Miss Sofia Humiliates Pansy At The Supermarket

It was a sunny May day, about 2pm, Pansy was dressed as his Mistress had instructed, a black and red pvc blouse, a black pvc pencil skirt, patent thigh boots, along with a blonde bob wig, big hoop earrings, lipstick and of course a posture collar and lead.


As Pansy got out of his car the sun helped to show just how gleaming his pvc attire was. Pansy locked his car, and as he was making his way to his Mistress’s front door, a car drove by, and started to slow. The occupants had obviously seen Pansy, as he was very hard to miss in full pvc with the sun shining on it. The car horn beeped, and as it slowly drove by, the occupants made no effort to hide the fact they were laughing hard at Pansy in his outfit. It was almost as though they instinctively knew that being laughed at is exactly what Pansy wanted.

Oddly, Pansy felt good about this and he hoped that his Mistress might have seen what had just happened. This was nothing new to Pansy, as he was no ordinary cross dresser. Over the years, Pansy had always had a fantasy of serving an older lady and being forced to dress in shiny over the top very visible eye catching pvc, satin, and rubber female clothing. He was very much what you might term as a submissive humiliation toy, and he had now been under the control of a very demanding, controlling, and very real Mistress for some months.

During this time his Mistress, Sofia, had very much taken control of his dressing. Whenever she told him to wear his outfits, he would do so without complaint, question or arguement. He was very much under his Mistress’s control. He had started as a consensual crossdresser, serving his Mistress dressed in his pansy clothes as and when she required. Soon though, she had taken some very identifiable photos of him in his Pansy clothes, photos that she knew he would very much prefer were never shared, or published, especially not on the internet, which gave her complete control, and he knew it ! Questioning, arguing, or complaining were all things that he knew would result in extreme internet humiliation.

He knocked on his Mistress’s front door. The door opened and his Mistress was in front of him. She was dressed very smartly in a business suit. He lowered his head and looked at her feet.

“Good morning Pansy, inside !” she said in a rather direct tone whilst grabbing his leash and pulling

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy followed the leash. Mistress had pulled it down so that Pansy was not able to stand up straight. The leash was kept tight and short as Mistress lead him through to her kitchen. She let go of his leash.

“First i want a cup of coffee Pansy, then i will tell you about the little treat i have in store for you today”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

Pansy made Mistress a coffee, and placed it in front of where she was sitting.

“Thank you Pansy, now kneel” she said and took a hold of his leash again

Pansy knelt, and bowed his head, as far as his posture collar would allow, looking to Mistress’s feet. Mistress took some sips of her coffee. Some minutes passed with nothing being said, and Mistress continuing to drink her coffee whilst looking down at her slave, and occasionally yanking his leash. Pansy, knowing the consequences of misbehaving, didn’t move from his kneeling position once, and remained silent. Eventually the silence was broken

“Coffee’s good Pansy, you’ll make some one a good wife one day.” she laughed sarcastically

“Thank you Mistress”

“Now Pansy, i have a bit of a treat for you today. I need some grocery shopping, and rather than me having to push the trolley about, i thought it would fun to have you do that for me, being as you are so so shiney today !” she laughed.

Pansy felt nervous and his stomach began to churn, he knew that Mistress had no hang ups at all about humiliating him. She always had him walk from his car to her house without covering up what he was wearing, and always enjoyed knowing when some one had been laughing at his expense. She’d even shown him to a few of her friends, colleagues and associates, all with the same effect, alot of laughing and photos being taken. His days of having any say in the matter had long gone, since those photos had been taken. He knew without a doubt that she was serious, and he was going to be going to the local supermarket in full female pvc and that everyone would be laughing at him.

“Thank you Mistress, i’m always happy to obey Mistress, but, hmm well …..”

“No buts Pansy, don’t even think about questioning me, not unless you want a photo or two making their way out onto social media? You can’t wait to go to Tescos with me can you Pansy ?”

“You are correct Mistress, of course, i absolutely cannot wait Mistress”

“Good. As soon as i finish my coffee we’ll get going.”

“Yes Mistress”

Mistress finished her drink, she leaned over Pansy, and put a padlock in his collar and leash, there was no removing it now. She stood up and yanked on Pansy’s leash, he stood, keeping his head lowered and always looking at Mistress Sofia’s feet. She lead him out of the front door, locked it behind her, and lead him over to his car. Just before they reached the car, a neighbour was walking by and stopped to talk to Sofia.

“Wow, look at that one ! Is it new ?” he asked, whilst looking at Pansy

“Fairly, i’ve had him a month or so now”

“I love it’s outfit, nice and shiney” he said and grinned

“Well it wouldn’t be wise for it not to be shiney, now would it Pansy ?”

