The morning after 

Sofia woke, stretched her arms, then the memories came flooding back. She looked to her left, he was still asleep, his dark lashes long and curled . He was quite beautiful, she allowed herself a moment to remember his passionate lovemaking . She quietly pushed back the quilt , knowing she needed to leave the room , ignoring the stirring she felt in her groin. She sat up , slipped on her robe and silently left the room.


She was confused , unsettled, had it been just a night of passion she knew they would move on, but his declaration had totally changed the dynamics , there situation was no longer tenable . Sofia walked into the kitchen, turned on the percolator . By the time he came into the kitchen she was on her second cup of coffee .

“Mistress, forgive me, I slept too deeply, I should have been here to serve you”

“No, I am no longer your mistress, you have made it impossible to continue. Pack your things , I want you gone by lunchtime”

He looked at her, her face was blank , no signe of emotion, he knew to argue would be fruitless , with a heavy heart , he turned and left the kitchen.


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