Airport, Flip Flops, Flight

it was a hot day, consequently I decided to travel dressed casually, which included wearing flip flops.   My logic being once on the plane I could discard them for the duration of the flight, much more comfortable than closed in shoes.


I arrived at the airport early so decided to have a coffee before checking in.   I sat down, crossed my legs and opened my emails.   I was faintly aware of someone sitting on the table opposite me but I didn’t look up, that is until I was very conscious of his eyes on me. I slowly raised my head and realised he was totally engrossed in watching my foot as I gently rocked it up and down.   I smiled inwardly.   He was so engrossed he hadn’t noticed that I was aware he was watching me.   I let my flip flop drop down a little showing the high arch of my foot.   His eyes followed my every move.   Eventually I allowed my flip flop to fall to the floor exposing my carefully pedicured foot.   I heard him let out a little gasp.   I wiggled my toes, stretched my foot, then couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh.   He immediately looked up and his eyes locked onto mine.   I smiled but he was too embarrassed and quickly looked away.   But my, he was handsome, early 40s, dark hair and piercing dark eyes.

He eventually composed himself and raised his head to look at me.   This time he smiled, I smiled back then slipped my foot back into my flip flop, stood up, then taking hold of my flight bag I walked away.

Much to my annoyance my flight was delayed by an hour so I went to a bar and had a glass of Chardonnay.   I’d bought a crossword book, very unlike me but after doing a couple of crosswords the time soon flew by.

Eventually I boarded the plane . My allocated seat was a middle one which didn’t enthrall me but i would have to make do.   As I reached the seat the outside one was already occupied, a man busy on his laptop.

”Sorry, excuse me”

He looked up and imagine my surprise, it was the man from the coffee shop.   He had the grace to blush but stood up to let me in.   The plane took off the window seat still empty, I decided to stay where I was.   As soon as we were in the air I slipped my feet out of my flip flops, crossed my legs high and began to gently massage my foot.   It immediately caught his attention, which I knew it would.   I could feel his eyes on my foot.   Then he suddenly said, in the most beautiful French accent

“You have the most exquisite feet madam“

I laughed softly

“Thank you  I do take care of them“

Eventually he said

“Would you like me to massage them for you? It would be a great honour “

”That’s very nice, thank you I would like that”

He gently stroked my feet one after the other.   Even when the steward came around with his trolley, he didn’t stop, much to the steward’s amusement.

We began chatting, just small talk.   He was a business man who was used to flying a lot and said he found it tedious.   We had a coffee together and carried on chatting, although his eyes didn’t leave my feet for long.

After a while he paused, our eyes met, he bent down and quietly whispered in my ear

“would you like to join the mile high club ?”

I smiled, picked up my bag and took out a small notebook.   I turned to the page marked “ Bucket list” I scanned down it, but much to my dismay, it wasn’t on my list

So, did I ?


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  1. I Don’t think you did. But perhaps played him like a fish and will reel him in when you are ready. Perhaps a secluded beach. xx


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