“No Mistress, not at all Mistress”

“Oh my god is that it’s name ? Pansy ?” the neighbour laughed “see you soon Sofia”

Pansy opened the passenger door for Mistress, and closed it after she stepped in. He got in the driver’s seat, started the car and began the drive to Tesco. It was only a short distance away, but in the space of time it took, he was very aware that already 4 or 5 people had spotted him and either pointed or laughed or both. He was getting very nervous of what was to come at the supermarket !

They pulled up in the supermarket car park. Mistress instructed Pansy to park in a space that was furthest away from the supermarket entrance. She wanted to revel in humiliating him as she walked him across the carpark.

Pansy got out, locked his door, walked around to the passenger door and opened it for his Mistress. Sofia got out and straight away took Pansy’s leash. He closed the door, and locked it. He was now very very aware that he was in full view of everyone who was in the busy car park and he was already drawing stares and laughs !

“Heel !” Mistress ordered and yanked his leash

Pansy instantly followed Mistress, he had little choice, she always kept him on a very very tight leash. He wondered how many people must already be looking, staring and laughing. He daren’t look. The only thing he could do now, was concentrate on his Mistress’s commands and obey as quickly as possible. He followed behind her down the car park towards the supermarket entrance as she tugged his leash every now and again. He could hear laughs, and comments all the way.

“Oh my god, what the fuck is that ???”

“Love the outfit !!”

“We should maybe get you an outfit like that Dave”

Soon they were inside the supermarket and things were not going to get any easier for Pansy. They got to the trollies. Mistress passed a pound coin to Pansy

“Unlock a trolley Pansy”

“Yes Mistress”

Pansy put the pound coin the deposit lock, and pulled a trolley out. All the while he could see out of the corner of his eye that people were staring at him and laughing as they walked by. Mistress yanked the leash. Pansy pushed the trolley along next to Mistress and they made their way into the store.

They walked in past a security guard, and Pansy was partly hoping the security guard may tell them that they couldn’t come in like that, but, it wasn’t to happen. Instead the security guard laughed at Pansy and simply said

“Hi Sofia, how’s it going ?”

“Fine thanks, just need a spot of shopping” she replied.

There was no getting out of this for Pansy now, and he knew it. That was his last bastion of escape gone. This ordeal was going ahead no matter what.

They made their way around the isles, Mistress picking things up that she wanted and putting it in the trolley. Then she would tug his leash so he knew to start pushing again. People were pointing, staring, laughing and commenting the whole time. Pansy felt 2 inches tall, very very emabarrassed, he knew just how much he was totally owned and under Mistress’s control. It was either this or being completely exposed on social media.

They got to the wine isle, and Mistress stopped, picked up a bottle of White Zinfandell, and put it in the trolley. She was about to tug Pansy’s leash, when a couple approached in front of her.

“Excuse me, don’t i know you ?”, and before Sofia had chance to reply the lady screeched, “Oh my god, you’re the lady from First Dates ! Look Geoffrey it’s the lady from First Dates !”, he smiled sheepishly

“Can i get my photo with you please ??” the lady continued, she seemed quite excited about meeting Mistress

“Of course you can. Not a problem”

The lady stood next to Mistress, and unexpectedly, Mistress tugged Pansy’s leash so that he was pulled into the shot. His posture collar prevented him from hiding his face. The husband pressed the phone button and the photo was taken.

“Thank you thank you” said the now excited lady

Mistress Sofia looked at Pansy

“What do you say Pansy ??”

He didn’t know what to say, so he had to guess what he thought Mistress was alluding to

“Thank you for taking my photo Madame”

“Good” said Mistress Sofia

They continued on with the shop, all the while more and more shoppers looking and laughing at Pansy.

“Wow check out the shiny lad” laughed one guy

“FAGGOT !!” another guy said rather loudly

“Shouldn’t that be leashed outside ??” a lady remarked

He was feeling very very small by this point. They soon approached the checkout, and Pansy thought to himself “this will soon be all over, just try not to pay attention to your surroundings for a little longer”. They queued for a little while, which was awkward, as standing in one place, people were seeing him even more. The pointing, stares and laughs continued.

After a few minutes they were at the checkout.

“Love the outfit, nice and shiney, it really suits you!” the girl behind the checkout remarked, with a huge grin on her face, she was obviously making fun of him.

“Thank you Madame” Pansy replied, whilst Mistress Sofia chuckled with the checkout girl

Pansy loaded the shopping up on the conveyer belt, and quickly packed it into bags at the other end as it came through. Soon it would be over, all he had to do was get this shopping packed and get it back to the car. As soon as the shopping was packed in bags and back in the trolley, Mistress dealt with paying, whilst the checkout girl tried hard not to laugh at Pansy.

