Slave’s Proof of Devotion

His legs were wide apart, firmly secured at the ankles and chained to the bar. In between the bar there was a pole that went up as far as his genitals. At the top of the pole there was a vice that was lined with thick sandpaper. His cock and balls were firmly trapped inside, making movement impossible, and any attempts extremely painful. His arms were cuffed tightly behind his back. There was a leather band around his head, with a chain leading from it and tightly attached between his cuffs, making it impossible to move his head. He was tightly gagged and blindfolded. This is how his Mistress had left him the previous night. He wasn’t aware what time or how long ago. Time had stood still, but it seemed like forever. He was exhausted, aching and very thirsty. Just as he was beginning to despair he heard the door open, then the clicking of heels as his Mistress walked across the room, stopped and looked at him. She was smiling. She held a little black cane in her hand which she tapped against her boot rhythmically. He could hear it and it made him nervous. She unfastened and removed the gag.


“Did you have a pleasant night slave ?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you for asking”

The tapping of the cane became more urgent and he felt panic rising. He tried to quell it. He was totally immobilised, at her mercy, and he was only too aware that mercy wasn’t her strong point. Suddenly he felt the agonising sting of her cane as it came down across his cock which stuck out from the vice, much too tempting for her to resist. Three, four, times she brought it down, each time leaving a thin purple welt across his shaft. He tried his utmost to be silent, but the pain was too much and he cried out. This seemed to inflame his Mistress, as he knew it always did. He was very aware she was cruel and sadistic and had been since the first time she beat him mercilessly until he could feel the blood running.

“I suppose you will be begging me to release you slave ?”

“Only if it pleases you Mistress”

She laughed, but it was a cold laugh, no warmth in it.

“You’re lucky slave, i have work for you to do”

She unlocked his chains, and freed him from the stocks. He fell to his knees and kissed her boots.

“Thank you Goddess, i hope i pleased you”

“Moderately slave, now prepare the room, we have guests and you are to be the entertainment”

His heart sank. Mistress Sofia left the room. He worked hard preparing the dining room. There were 30 guests in all, some Masters, some Mistresses. It was a long banquet table with starched white table clothes. Four candelabras across the table. The cutlery was polished silver, which had taken him a while as he knew it had to be done correctly, and he knew without a doubt she would check every single piece. Once he was happy with the dining area he went through the door and into the playroom. He looked at the two posts, each with a big heavy hook in. He picked up the plaited rope and attached a piece to each hook. There was chain at the end of each rope. He did the same lower down, knowing that his wrists and his ankles would be chained, his legs wide apart. He knew exactly what to expect. He was to be the focus of their entertainment. He knew they would be drinking Dom Perignon most of the evening and would be very tipsy which always made them sadistic.

Once he had finished the preparations, he went to his Mistress’s room and knocked quietly on the door.

“Come !”

He entered and fell to his knees. She was wearing a white dress with just one shoulder strap, the other being bare. It was ankle length and split at the front to the top of her thigh, showing her long shapely brown legs. She had on a pair of silver sandals with a high heel. Her hair was up in a silver clip with a few strands twirling around her neck.

“Are we done slave ?”

“Yes Mistress, all ready for your inspection”

She picked up a leash and as she walked past him she clipped it expertly onto his collar. Without a word she pulled on the leash and led him down the long staircase and into the dining room. She was meticulous in her inspection but slave had been meticulous in his work as he knew the consequences. She gave no praise, except a slight nod of her head. Then she went into the playroom. She walked up to the two posts, took hold of the ropes and pulled, hard, on them. She looked at him and smiled. He bent and bowed his head.

“Good, very well, you will stay in here now, my sissies will deal with the rest”

The guests arrived, excited, Sofia’s soirees were always enjoyable. The dinner was excellent, as was the champagne. All through dinner slave was waiting in the playroom on his knees. He was calm and focussed, he knew what to expect, he had been here before, and although the pain was excruciating, he bore it for his Mistress.

Dinner was over. Sofia stood up.

“Come everybody, into the playroom, i have a little treat for you.”

They all left the table and went into the playroom. It was a beautiful room, reds and blacks. Every kind of implement imaginable. Sofia instructed them all to choose whatever they’d like to use. She directed two of her slaves, to put the chosen one into the ropes and the chains. Then the fun began.

The Mistresses went first, of course. There wasn’t an implement he didn’t receive, bullwhips, dragon canes, sjambok, floggers, leather straps. He took it all. Once the Mistresses had had their fill, the Masters took over. Luckily there were only four. By the end he was raw and bleeding, but it was of no concern to the guests. They chatted amicably and left the room. Sofia stayed there for a moment, and turned to the two slaves

“Untie him and clean him up” Then she left

The evening had been successful, all her guests kissed her and thanks her, each one showing their admiration

“Always a pleasure, such a good evening Sofia”

“Thank you darlings, we’ll do it again soon.”

She closed the door, not bothering to check to see if her slave was ok. She was too tired for that. She went to bed.






2 thoughts on “Slave’s Proof of Devotion

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  1. The sign of a real Mistress utter contempt for her slave.
    April has been a wonderful month for us followers with so many wonderful readings.
    Thank you Mistress.


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