Pansy’s Master

Pansy didn’t sleep well at all, he’d tossed and turned all night, with a lot spinning around in his head. His Mistress had decided to lend him to one her Master friends for a week, and although his Mistress had agreed to release him from his contract to her, her one condition of doing this was that he went through with being loaned as a pansy boy to the Master, and he serve well. After managing to fall asleep for a few hours, the alarm clock went off and woke him suddenly. He sat up and looked at the end of his bed, where he was reminded of what was to come by the bag of clothes he had packed at his Mistress’s

Pansy got up and felt very uneasy about being loaned to a Master. His submissiveness was not a sexual thing, and whether he was in service to a male or female really shouldn’t matter, but, it just didn’t feel right, topped with the fact that he had seen how the other Master had punished the slaves the night prior. He knew that to disobey his Mistress and not go through with this now though would be very much a bad idea, even more so that she know had him in a contract that would allow her to make his life absolute hell for any disobedience.

He knew that he had better look absolutely perfect for his Mistress, and for his temporary Master. Anything but perfect would definitely be noticed, and he really didn’t want to be punished by a Master now ! First he took a shower, then back in his room, he took out his black pvc maid uniform and put it on, followed by his thigh boots, wig, makeup, and earrings. He looked in the mirror to check it was right.

After preparing Mistress’s breakfast, Pansy put the golden toast and orange juice on a tray and took it up to his Mistress. He knocked on her bedroom door

“What is it ??”

“Breakfast Mistress”


He took his Mistress’s breakfast into her, and set it on her bed in front of her, and curtsied.

“Thank you Pansy. Now, are you all set and ready ? You know that all you need to do is get through this week, with no bad report coming back to me, and you will be free of your contract, and you will be free of your pansy boy life.”

“Yes Mistress, i think so Mistress”

“You don’t sound eager Pansy, do i need to adjust that attitude a little for you ?”

“No Mistress, i can’t wait to be in Master’s service, i really can’t wait Mistress”

“Much better, now i’m just wondering whether the black uniform is the best.”, Mistress paused for though, “No, go and change, i want you in your pink frilly pvc maid uniform, go put it on now, then come and take my tray when you’re done Pansy”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy went back to his room, removed the black uniform, folded it up and put it the bag along with the other outfits he had packed. The pink frilly pvc uniform was still in the wardrobe, he had hoped he might have avoided taking that with him. He took it out and put it on. Now he was in bright hot pink shiny pvc, a sight that no one would now miss ! He returned to his Mistress’s bedroom, and knocked again

“Come !”

Pansy entered Mistress Sofia’s bedroom again, and the moment he did his Mistress was smirking.

“Much better Pansy, frilly, shiny and pink, perfect for the occasion, now give me a twirl”

“Thank you Mistress, yes Mistress”

Pansy slowly turned around a few times for his Mistress to inspect him.

“Very good Pansy, now come here and kneel at the side of my bed”

He did as he was told, and once knelt, his Mistress leaned over the side of her bed, and pushed a padlock into the two little metal loops on the back at either side of the collar. She gently pushed the padlock shut, click.

“There Pansy, all locked in, I’m sure your Master will let you out of it at some point during the week …. If you’re lucky” she chuckled

“Thank you Mistress”

He knew arguing would not be a smart move, with the contract and the photos she had, he knew she could end his life in an instance !

“Now take my tray, and get your things ready, your Master should be collecting you in an hour”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy took his Mistress’s tray down to the kitchen, and washed everything up. Then he returned to his room, got is bag, and took it down and put it in the hallway ready. This was the point he knew she was definitely not joking, and he was feeling extremely nervous and somewhat scared. He went to the kitchen, set the perculator running then took his position, head down, hands in front, awaiting his Mistress.

About 20 minutes passed, and Pansy then heard his Mistress coming down the stairs. As she entered the kitchen she straight away began to smirk at Pansy. She could see he was as white as a sheet, and trembling a little.


