The Signature

Pansy pulled up outside his Mistress’s house. He checked his wig was on straight, his lipstick was right, his collar was tight, and got out of the car. He made his way to the front door where Mistress Sofia was already waiting for him, chuckling a little as he slowly made his way across the driveway in his 6 inch heels. Sofia was dressed in a black short sleeved loose fitting top, black leather trousers, and calf length black leather boots.


“Come in Pansy, hurry up, i have a surprise for you” Sofia said.

“Yes Mistress, coming Mistress”

Pansy stepped in side wondering what humiliation Mistress now had in store for him. He was wearing what he had been instructed to wear, a black pvc maid uniform with a large puffed up skirt, and high heels, expertly polished and was very noticeable in the sun when he had made his way across the drive. He was also wearing a collar and leash as he had been instructed to always do.

Sofia took hold of Pansy’s leash and led him through to the kitchen and pointed to a printed and stapled document on the table.

“There Pansy, a surprise for you, but first i want coffee, make me one!”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy made Mistress a cup of coffee, as he normally does when he arrives. Once ready, Pansy placed the coffee on the dining table in front of where his Mistress was sitting.

“Now Pansy, whilst i drink, you will read. Pick it up, kneel down in the corner, and read it to yourself” she said with a grin.

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy picked up the document, went to the corner, and knelt. Mistress got up, and attached his leash to the nearby radiator. Pansy began to read.

“I do hope you enjoy Pansy, as much as i already am” Sofia said in a sarcastic voice

As Pansy read he became fearful, very fearful. This was a contract, a sissy contract that had been tailored into a pansy-boy/humiliation-toy contract, and the more he read, the more he realised just how extreme this contract was.

There were many terms in this contract, but to list but a few :

He was to wear shiney female outfits whenever and wherever the owner commanded
He was to always address the owner as Mistress/Master as well as to address everyone else as Madame/Sir
He would work in certain roles such as housemaid, office girl, salon girl or shop assistant in his shiny female clothing as and when the owner demanded
He would serve who ever the owner commanded in any of the above roles
He was to say thank you for any humiliation or mockery targeted at him

The contract was for a term of 1 year, but he then spotted “This is a transferable contract”, and the sheets at the back were transfer sheets, where one owner could sign him into the ownership of another.

He was now panicking “Oh god, Mistress can’t be serious ? She’s not going to have me sign this ?” he thought. “If i sign this, that’s it, life is over, there is no way out. She already has enough identifiable photos to keep me very very under control why does she need this too ??” His heart was pounding and he could feel he was sweating hard under his pvc uniform. “I can’t sign this, i really can’t” he thought.

Whilst Pansy was reading, Sofia drank her drink and enjoyed every moment of watching Pansy’s complexion turn very pale.

“Happy Pansy ? Do you see the trouble i’ve gone to for you. I saw that on the internet, and thought how perfect it would be with a few modifications. You are enjoying it aren’t you ?”

Pansy swallowed hard and replied in a very nervous dry mouth voice “Yes Mistress, it was a great read”, hoping that she was just having fun winding him up and making him sweat. The one thing he had thought, was that in order for a contract to be legal he knew that a witness had to sign as well, and there was only his Mistress and him in the house.

Sofia got up and removed Pansy’s leash from the radiator.

“Go fetch a pen Pansy, lets get you signed up” she said with a laugh, “i can’t wait to make you legal property Pansy” she continued

“Yes Mistress” he replied, he knew any disobedience would result in extreme internet humiliation or a session locked to the supermarket trolleys again !

He quickly went to his Mistress’s study, his uniform rustling as he moved, and picked up a pen. He returned to the dining table and set the pen in front of his Mistress.

“Now Pansy, lets get you signed in shall we” she said as she picked up the pen, removed the top, and passed it to him.

He gulped hard, “Yes Mistress”

Pansy took the pen, as Mistress pointed to where she wanted his signature.

“There Pansy, sign your name there, your real name Pansy, and your AKA underneath”

“Yes Mistress” he replied very sheepishly.

He was scared, very scared. His signature on this contract would really be the end of life as he knew it. He started to think about it, panic about it, and wish that this wasn’t real. His thoughts were quickly broken

“PANSY, SIGN IT, NOW ! Well, unless you want a photo or two making their way onto my social media accounts. Your choice Pansy, you have 10 seconds to sign it”

Pansy had no more time to think and he knew that his Mistress would not worry at all about publicly humiliating him on the internet. If he didn’t sign this, then his life would be over any way, at least it wouldn’t be legally binding though, with no witness. He signed it.

“There now, wasn’t so difficult now was it Pansy ??” she laughed, “now, you are my legal property. Aren’t you lucky Pansy ?” she laughed even more

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” Pansy replied

Pansy still held out hope that she might be winding him up, hoping she might laugh and tear the contract in half at any moment. This was not to be. Mistress picked up the pen, filled in the date, printed her name, and signed her part.

“All mine now Pansy, well almost, we just need David to sign as a witness, then it’s legal, he should be here by now”

Pansy’s heart sank, he knew that with the witness signature as well, this was one hundred percent legally watertight and he was locked into it. At least she had only set the term as 1 year though. He was sure he could make it through one year in this. Again his thoughts were broken, when the doorbell rang.

