Micheals initiation

Samantha had gagged and  blindfolded Micheal before he had heard the door open and close. It had seemed like eternity , his mouth was dry and he was sweating , all thorough fear. He tried to reason with his thoughts , this was Samantha, he had known her since his childhood , but this was not the Samantha he was familiar with, not in the slightest. He rue the day he had caught sight of her dangling shoe and given in to temptation. He wondered wether his mother had any idea about her friends alter ego. But he remembered as a child going into his mothers bedroom. There had been what appeared to be a long stick with a crooked handle lying on her bed. He had picked it up and was swishing it about , enjoying the sound it made as it travelled through the air. Then his mother had come in and had gently taken it from him.


” No darling, this is not a toy for you. This is for grown ups.”

She had opened a cupboard and put in inside , but not before he had seen the array of objects that fuelled his curiosity. One day , when his mother was having coffee downstairs Micheal had crept into her bedroom and opened the cupboard. He had seen implements that had puzzled him. But he had also seen leather hanging up, very similar to the leather that Samantha was wearing , he was perplexed.

At last the door opened , Samantha entered the room. She was carrying a shoe with a strap on either side. She approached Micheal and without speaking she placed the shoe tightly over his nose , lifted his head and secured it behind him. As he was gagged he had no option but to breath in through his nose . He smelt the aroma immediately and the effect was instantaneous. He became aroused , his cock hard within seconds , Samantha smiled.

” Micheal, what a naughty boy “

Her voice wasn’t harsh as before , but soothing, almost teasing. Suddenly he felt her hand around his shaft , it made his breathing quicken digesting even more of the aroma. Samantha picked up a chrome crown of thorns and locked it around his shaft , then with slow precision, she began tightening each little sharp screw with an Allen key . Micheal felt the sharp stabbing, each one sharper than the last as it got tighter and more painful and yet his cock remained rock hard and was leaking pre cum

“ Tut Micheal, messy boy , that won’t do will it”

” She took a silver sounding rod from its case , she covered it with lube . Then she slowly and expertly introduced it into Micheals japs eye . Within seconds he orgasmed. , spurting cum over the sides of the rod . Samantha removed it , unlocked the crown of thorns . Expertly she removed all his bondage , seeming almost disinterested now . Once he was free she said

“ Clean up the mess Micheal , then get dressed and come through to me “

” Yes Samantha “

” No Micheal, it’s yes mistress”

” Yes mistress , i’m Sorry mistress”

He found her in the lounge , she was talking on the phone. She clicked her fingers and pointed to the floor , he immediately fell to his knees. She carried on her conversation.

” Yes that’s fine, I will convey the message to mistress Sofia and see you tomorrow .Well Micheal you have paid your dues for now, you may leave. Oh, tell your mother three o’clock tomorrow “

” Yes mistress, what for mistress ?”

“ Its not for you to ask but she will know. Goodbye Micheal “

” Goodbye mistress”

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  1. And so the torment and ecstasy continue waiting to see how this situation plays out. As for Michael he is but a pawn in this beautiful saga.


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