“Yes Mistress”

Pansy fetched his Mistress a cup of coffee from the perculator and set in front of her at the dining table where she was now sitting. As he put the cup of coffee, it was even more obvious he was shaking.

“Awwww there there Pansy, why so worried ? I’m sure your Master won’t do anything to you that a pansy boy doesn’t deserve” Mistress sacarstically joked

“No Mistress, thank you Mistress”

“All ready then are we Pansy ?”

“Yes Mistress, can’t wait Mistress”

The door bell sounded

“Well, wait no more Pansy” she chuckled, “well don’t just stand there, answer the door, don’t keep your Master waiting”

Pansy answered the door, and sure enough there was Master, carrying a small holdall. Pansy curtsied.

“Please come in Sir, no i mean Master, sorry Master”

Master stared at Pansy, hard. Pansy lowered his head, knowing this guy was obviously strict ! Once Pansy’s head was lowered, Master looked Pansy up and down, and had a huge grin on his face.

“Show me to your Mistress bitch”

“Yes Master”

Pansy curtsied again, and then showed Master through to where Mistress was sitting.

“Hello again Sofia, how are you ? is Pansy all ready ? I see she, he, whatever it is, is dressed for me haha”

“Hi, i’m doing good, and yes i think she is, Pansy, are you ready for your Master ?”

“Yes Mistress, can’t wait”

Mistress Sofia opened her handbag and pulled out Pansy’s contract.

“Now, all i think we need to do is sign one of these transfer sections, with a time limit of one week, and then she becomes your property for a week”

“Perfect Sofia” Master replied, and pulled a pen from his jacket, “This section here Sofia ?”

“Yes that’s it, she’s all yours now, for a week, hope you enjoy”

Master picked up the contract, put it in his jacket, and grinned at Pansy.

Pansy could not believe his Mistress had just done this. She had literally just signed him over into someone else’s ownership, like nothing more than property, with a care in the world. Now he was the property of a Master for a week, and all contract clauses were still in force for the new owner. This was going to be completely humiliating. This Master didn’t even know him, didn’t even really care that he was a person, to the Master, Pansy was nothing more than a pansy boy humiliation toy for his amusement.

His Master set his holdall on the dining table and pulled a chain collar/cuffs/shackles set from it. Each cuff and shackle also had a little cat bell. Pansy looked in dismay, sure this guy couldn’t be serious, was he really going to make him wear that ? Was there really any need for it ?

“Put these on now faggot !” he demanded, “NOW, hurry up faggot, NOW”

“Yes Sir, i mean Master, sorry Master, yes Master”

Pansy put each restraint on, first the collar, then each cuff, then each ankle, buckling them into place and the little bells making lots of noise. Mistress Sofia laughed, “How cute !” Once all the restraints were in place, his new Master went through each restraint, checking they were tight, and placing a padlock in place to secure. He then added pulled out a controller from his pocket, and pressed it. Pansy immediately jumped ! He hadn’t noticed the shock box on the collar. Now he knew he was absolutely at his Master’s control !

“Testing testing 1 2 3” Master laughed

“Oh that reminds me, let me get you the key for her uniform, i’ll leave it up to you whether you allow her out of it or not”

Mistress disappeared for a moment and then returned with the key which she handed over to Master, by which time Master had shortened Pansy’s chains to a hobble length at the ankles and less than a foot from collar to wrists, and he had Pansy gagged and leashed, ready to go.

“Thank you Sofia, not really sure i’m going to let her out of it yet, it suits her too much, but just incase thank you. So, i’ll return to you in a week, about this time ?”

“Perfect, now Pansy, enjoy yourself won’t you, let just get a quick Twitter photo sall we” she laughed.

“Pick up my bag faggot” Master ordered

Mistress took a photo whilst Pansy picked up his Master’s bag. His Master yanked his leash, and Pansy hobbled along behind him, the bells ringing and making a lot of noise. Mistress Sofia just could not stop laughing, she had never seen Pansy turn so red from embarrassment.

