Puppy’s Outing With Mistress

He polished his latex until he could almost see his face in it.   He was excited.  His Mistress was taking him to the supermarket.   Of course he knew he would be tied up outside with the other puppies, but that didn’t worry him.   Once the shopping was done, if he was a good puppy, Mistress had said she would take him to the park.


He climbed into his latex, it always took a while.   He was patient, pulling it on, smoothing it out.   Once it was on he gave it a last wipe where his fingers had left marks.   Then he put his paws onto his feet.   He picked up his puppy mask, pulled it over his head, and adjusted it, and put his collar on.   Lastly he put his front paws on.   Then when he was satisfied he got down onto his haunches and waited for his Mistress.

Sofia pulled her skinny jeans on.   She wore a crisp fitted blouse with 3/4 length sleeves.   She pulled on a pair of black leather boots, picked up a short black crop and walked out of her bedroom.   She knew puppy would be on his haunches waiting for her, so she stopped in the kitchen and poured a coffee.    The thought of him on his haunches waiting for her made her smile.   She took her time over her coffee, made a couple of calls, checked her emails, then eventually she opened the door to her playroom.

Puppy was still on his haunches waiting obediently.   She knew his legs must be stiff and aching.   Sofia picked up the lead and clipped it onto puppy’s collar.

“Come along puppy, out to the car”

She pulled on the lead and puppy immediately followed.   Once at the car, Sofia lifted the door to the hatchback, she snapped her fingers, and puppy jumped in.

“Sit puppy !”

He sat immediately, head up, wanting to please his Mistress.

Sofia, got into the driver seat, and drove to the supermarket.   She parked, got out, went around to the back, and opened the boot.

“Out puppy !”

She picked up his lead and gave it a tug.   He jumped to the ground.   Sofia pulled on the lead.

“Heel !”

He immediately moved close to her side.   Sofia walked towards the supermarket with puppy on a tight leash.   She was totally oblivious of stares, she had become hardened over the years to any comments when ever she was out and about with a slave, sissy or puppy.    She went over to a rail, where 2 dogs, a little french bulldog and a collie, were both tied up.   Sofia tied puppy’s lead between the two dogs.   She slid the bowl of water that had been place there by staff closer to puppy.    The little french bulldog cocked his head to one side looking puzzled, whilst the collie wagged his tail, and much to puppy’s horror sniffed at this bottom.   It didn’t go unnoticed, and Sofia laughed openly, making puppy’s humiliation even deeper.

Sofia went into the supermarket conscious of the people getting their phones out and taking pictures and videos of her puppy.   By the time she had returned, puppy and the french bulldog had developed quite a bond and were happily drinking from the same bowl.   The the little collie had gone.   Sofia untied the lead, and she gave the little french bulldog a stroke.   It rewarded her by licking puppy on his latex mask.

“Oh no”, he thought, “that’s going to leave a sloppy mark, after all that polishing”, but his Mistress seemed oblivious.  She opened the boot, and puppy jumped in, excited now in the knowledge they were going to the park.   Sofia parked, and opened the boot.  She beckoned puppy out, and he jumped down.

“Sit puppy !”

He sat immediately, and Sofia unleashed him.   She produced a ball and threw it far onto the grass.

“Fetch puppy !”

He was gone in a flash.   He had developed his own puppy moves and ran rather like a frog, but it got him there.    He picked up the ball and ran back to his Mistress and placed the ball into her hand.

“Good puppy, clever boy”

He was elated, having praise from his Mistress was better than gold.   They played for a good 20 minutes, then he was permitted to roll over and have his tummy rubbed.   It really was a heavenly day.

“Ok puppy, home time”

Once they were back in the playroom his Mistress’s attitude was more stern.

“You know what to do, i want puppy cleaned up and put away, when you are finished you may leave”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

She walked out closing the door softly.   Puppy set to work smiling.



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