Sofia and the seven dwarfs 

How on earth I’m going to make you understand the thought behind this when I can’t make sense of it myself. What goes round in a mans head leaves me more and more perplexed


Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“It’s Sneezy”

“Huh? I beg your pardon?”

“It’s Sneezy, is that Snow White?”

“Erm! Yes of course I am, what can I do for you Sneezy?”

“It’s not just me Snow White , there’s seven of us ”

“Yes, I thought there might be, I don’t suppose there’s any sign of the handsome prince ?”

No why would there be!!!

“We’re all lying in a big bed , we might be small but we’ve got seven big hard cocks”

Well that’s my evening taken care of and I have a strange feeling this won’t pan out like the fairy tale

“Hmm, who am I going to start on first I’m spoils for choice?”

“You choose Snow White”

“I think I’ll start on Happy , he has such a cute smile”

“Yeah but it’s my fantasy”


“That’s after I’ve worn you out Sneezy”

I’ll leave it there because it just gets more and more bizarre

Hi ho, hi ho, we’re going to fuck you know

With a dildo and a whip and a great big stick

Hi ho high ho !!! 😏😏

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