“That will be David, answer the door Pansy”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy answered the front door. It was David, one of Mistress’s friends, as expected. He was a tall guy, he must have been in his mid 50s, maybe early sixties. He was dressed smart-casual, in black trousers, leather shoes, and a blue shirt. Pansy curtsied and greeted David, as a lady walked her dog passed the house, and he couldn’t help noticing her grinning.

“Hello Pansy, i love the uniform, very shiny, and big, and it really does suit you” David said and smirked at him

“Thank you Sir, Please come in Sir”

Pansy let David in and showed him through to where his Mistress was sitting. David sat down, whilst Pansy stood by the kitchen door waiting for his next instruction.

“Hello David, how are you ?”

“i’m great Sofia, business is good, how are you ?”

“I’m good too. Would you like a coffee ? Pansy, fetch David a coffee”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy went to the kitchen and made David a coffee. Meanwhile Mistress and her friend spent a bit of time chatting and laughing.

“You really do have him well trained now Sofia, i can’t believe you even have him answering the door like that now !”

“Well you know David, a few photos in a few outfits with his face showing, that seems to motivate him to do as he’s told, i even took him to the supermarket the other day” she laughed, as did David

Pansy brought David’s coffee to him and set it on the table in front of him, curtsied, and then again returned to his position.

“Shall we get down to business David ?” Sofia asked.

“Lets get it signed” David replied.

Sofia slid the contract across the table to David and pointed to where the witness signature was required. Without any hesitation, David quickly signed his name, and printed it below. It was now legal. Pansy was now legal, saleable property, and all the while bound by the terms of the contract.

“There now Pansy, you are mine now, legally, and if you’re a good pansy boy, i won’t sell you”

David looked at Pansy and struggled to keep his face straight, he broke into laughter, and tried to get the words out “i bet you feel as stupid as you look now pansy boy”

This started Sofia laughing as well. Pansy stood in front of them, with his hands in front, and his head bowed as he had been trained to. He knew they were laughing very much at him, and he knew that his life of servitude and enforced female dressing now had a whole new level. “What have i done ??” he thought, but it was too late now.

The two friends continued to chat, and from time to time laughed at him and ridiculed him. At one point David pulled out his phone, and gestured toward Pansy, as if to ask if Sofia minded him taking a photo.

“No of course not David, go right ahead”

David took a few photos, and one close up one of his face. There was nothing he could do about it anymore, he was now property, with few if any rights at all still intact.

“I should get going Sofia, they’re expecting me at the office in a couple of hours and i need to pick up some papers from home before i go in, thanks for the coffee”

“Ok David, well thank you for helping me with this, and it was of course nice to see you, and i’ll see you soon”

“Absolutely we will, the deal is still good i take it ?” David asked

Pansy wondered what they were talking about, and whether this had anything to do with the document he had just signed.

“Of course it is, what did we say, the first 5 days of use free, and then twenty pounds a day from then on ?” Sofia confirmed

“That sounds perfect, could i use him tomorrow Sofia ? We don’t open until 9.30 am tomorrow, but if he could be there for that time that would be great”

“Of course, i have no plans for him, i will make sure he’s with you for 9.30, the white and black outfit as agreed ?”

“See you tomorrow Sofia”

“See you then”

Pansy was now scared, he had no idea what was going on, all he knew was he’d signed a contract, that was quite strict and demanding, and that his Mistress could now have him work for who ever she wished !

“Pansy, show David out”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy showed David to the door, opened it for him, and curtsied as he walked by.

“We’ll see you tomorrow then Pansy, at the office, i think you’re going to make a good secretary, and receptionist, you appear to be very obedient, and i suspect you’re going to make quite the gimmick for the business” he said as he tapped his hand on Pansy’s behind, “don’t be late Pansy”

“No Sir”

Was this really happening to him ? How was he going to deal with this. His Mistress has arranged to let a business man use him as a secretary and receptionist. How was he going to handle being in total humiliation in front of all of David’s customers, and possibly other employees. There was no doubt all of them would be laughing and phone snapping. He returned to the kitchen where his Mistress was sitting. He curtsied and returned to his submissive position.

“Now Pansy, you will go and find your white and black outfit, and you will polish until you can see your face in it. Tomorrow you are going to work in David’s office, you will be there for the whole day, and if you let me down, i will either put some of your photos out there, i may even sell you, maybe even to a master, which i’m sure you’d enjoy, but most likely to begin with i’ll just extend your contract term” she laughed

“Extend my contract term Mistress ? But i, i thought, i thought that ……”

“You thought what Pansy ?? I told you to read it, and you obviously haven’t. Did you not see the clause that outlines how the owner of the contract can extend the term solely at their own discretion ??” she laughed even more, “Pansy, you really are in deep now, you do realise this don’t you ?”

“Yes Mistress, i think i am” he nervously replied

He knew there was no way out now, short of serving out the year on the contract without making any mistake or giving his Mistress any reason to extend his contract, and even then he knew that wouldn’t guarantee she wouldn’t.

“Now Pansy, get on with your outfit for tomorrow, i’m sure you don’t want to let David down, that would be letting me down also”

“No Mistress”

“Now get to it, whilst i compile a list of other potential customers for your services”




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