made me late too”

“I’m sorry Sarah the traffic was horrendous”

“Ok, well let me take you upstairs, i’ll show you what i want, then i’ll have to leave you to it”

They went up to Sarah’s bedroom and she quickly showed him the fitted wardrobe she wanted extending.

“No worries Sarah leave it to me, i don’t want to make you any later”

“Fair enough i’ll be a couple of hours”

Sarah made the meeting by the skin of her teeth and was pleased at how well it went. She was out of there within half an hour. She would have time to attend to a couple of other things. She reached into her bag for her phone, but, to her dismay, it wasn’t there.

“Damn it”, she thought, “now i’ll have to pop home to get it”

She put the key in the door and went in, picked up her phone. She was about to leave when she thought she would just pop upstairs and see how Paul was getting on. Thinking how quiet it was Sarah slowly pushed the bedroom door open. What confronted here left her speechless.

Paul was oblivious to her, he was too engrossed not building the wardrobe, but, standing in front of the mirror wearing Sarah’s pink lingerie which he had taken out of the wash bin. Sarah came to her senses and not quite sure why she did it, she took her phone, and took a photo of him. Paul heard the click and turned around just as Sarah clicked again.

“Oh my god Sarah i’m so sorry”

“Sorry ? Sorry Paul ? You’re wearing my best lingerie, you have totally betrayed my trust”

“Please Sarah, i’ll buy you a new set i promise”

Sarah pondered for a moment and a slight smile crossed her face as she remembered the fancy dress that she had attended the previous year.

“I think we can do better than that Paul”

“Look Sarah, i made a mistake and i’ve apologised, can’t we just leave it at that ?”

“A mistake Paul ? A mistake is using the wrong tools for the job. This was well orchestrated, you knew exactly what you were doing, and you’re going to pay for it and don’t get on your high horse with me, i might just text these pictures to Jean”

“Please Sarah don’t bring my wife into it, i’ll do anything”

“Anything Paul ?”

Paul shuffled his feet nervously “Yes Sarah, so long as you delete those photos”

“Very well, go to the bottom of my bed and bend over”

“What ? What are you going to do Sarah ?”

“Don’t ask questions do as you’re told, and you will address me as Mistress”

Paul was desperate for Sarah to delete the photos and so he complied. Sarah walked around to her bedside cabinet, she opened the drawer, put her hand in, and pulled out a black butt plug with a silver jewel in the end. She walked back to the end of the bed, then taking hold of the panties, she pulled them down exposing Paul’s pert bottom, and she expertly inserted the plug before Paul knew what was happening. It took his breathe away. Sarah pulled up the panties.

“Now stand up”

He did as he was told.

“Go over to the end wardrobe and open the door, take out the article hanging at the end”

Paul unhooked the hanger and brought it out.

“What is it Paul ?”

“It’s a maid’s outfit Mistress”

“Exactly, put it on”

Paul stepped into it. It was beautiful, black, with frills all around it, and a little white apron, and a cute little hat. Once he was dressed, Sarah pulled out a pair of black heels that she knew would fit him.

“Put them on Paul, then sit on the stool in front of the dressing table”

He sat down, wondering what was coming next, but not daring to ask. Then with great skill Sarah applied makeup to his face, finishing with bright red lipstick. Next she took a wig from a box under the dressing table and put it on his head. It was a warm brown colour shaped into a bob.

“Now sissy, stand up and go have a look in the mirror”

“Yes Mistress”

Paul walked over to the mirror and stood in front of it, he was amazed and couldn’t believe it was him, but he knew he loved what he saw.

“Now sissy, i have to go back out, but i expect you to clean my house from top to bottom. If i come back and the job is not done to my satisfaction, you will be punished.”

“Am i permitted to ask what the punishment is Mistress ?”

“I will decide between two, either a severe caning, or, you will take my strapon”

Paul gulped, neither was appealing, and he vowed he would work like a Trojan. Sarah left, and sissy set to work. He scrubbed, hoovered, cleaned the bathrooms, washed Sarah’s lingerie, each piece by hand, and was surprised to find he felt happier than he had been in a long long time.

When Sarah returned she was pleased to see sissy had taken her threat seriously. Her whole house was like a new pin.

“My word you have been busy sissy”

Sissy smiled and curtsied “thank you Mistress, i’m so glad you’re pleased”

Suddenly Sarah saw the hoover, still out and plugged in.

“Why haven’t you put the hoover away ??”

“I’m sorry Mistress, it’s an oversight on my part”

Sarah pulled out a dining chair, and sat down.

“Come here sissy”

Sissy approached his Mistress. Sarah took hold of his arm and pulled him over her knee. She pulled down his panties and spanked his bottom until it was hot and red and she could hear sissy whimpering.

“Now get up, go upstairs, take off your dress and hang it back in the wardrobe, remove all the lingerie and get yourself dressed. Use the wipes on the dressing table and remove your make up, then finish the job i hired you for, but next week on the same day, make sure you keep it free. I expect you back here in the same maid’s outfit ready to work for me. Do you understand ?”

Sissy curtsied in front of his Mistress

“Perfectly Mistress, it will be my pleasure”



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  1. Every Woman should have a hold over at least one man like Sarah has in this story. Just think about it…the whole world would be under Female control…absolute bliss!!


  2. I forgot to add Mistress Sofia that I’ve only just discovered you on Collarspace (Mrknight toservem) and here. You’ve taken my breath away. I’m hooked already. Your servant akways , rob


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