Mistress saw them out and closed the door behind them, still laughing hard.

“Don’t worry” his Master smirked, “my car is not far, probably about 10 minutes this way” and yanked Pansy’s leash hard.

“Oh my god”, Pansy thought, “this guy is definitely all about the humiliation !”

Master dragged Pansy along behind him through the estate. There was no missing him, in his big puffy pink frilly pvc uniform, and people were most definitely hearing him coming as well ! Cars were slowing down, and occupants laughing. People out walking were pointing and laughing. A group of chavs spotted them not long before they reached Master’s car.

“That is fuckin hilarious mate, where the fuck did you find that ?? hahaha” one of them shouted

“HAHA love the frills ! Let’s get a photo of the stupid tranny bitch” another shouted

Master grabbed Pansy’s collar and spun him around to face the chavs, he didn’t dare resist at all, he knew the shock collar was set high from the test shock earlier. They all laughed hard at him, Pansy went red, and one of the chavs started to take video footage. All the while, Pansy could not say a word, the gag was in tight.

Master opened the boot of his car, and in the back was a dog cage. He unlocked the padlock, and opened the door.

“Get in faggot, NOW !”

“Ymfff Mphrrr” Pansy tried to mumble through his gag

He got in the cage, on his hands and knees as the chains wouldn’t allow anything otherwise. Master slammed the cage door shut, and quickly clicked the padlock back into place.

Master shouted to the chavs “You guys want a photo of my faggot in his cage ?”

All 4 of them shuffled over to where the car was, and all started videoing Pansy in the cage on their phones.

“Oh god these are sooooo going on YouTube init” one of them said.

Pansy knew for sure he was now in a serious predicament. This was going to be out and out humiliation for a week. This was not going to be fun at all, and there was no way out, no way at all, his Master had him for a week in a legally binding contract. There was no choice in this matter at all !

Master shut the boot down, and then got into the driver seat. He started the engined, then paused, and looked in the rear few mirror at his caged pansy boy. He laughed.

“Are we having fun yet faggot ? I know i am, i love doing this to the likes of you. You see, i’m a man, like you used to be, and as you probably already know, real men despise cross dressing fags like you, so much so that the urge to belittle you, put you in your place and absolutely humiliate you is uncontrollable for most, so, that is what you are about to get, a whole week of it. Is that ok with you faggot ?”

Pansy tried to disagree and plead through the gag, “Hmmfm mfffmmmtthh pprpffppp mppphhrrrr prfftyyyy”

“That’s good my pvc bitch i knew you’d see it my way”

It was a short drive to Master’s house. He lived in a modest house, on a reasonably big new estate about 30 miles south of Mistress Sofia. As they pulled onto the drive, Pansy began to sweat. Thoughts were going through his head as to what was coming next. He was very scared !

Master got out of the car, came to the boot, and opened the cage.

“Out bitch, NOW !”

Pansy got out of the cage, and his Master grabbed his leash and yanked him hard. Pansy almost fell out of the boot, making lots of noise from the bells. A passer by stopped and looked at Master

“Hi Joe, you have another one ?? Where do you find them ?”

“Hi Sarah, yes this one is new i have it for a week, a simple find this one, i’m borrowing it from a friend”

“Very nice, i love it’s pink outfit, very fetching” she laughed, “i guess we’ll be seeing her about a bit for this week then Joe ? a stint in the garden maybe ?”

Pansy’s mind raced, “a stint in the garden ? what ?” The thoughts were soon interrupted as Master yanked his leash

“Absolutely Sarah, in fact i think right now !”

Sarah laughed hard as Master dragged Pansy very tightly over to a pole in the middle of his front lawn. Pansy struggled, hobbled along, and with the bells making a lot of noise. Once at the pole, his Master undid one of the padlocks already hanging on it, and attached Pansy’s leash. Pansy was going no where, he was chained, gagged, in bright pink pvc, and now leashed in his Master’s front garden, with no idea just how long he was going to be spending there !