Payment paid, Mistress tugged Pansy’s leash and lead him away from the checkout. Pushing the trolley was quite hard going in 5 inch heel thigh boots, it was hard for Pansy to get the leverage he needed to push the heavy trolley, he tried hard though, all he wanted to do now was get out of view ! They made their way to the exit, but, before they got there, someone stopped Sofia.

“You’re the lady i saw on TV aren’t you ?” a guy asked

“Yes that could have been me” she replied

“I love the slave ! lovely outfit” the guy remarked with a laugh

Sofia chuckled, and yanked Pansy’s leash, “say hello Pansy !”

“Hello Sir”

The guy laughed, “is it a he or a she ?”

“A bit of both really, maybe an ‘it’ would be more appropriate” she laughed

“Can i get a photo of it, for my Facebook ? My friends will never believe me otherwise” the guy asked

Pansy now felt less than 2 inches tall, and totally at his Mistress’s mercy now. Not only would it be another photo taken by a stranger, but this guy was saying specifically he wants to put it on Facebook ! Pansy knew whatever she said, he would have no choice but to obey, and he was scared, as he already knew she had no problem humiliating him at all.

Mistress looked at Pansy, and grinned a grin that he knew. He know it was the grin she did when she was enjoying something, and he knew she was about to enjoy his humiliation.

She looked back at the guy and replied “Of course you can. How would you like it ?”

The guy laughed and said “Would you mind if i took it’s leash, and you take a photo of me with it next to me ? Would that be ok ?”

“Perfect, i think that will definitely be the one for Facebook” she said and laughed. She passed Pansy’s leash to the guy and told him to stand next to him.

The guy passed Sofia his phone, and pointed out how to take the photo. Sofia raised the phone, and took the snap. There was no face hiding possible for Pansy, the posture collar was way too high to lower his head so his face was out of sight. She took a couple more and passed the phone back.

“Thanks for that, much appreciated” the guy said smiling

“No problem at all, just out of interest how many friends do you have on your Facebook ?” Sofia asked

“Not too many, about 2000 or so” he replied

Pansy felt himself start to sweat under the pvc. “That’s seriously a lot of people who are about to see me when those photos get put on Facebook, and i bet they all share them ! I’m going to be a laughing stock !” he thought. He kept his thought to himself though, to argue or complain would not be a good idea, not whilst Mistress had the identifiable photos, and would have no hesitation in compromising him on her very public high traffic site !

“Pansy, what do you say to the gentleman for taking your photo and putting it on Facebook ??” she asked

Not only was he going to be internet humiliated now, Mistress expected him to say thank you as well !

“Thank you Sir”

“Now, come along Pansy” she said as she tugged his leash and they made their way to the car.

They walked out of the store, and continued back up to the car, all the way, people still laughing at him and snapping photos on their phones.

Once at the car, Pansy opened the car doors. Mistress ordered Pansy to put her shopping in the boot which he obediently did. Three bags of shopping out of the trolley and into the boot.

“Now Pansy, lets get that trolley back”, she tugged his leash

Pansy followed along with Mistress down to the trolley bay, about half way between the car and the store entrance. “Almost done” he thought, “soon we will be driving home”. It was still very busy, and lots of people were still laughing, but soon it would be over.

“Put the trolley in place Pansy” she ordered

He did as he was told and slid the trolley into place. Before he realised anything, Mistress had grabbed the deposit lock chain, slid it through Pansy’s leash handle, and pushed it back into place. She removed the pound coin, and grinned at Pansy.

“You appear to be a little stuck Pansy” she chuckled

“Yes Mistress” he replied, he realised the ordeal was not over yet and his heart sank

“Now Pansy, give me your car keys, i’m going to go sit in the car, and enjoy watching every minute of your humiliation for the next hour”

He swallowed hard, gulped. This was very real. His collar and lead were locked, he was in full female pvc, and now chained in a busy car park, alone, for all to laugh at, and he knew without a shadow of a doubt she was going to leave him there.

He handed over the keys, “thank you Mistress”, he knew much better than to not thank his Mistress for humiliating him.

She took the car keys, gave the leash one last tug to make sure it was securely attached to the trollies.

“See you in an hour Pansy” she chuckle.

Pansy watched his Mistress walked away, her steps becoming less audible as she went. He watched her get in the car, and he knew, for the next hour, she would sit, watching, loving every minute of his humiliation. There was no getting out of this.

He stood there, trying to hang his head down a bit, not knowing at all what to do. He was lost and very very alone now. Within minutes people were walking by laughing at him, and making all manner of comments. Now he was there on his own, the comments and mocks were becoming more rude and extreme.

