James’s Fantasy Becomes Reality

James had never considered visiting a dominatrix before.   He’d had ideas when he was younger, and he’d come across some things on the internet, and as he got older they’d stayed with him.   When he reached his early 20s, he’d had a few experiences. But only with girl friends. Silly little things, quite meaningless really.   He used to like a girlfriend to bend him over and spank his bottom. But then the moment would be ruined, because she’d end up all coy and embarrassed.   Another girlfriend he had, they’d experimented a little, and he’d bought some handcuffs. One occasion he handcuffed her to the bed, not quite knowing why as he always felt submissive, but she had insisted.


Things were going quite well until he realised that when the handcuffs had arrived, he’d thrown the brown envelope away, obviously containing the keys.   So, the experience held rather sour memories and brought this relationship to an abrupt end, after having had to call out a lock smith, although he did have the fore thought to cover her with a sheet first.

So he pushed his fantasies to the back of his mind, and tried to live a relatively “normal” life.   He became depressed and realised he couldn’t ignore it any longer. So he’d gone on to the internet, and searched, until he found a Mistress he felt he could connect with.   She was much much older than him, and he felt she would be more understanding, and so he booked a session.

Now here he was standing outside her playroom, his knees trembling, wondering whether to knock or not, when suddenly the door opened, and there she stood.   He’d seen on her website she was in her late 60s, but he thought she looked much younger. She was wearing a black leather catsuit and thigh length boots. Her hair was dark and long and she wore black rimmed glasses.  She smiled.

“Were you about to run away ?”

He felt himself blushing.

“No Mistress, really i wasn’t, i just felt, i just felt, i was nervous”

“Then you better come in, i can’t have you escaping.”

He entered and she shut the door and drew the curtain.   He watched as she walked over to her red leather chair and sat down.

“Well boy ??”

He was puzzled and didn’t know what to do or say, except “Well what ?”

“Well What ???   It’s obvious i’m your first Mistress isn’t it”

“Yes you are Mistress”

“Then i will forgive your insolence, you need to be on your knees”

“I’m sorry Mistress” he fell to his knees

“That’s more like it.   So, tell me about your experience, if any ?”

He related to her about his thoughts when he was younger, about the unfortunate experience with his girlfriend.   It didn’t escape his notice that she had smiled at the handcuffs story. Then he told her it had overtaken him and become an obsession and he couldn’t contain it any longer.

“So, you wish to serve do you ?”

“I do Mistress”

“And do you know how you wish to serve ?”

“I’m not sure i know what you mean Mistress”

“Well, do you want to be a pain slut, do you want to worship my feet, do you want to be a sissy”

“I don’t know Mistress, i haven’t thought about it and i’m not sure i like the thought of pain too much”

“And what about my feet ?”

“I don’t know, i’ve never thought about that much either Mistress”

She held out one of her legs

“Unzip my boot and remove it”

Her foot was bare, it was smooth and soft, and her nails were painted red.   She indicated towards her foot, and so he took hold of it. He felt a surge of excitement rush through his body.   Sofia noticed it. She smiled.

“Well now, you may bend and kiss my foot”

He did so.   His hands holding her foot and gently squeezing.   He kissed each toe, and then regardless of permission he began to lick each toe, pushing his tongue between, then licking up and down the sole of her foot.

“Yes, i think we can safely say you have a foot fetish”

“I’ve never realised it before Mistress, but you have beautiful feet, and all i want to do is hold them, kiss them, caress them, and worship them”

“Very well, stand up and take your clothes off”

He did as he was told, but he was very self conscious taking his clothes off in front of somebody old enough to be his mother.   It was something new to him. He soon felt as ease as his Mistress took absolutely no notice, even though his cock was very hard.

“Down on your knees, put my boot back on, and lie down”

He lay on his back and his Mistress stood up.   He felt her boots as she climbed onto him, and walked down his stomach to his cock.   She stood on it. Both her heels were on his cock pressing hard into it. He bit his lip, he didn’t want to cry out, he didn’t want to make a bad impression.   She looked down at his face, and he could see she was smiling in a sadistic manner. She jumped once, it took his breathe away, then she stepped off. She looked down and was happy to see his cock now red and marked.

“Now get up, onto your knees”

His cock was still hard, but obviously in pain.

“Take my boots off now”

He did as he was told.  His cock was hot, throbbing and sore.   Suddenly he felt her soft feet around it.   She moved her feet, and within in two seconds he had cum over them.

“Now consider yourself a slave, bend down and lick my feet clean, i don’t want to see any trace of you left on them”

He did as he was told, tasting the saltiness as he licked, until he knew they were completely clean.

“Ok, put my boots back on, get dressed, you may leave”

He stood up, dressed as quickly as he could, then he fell to his knees bending his head “Thank you Mistress”    He once again, stood up, drew back the curtain, opened the door and stepped out. He closed the door behind him knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he would be back.

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