“Hey Joe, do you mind if i can take a photo so i can show my husband as well ?”

“Of course not Sarah, help yourself, the more this pathetic bitch is humiliated the better !”

Master locked the car and made his way inside. Pansy felt himself starting to cry, he couldn’t help thinking how much his previous life was now over, and there was nothing more than this for the rest. This did not deter Sarah at all from adding to his humiliation, she pulled out her phone, and started taking snaps, all the while laughing and taunting Pansy

He spent around 2 hours chained to the pole. All the while people were walking by laughing and taking snaps. He had the suspicion that what Master had said to him in the car was something his new Master had done many times before, as most of the people walking by were not bothered at all, they all just seemed to enjoy a good laugh, almost as if they knew that he was locked there for exactly that purpose.

When David returned, he pushed the button on the remote control, and laughed at Pansy jumping.

“Better get used to it bitch, crying isn’t going to help you, you should have thought about this before you dabbled with being a pansy ass faggot !” he laughed and pressed the button again, and laughed again at Pansy jumping.

He took hold of Pansy’s leash and unlocked it from the pole.

“Kneel bitch”

Pansy knelt straight away, he already new that if he didn’t his Master would hit him with shock again without hesitation.

“Head down faggot, NOW!” his Master demanded, and hit the shock button again

Pansy jumped and quickly put his head down. He sensed that there were likely a lot of neighbours all watching this happen, he had the feeling that this was often his Master’s way. His Master yanked his leash.

“Follow me pinky, on your hands and knees, like the low life tranny dog you are !”

Pansy followed as he was told, he didn’t want to feel the voltage again. He knew most of the street were watching and laughing, but what could he do ?

Once inside, in the hallway, his Master ordered him to kneel, and stay. Pansy now knew that doing anything other than ordered would be very stupid. His Master went upstairs for a little while, and Pansy could hear him looking through boxes. When his Master returned he had a big smirk on his face.

“Now then bitch, it’s just as well you’re wearing pvc, you have a lot of cleaning to do, and it’s always easy to wipe pvc clean afterwards” he laughed

Pansy saw what it was his Master had been to fetch, a long chain with a padlock at either end. His Master locked one end to the radiator in the hallway, then order Pansy to put his head down.

“Head down bitch ! Let’s get you secure.”

He attached the other end of the chain to Pansy’s collar. Pansy was now going nowhere until his ordeal was done.

“Follow me pinky”

On hands and knees Pansy followed his Master, chain rattling and pvc rustling, through the living room and out in the kitchen. It hadn’t been cleaned and cleared up in a week by the look of it.

“I want this cleaned bitch, i want it all shiny and sparkling, do you understand faggot ??”

“Ymmff mfffmfffff” Pansy tried to reply

“Good, get to it, if you do it well i may remove your gag, if not, you get volts and will do it until you get it right pinky”

His Master left the kitchen and Pansy quickly got to work. It was hard doing with his ankles and wrists still chained, but he still worked as hard as he could scrubbing and cleaning. First he did the dishes, making sure to do the glasses first so as they didn’t smear at all. Next he wiped all the work tops down and polished them to a shine, all the while with his face nearly on the work tops due to the length of chain from his collar to his wrists. Once everything else was done, Pansy got on her knees and scrubbed the floor, again with her face almost on the floor. Once everything was done, he stood to one side of the kitchen door, with his hands in front, as far down as they would go restricted by the chains, and hung his head down, just as his Mistress had trained him to.

His Master noticed the lack of chain movement and knew that his bitch must be done. He got up from watching the television, and walked into the kitchen.

“All done are we faggot ?” he laughed, “shall we have a look ?”

His Master walked around the kitchen, looking at the floor, and the clean worktops

“Well done Pansy, very well done, your Mistress would be ……. Errrrr what exactly is this ???”

His Master pointed out a speck of what looked like Marmite on the worktop

“Well slut what is this ???”