“Oh god look at this piece of shit glossy faggot !!” a young stocky guy commented as his friends laughed hard

“That leash should be shorter pansy boy ! you should be on your knees” one older lady commented

Pansy couldn’t believe how much harsher people were now without his Mistress there to protect him.

A group of females, all dressed smartly, and obviously on their lunch break, stopped by him. Four of the seven pulled out their phones. They stopped in front of the trolley bay and all took photos. Pansy was mortified.

“Thank you Madames” was the only thing he could think to say

They all laughed, and chuckled amongst themselves.

People were clearly not missing him. His outfit was shining and glinting in the sunlight. There really was no way they could miss him !

One guy came past with an empty trolley, put it back into the line of trolleys, clipped the deposit lock in and took his pound. He saw how Pansy was chained.

“Would you like me to unlock that for you ?” he asked

“Thank you for your kind offer but my Mistress would be furious” Pansy replied

The guy laughed hard and retorted “grow some balls” and left

Pansy was beginning to think that there was no way this was going to be any less than an hour. He glanced up to where his Mistress was sitting in the car, obviously enjoying the spectacle.

A few more people came by, laughed, and took photos. After a while a middle age woman brought a trolley back. She was quite a large woman. Pansy knew she was going to laugh at him, everyone else had. The lady was clearly not in a good mood. She slammed the trolley into place and looked at Pansy. She didn’t laugh, she just stared at him. She looked down to where his leash was attached to the deposit lock, then she looked back at Pansy and a small smirk appeared on her face. She said nothing. She undid the deposit lock and took hold of the leash, and refastened the deposit lock, taking her coin. Pansy wondered what was going to happen, he hoped Mistress could see what was going on, and really hoped he wasn’t about to be abducted !. Thankfully nothing like that happened, but, in a flash, the lady had threaded his leash through the push bar of a number of trolleys and pulled it through tight. Pansy now had little choice but to either bend over the trolleys or get on his knees. She undid a deposit lock further back, refastened Pansy’s leash, and left without a word !

He was now kneeling next to the trollies on an extremely short leash. People continued to walk by laughing and making comments, and having a good look and taking photos when they put their trolleys back. Surely it had to be nearly an hour now, surely his Mistress was coming to free him soon, surely this can’t get any worse !

“Oh god yes it can, *alot* worse !!” he thought as he saw the trolley collector guy approaching. “What’s this guy going to do ??” he thought.

“Well well well, what do we have here ??” the collector guy laughed

“A humiliation toy Sir, my Mistress has left me here for a bit” Pansy replied, whilst the guy laughed hard at him.

“Well we have a bit of a problem here humiliation toy, you’re locked to the trollies, and i have to move the trollies over to the front of the store, that’s my job”

Pansy thought to himself “oh no, please please please not right outside the front of the store, the most busiest place here !!” He felt himself sweating even more now !

“Maybe you could unlock the deposit lock that has me trapped here Sir ?” Pansy asked

“And pigs might fly tranny, the only lock i’m undoing is the one at the end, and the trollies, along with you, are going that way”, as he pointed to the front of the store.

Pansy saw the collector guy lean over the trolleys, he heard the click of a deposit lock being unfastened. He pulled on his leash to see if the guy had been joking or not, perhaps he might have released Pansy’s leash, but no, no no no, the leash was still tightly in place. He felt the jolt of the trolleys starting to move. He had no choice but follow the trolleys. The guy pulled the trolleys free of the trolley bay, with Pansy trying to hobble along bent over following to the side of the trollies. As the trolleys were pulled out, he caught a slight glimpse of his Mistress, sitting in his car, laughing frantically, which whilst he was in quite the predicament, did give him a good feeling of knowing he was really pleasing her.

The trolleys slowly made their way down to the front of the store, where the collector guy pushed them into place, with Pansy on the side of the trolleys that left him in full view of all shoppers, chained to the trollies on his knees in full female pvc attire. He heard the collector guy click the deposit lock into place, and he knew he was secured. He was going no where, he was a complete laughing stock until his Mistress or a member of the public saw fit to release him.

He remained there in place for the next 35 minutes, all the while people laughing, taking photos and videos. Eventually his Mistress came, she was laughing hard, she unlocked him, took his leash, and sparing him no mercy, yanked his leash hard, dragging him back up to the car.

They drove back in silence. Once they reached the house Mistress looked at Pansy and smiled.

“Well Pansy, did you enjoy your little treat ? Did you enjoy pleasing your Mistress ?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

“Good, the i shall have to think of something a little more exciting wont i ?”

Pansy’s heart sank, but he knew better than to plead, so he bent his head and thanked his Mistress for a wonderful day.

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