There’s a what in my hot tub? 

There are some weird and wonderful fetishes about , I guess the same can be said for fantasies , but this one had me in stitches although the caller took it very seriously Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking too?" "I'm josh" "Hello josh, what can I do for you?" "Do you have a... Continue Reading →

Misunderstandings, I guess it sounds better than f…k ups 

There are occasional calls that end in a complete balls up. That's all I can say really , best to just get on with it Ring Ring "Hello who am I speaking too!" " I am Abawabadaby " " pardon?" "Abawabadaby " Well I can't say pardon again "Hello Abawabadadawabrt "  oh god " what... Continue Reading →

Light my celery baby 

Every so often I get a caller with a smoking fetish, this can take on all sorts of forms , but this one was a little taxing Ring Ring "Hello, who am I speaking to?" " your speaking to David" " hello David , what can I do for you?" "Do you smoke Sofia?" Once... Continue Reading →

There’s something about Mary 

Sofia stood at the end of the kitchen . She knew Mary was unaware of her presence, too busy cleaning the worktop, so she was able to study her without being noticed . Mary's little black dress , although short, was neat and the little apron on the top was gleaming white . She wore... Continue Reading →

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