Micheal, there are consequences

Micheal was busy packing. The holiday had gone too qiuckly but he was looking forward to a new term, new heights to aspire too . He was confident in  his academic ability , not so socially,but that was a secondary consideration at the moment and of little importance to Micheal. The Christmas holiday had been enjoyable, there had just been one little incident that had deeply unnerved him ,but he had vowed to put it behind him and not dwell on it anymore. His reverie was interrupted by his mother calling up the stairs .


” Micheal have you got a minute?”

” Coming mum”

micheal went downstairs and found his mum in the kitchen baking

“ Micheal i’ve Had a call from Samantha

Micheals stomach rolled over and his breath caught in his throat . He felt his cheeks burn and hoped his mother hadn’t noticed, but she was busy needing her pastry,

” Be a darling , would you pop round to hers. She’s bought some new curtains and is really struggling to put them up “

” But mum”

” What Micheal? It’s not like you , your normally the first to offer help “

” Yes, of course mum, i’ll Go after lunch”

Micheal knocked on the door,he had given himself a good talking too and convinced himself Samantha had forgotten all about the incident . The door opened almost as wide as Micheals mouth when he saw Samantha, He has only ever seen her wearing a conservative business suit , her long hair always pinned up , always neat and tidy. He just stared at her , he had never seen so much leather. She wore a tight black leather dress which stopped at her thigh . She had the most exquisite boots on , six inch heels and they were tight to her legs and up to her thighs , just leaving enough gap to show a little suspenders peeping out . She had little fingerless leather gloves on and was holding a short leather covered crop . Her hair was down over her shoulders and her lips were red and inviting . She was as far removed from his mothers friend as it was possible to be. Samantha totally ignored the shocked expression on Micheals face , although it always amused her when it happened.

” Micheal thank you so much for finding the time to come and help me “

He looked down to the ground and stammered.

” It’s no trouble Samantha “

” Well come in Micheal”

He stepped in and Samantha closed the door, she pointed with her crop to a closed door across the hall

” Go on through Micheal”

He opened the door and entered the room. What he saw puzzled but excited him. The room was black and red. In the middle was a big black leather chair , it resembled a dentist chair except it had leather straps around it ahd chains hanging from the sides. He looked at Samantha waiting for some kind of explanation . She smiled.

” Did you think I would forget Micheal , did you think I would forget we had unfinished business?”

Micheal was speechless , he was embarrassed that she had brought up the memory but he also felt a stirring in his loins as he remembered the smell and feel of her foot pressed to his nose . Samantha closed the door

“ Take off your clothes Micheal “

” what? My clothes?”

He had never been naked in front of a woman before, never mind one as old as his mother . He knew if he took his clothes off he would be hard and the thought mortified him. He didn’t know what to do so he stood rigid looking at her .  Suddenly Samantha’s attitude changed , she brought her crop down hard on the leather chair making Micheal jump.

”Did you not near what I said Micheal? Remove your clothes now “

Hedid as he was told , as he removed his boxers his cock sprang out like a tiger caged for too long. He felt ashamed. Put his arms behind his back and clasped his hands tight his head bent , eyes to the floor. Samantha approached him , she ran the crop up and down the length of his erect shaft , her voice had softened.

” Micheal , did you think worshiping my feet, smelling my shoes would not have consequences?”

She took a collar from its hook on the wall and deftly fastened it around his neck. Then she attached a lead to it and led him towards the chair . She tugged on the lead making him aware that he needed to climb onto the chair . Once he was in it she pushed on a lever and the chair reclined back. Then she expertly went around and fastened all of the leather straps until Micheal was completely in bondage . She ran her long red nail along the length of his cock which was rock hard now

“ So Micheal, it’s time to pay the piper”

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