“Mfffmmm dmmfm nmffferrr mffrmrmf” Pansy tried to reply

His Master pulled out the remote control for his collar and hit it repeatedly. Pansy jumped at the volts, but was unable to make any sounds other than little muffled attempts at “arrghhh”

“Do it all again, now, you pathetic pvc tranny bitch, NOW do it !”

Pansy immediately got to it. He redid all of the washing up, recleaned all of the worktops, making sure he didn’t miss anything this time, then got on his hands and knees and redid the floor. He was aching all over by the time he had finished and got back in his place. Again his Master heard the lack of chain rattling and returned.

“Now then faggot, shall we have another look ?”

His Master checked his work, and this time he was happy

“Well done Pansy, this time my pink pvc faggot friend, you have done the work satisfactorily. I’ll remove your gag, but be worked, one foot out of line, and it goes straight back in, are we understood faggot ?”

“Ymffff mmfffmmrrrr” Pansy tried to reply

Master removed Pansy’s gag

“What do you say faggot ??”

“Thank you Master” Pansy replied and did his best to curtsey

“Now then faggot, i want to hear what you are, tell me ?”

Knowing full well either the gag would go back in or the volts would be given, or both, Pansy replied right away “i’m a pathetic pvc tranny faggot Master”

His Master laughed hard, “well done faggot, looks like the shock collar is paying off”

“Thank you Master”

“You’re very welcome faggot, now let’s get a photo with your face full shown now the gag is off”

“Yes Master”

Master pulled out his camera and order “get that head up faggot, i want your face fully shown”

“Yes Master” Pansy replied and put his head up fully

His Master clicked the button and the photo was taken, “what do you say faggot ?”

“Thank you for taking my photo Master”

“Is that all faggot ??”

Pansy thought for a moment, “Thank you for taking my photo Master, i hope you will humiliate me with it Master”

“You are most welcome slut boy, and yes i will humiliate you with it, why ever else would i want a photo of you ?? For now though faggot, i want you out of the way”

His Master pulled on his leash. Pansy followed without hesitation to a cupboard under the stairs. His Master opened the door, and inside was a cage. He unlocked it.

“In bitch, get in there now”

Pansy did as he was told, and got in the cage. His Master padlocked it, and shut the door behind him. Pansy was now alone in the dark with only his thoughts and fears now of what was to come for the rest of this week. He started to cry.



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  1. Excellent as always Mistress what a lucky pansy to have someone like you to progress his training even if it is for a limited time.


  2. How humiliated it must have been ! The black and red uniform in the photo really suits it, but when do we get to see the pink one worn in the story lol ? I’m assuming it was true ?


  3. Did you release him from his contract afterwards ? If you didnt. how much do you charge to hire him ? I would love to abuse and humiliate him for a week.


  4. OMG I love that photo he looks like he has completely given up any resistance at all ! And the look on your face just confirms how much a worthless controller pathetic sissy loser he has become ! Why on earth did you release him ??


      1. Order “him” back to it, and don’t take no for an answer. Losers like this should be kept this way permanently, they shouldn’t get to pick and choose ! We look forward to seeing more 🙂


  5. I absolutely love that’s photo, he looks completely broken Sofia, and as the other poster above points out, the look on your face says it all, perfect ! I have to say, if I’d have owned him, i too would have been extremely resistant to his release. Do you think there is any chance of his return Sofia ? Either by his own choice, or otherwise (evil grin) ? It sounds like there are more readers than just myself that would love to see Pansy back in his outfits being humiliated much more (evil grin)


  6. That is pure genius Sofia I bet he had no idea at all that he was going to be under the *complete* control of a male dominant did he, how humiliating, lol. Miss Saffy x




  8. Google never ceases to disappoint us. Searched for “ridiculous pvc faggot” and the delightful photo appeared(saved for future amusement of course). After clicking through, we found your story, what a read ! We do so hope it is true.
    The Dom Couple


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