Facing Miss Jones

Miss Jones walked into her office.   She pulled out her chair, before she sat down, she smoothed down her black pencil skirt.   She undid the middle button of her jacket, so it just slipped to the sides of her hips, showing her white blouse and her cleavage.     She sat down and looked over her desk at the paperwork. Flicking through a few papers she saw the ones she needed. She put her elbow on the desk cupping her chin, she pushed her glasses up a little, and read the letter.   It gave her the ammunition she needed and she was more than a little excited. She put the letter down and pressed the intercom.


“Jessica, find Simon and send him in.”

She took some papers and started signing and filling out some detail waiting for him.   Then there was a knock on the door.

“Come in !”

Simon walked in.   He was a little hesitant, it wasn’t often he was called to his boss’s office, and he was nervous.   Miss Jones always made him nervous. She didn’t look up straight away, she was busy writing, which gave him the chance to look at her.   He started from the bottom, she wore black shiny patent heels, about a 5 inches, and black stockings, he knew they were stockings as her legs were crossed and he caught sight of one little suspender.   He was a handsome guy, he wore a dark grey suit, crisp white shirt and a little striped tie. His eyes were blue, and his hair was blonde, cut quite short, but just a bit wispy around the back. He was nervous now and started to fidget a little wishing she would hurry up.   Then she slowly looked up, and took hold of her glasses, slid them down her nose and off her face. She put the end of one of the arms of her glasses in her mouth and looked at him thoughtfully.

“Well Simon, do you know why you’re here ?”

“No Miss Jones, i was just sent for, and i’m curious”

“I’ve had a letter about your work, the work from Proplax, they’re not happy, and if they’re not happy, i’m not happy !”

“I didn’t get that impression Miss Jones, they seemed perfectly happy when i dropped everything off and the paperwork was all in order”

“Are you arguing with me ??”

“No Miss Jones, i would never do that”

“We have two ways to go on this don’t we Simon.   I need to send this to head office, or, i need to deal with it myself.   Now, the choice is yours”

He shuffled his feet, looking down at the floor.   He was tall, 6 foot 2, his body was lean and muscular, and yet Miss Jones, although slim and delicate looking, terrified him.   He’d heard a few stories, stories about the way she had dealt with some of her employees when she wasn’t happy with work. He’d never really believed them, but now looking at her, he wasn’t so sure.   He noticed that she’d picked up a cane from the side of the desk. She was holding it in both her hands. It was obviously rattan, she was bending it and straightening it nonchalantly as she spoke to him.

“Well Simon, have you made your mind up ??”

Simon knew if he chose head office, that would be the end for him.   He’d worked hard in the company, he knew what he had to do, he looked at her

“I’d rather you dealt with me Miss Jones, if that’s acceptable”

She smiled and stood up.   Walked around the desk, and slowly walked up to him, still holding the cane.   She slowly traced it down the front of his body until she knew exactly where the cane was resting, and with a quick flick of her wrist she caught him across his cock which she noticed had become hard.   He winced and doubled over.

“I’m sorry Miss Jones, i deserve that”

“Yes you did Simon, do you honestly think it’s acceptable to come into my office in an aroused state ?”

“No Miss Jones”

She walked over to the door, turned the key and pulled the blind.

“Well now, punishment’s in order isn’t it ?”

She was standing very close to him, and he could feel her breathe on his neck, and smell her Chanel No 5.   He didn’t move, not a muscle. She walked to the desk very slowly. As he watched her walking he became aroused again, he tried to stop it, he hoped it would go away, but he knew it wouldn’t.   As she reached the desk, she pushed the papers onto the floor, so that the desk was bare apart from the telephone and intercom which she left. She sat on the edge of the desk and crossed her legs.  Simon knew she was enjoying every minute. She took the cane and she slowly stroked it up and down her leg. He was mesmerised and couldn’t take his eyes from it.

“Come here”

He did as he was told until he was standing in front of her.   She lent forward a little which gave him a chance to see down her cleavage, which didn’t help matters.   Then he felt her hand on his waist band as she undid his button. He felt her slowly unzipping his trousers.   She slid off the desk

“Now stand central to the desk.   You watched me clear it didn’t you ?”

“Yes Miss Jones”

Then slowly he felt her hands on his trousers, as she slid them down his legs.    Then she slowly pulled down his boxers.

“Now bend over the desk !”

“Miss Jones, is it too late to change my mind and …”

“Is it what ??   Of course you can change your mind, and how do you think you’re going to carry on paying for that car that i watch you drive ?”

“Sorry Miss Jones” he bent over

He felt her hand on his buttocks, stroking gently.   It lulled him into a false sense of security and he thought “oh this is going to be ok” and then he felt the cane pressed against his bottom, and he heard the swish, seconds before it hit.   He shouted out


“I beg your pardon Simon ??”

“I’m sorry Miss Jones, i’m so sorry Miss Jones i wasn’t expecting that pain ?”

“Well now you know what to expect.    You will receive 24, exactly the same, and i want to hear ‘thank you Miss Jones’ after every single one!”

And so it started.   It seemed to go on forever, but when the 24th was done, he felt her hand again on his bottom.  She stroked it soothingly, but as she did, he felt the pain. She’d done a good job, the welts were raised and purple, and very even.   She was a master at what she did, and the enjoyment ensured that it was always perfect.

“Stand up ! Turn around !”

He was loathe to turn as his cock was hard, but he did as he was told.   She grabbed hold of his cock and squeezed it tightly.

“Well Simon, that obviously wasn’t so bad was it ?”

“No Miss Jones, thank you Miss Jones”

“Now, get yourself dressed”

He did as he was told.

“Well Simon let this be a lesson to you, i don’t want to have to repeat this.   Now you may leave, close the door on your way out”

By now Miss Jones was sitting at her desk, and the cane was nowhere to be seen, and she was already engrossed in her paperwork.   Simon closed the door behind him, feeling the heat and the pain on his bottom. He walked through the office, conscious of the stares, and wondered, how many of the staff knew what he’d just been through.


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