The dangling shoe

Micheal had a normal happy childhood. Loving parents , always popular at school. He did well academically and his hard work and dedication resulted in  achieving a much sought after place at Oxford. He had never experimented sexually, never had a girlfriend preferring to concentrate on his studies. He had just had his nineteenth birthday and his hard work was beginning to pay off. His studies were going well and he was confident he would achieve his goals in life.

He was home for the Christmas holidays, sitting in the lounge his laptop never very far away. He was engrossed in his work but was vaguely aware of voices coming from the kitchen he remembered that his mother’s friend was coming for lunch. He felt vaguely irritated and hoped it wouldn’t interfere with his studies. The door opened and his mother entered.


” Micheal, you remember Samantha don’t you?”

” Oh yes,  how are you?”

” I’m very well Micheal thank you. Your mother has been telling me all about your studying, well done”

” Thank you Samantha “

” Micheal, I can leave Samantha in your capable hands, while I finish lunch can’t?”

Micheal groaned inwardly.

” Yes mum of course”

Samantha sat down on the chair next. To Micheal. She was an intelligent intuitive woman, in her early fifties and astute enough to know her company was not really welcomed at this time

“ Don’t worry about me Micheal, i’m Happy to sit and relax. I’ve had a couple of taxing meetings and could do with a little relaxation.

With that she crossed her legs and leaned back in the chair closing her eyes. Micheal looked over the top of his laptop. He hadn’t seen Samantha since he left school. Now he was able to study her and it dawned on him how attractive she was. She was wearing a dark grey fitted suit , black stockings and neat black little court shoes. He brought his attention back to his laptop, but he was aware of her leg gently rocking and as it did her shoe slipped from her heel and was dangling from her foot. It fascinated Micheal and try as he might he couldn’t draw his gaze away from her shoe. As he watched it gently rocking , much to his horror , he realised he was becoming aroused. He tried to avert his attention back to his laptop, but he heard a little tap and looking up realised her shoe had fallen to the floor exposing a neat little foot. He could see through her sheer stockings , her nails were painted deep red . He drew his attention ack to the shoe , he had an overwhelming urge to push his nose into the shoe and smell it. He looked at her , her breathing was deep and her mouth was slightly open, he realised she was asleep.He quietly placed his laptop onto the table , then he slipped from the chair to his knees. Slowly he moved towards her until he was in reach of the shoe. He bent and tentatively smelt it. He felt stupid and wasn’t sure why he was doing it, But then he smelt the slight vinegary smell in the shoe and was overcome with desire. He picked up the shoe and pushed his nose into it breathing deeply, he had never been so aroused. He was totally unaware that Samantha had opened her eyes and was quietly watching him. She suddenly moved her foot. Micheal looked at her and realised she had.been watching him, he was overcome with embarrassment, but to his surprise she just smiled . Then she lifted her leg and pressed her toes to his nose , it was exquisite and for a moment he thought he was going to cum there and then. He took hold of her foot caressing it , tentatively kissing it , until

” Ok you two, lunch is ready”

Micheal jumped up flustered, he didn’t know what he should say, but Samantha smiled again

“ we have unfinished business I think Micheal”

They both went in for lunch


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  1. I do love the “discovery” or “coming out” part “coming of age” Femdom stories for the male character . . . either the sudden realisation of their situation, a mental leap or just a dawning of what they really always knew deep down inside . . . and then the submission to it. Delicious. And from the Female character, it’s the knowing, the control and the power. All heady stuff.

    Thank you.


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